Chapter 1

It was spring break, twenty of my friends and I had traveled down to Kentucky to go rock climbing at Red River Gorge. Red River Gorge is one of the best climbing areas on the east coast, it's full of cliffs higher than a hundred feet, cool dark caves, and waterfalls. It was beautiful, the buds on the tree were just beginning to open and everything had a fresh green tint to it. The cliffs were surrounded by huge, dense forests that covered the mountain sides and hid the ground from view.

We were staying in two cabins; I was in the smaller cabin in the bunk right over Jeff. I had known Jeff for about two years and have loved him for most of that time; he was everything I wanted in a man. He was sweet, intelligent, and funny; he was tall, about six feet, with short brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes laced with gold. He had a thin but muscular build and had a tattoo of an angel on his back and an eagle of his upper arm. He was 25 and had just gotten out of the army. We had been friends since we met, but after knowing him for a few months I began to fall for him, but he never noticed- until lately.

Out of the blue he started flirting and texting me, telling me how hot I was and that he was always checking me out, as you can imagine I was ecstatic! The one guy that I had wanted for all those years finally liked me! I was so excited by the thought of "us" that I could hardly sit still or stop smiling, and then he said those three words-"Don't tell Hannah"- and my dream world fell apart. I was so angry I wanted to kill him, I wanted to kill everyone, how could he lead me on and then say something like that? How could he bring up his girlfriend like that?! I took a big breathe and pretended I didn't care. I smiled and laughed while in my mind I was plotting- I would make him hurt, I would make him bleed. He didn't love me, he just wanted to sleep with me, and I was like some pretty toy to him. But he would see, I would make him fall in love with me and then I would laugh and leave him with a broken heart. He would feel what I felt. But the more I thought about it the sadder I got, I knew I could never hurt him; I loved him and that was it. I knew it would be better for me just to walk away, to let him and his girlfriend Hannah alone but I couldn't just forget about him. I sighed and knew that I had already forgiven him for hurting me; everything would go back to the way it was before. And it did, we continued to talk, to flirt and sadly I loved him more and more. I'll never understand why.

A few weeks later was when we set off on the trip to Kentucky, he was going to be there with Hannah and I was scared. Not of her, not even of him, but of myself; I had told him I would do anything with him if he didn't have a girlfriend, and I wanted to keep to my word. I knew it was better that way, he would respect me more and besides I didn't want to be the 'other girl", the one boyfriends cheated with. I was determined that I wouldn't let Jeff cheat on Hannah with me. I mean I really wanted to but it was wrong, even if she was a bitch and didn't care about him.

My friend Liz and I got down to Kentucky later than everybody else and when we go there the others had gotten a fire going and most of them were drunk. The moment I stepped out of the car Jeff jumped on me and hugged me tightly.

"Sara! I missed you!" He murmured into my hair, I was so startled but I tried not to show it, it was only a hug. He just seemed so happy to see me, like he actually loved me or something but my mind was screaming "don't believe him" and I didn't listen, of course.

"I saved you a bunk, its right above mine! Liz has to stay in the other cabin though, there isn't room for her. You should both come over to the fire once you put all your stuff in the cabin."

"Alright, sure." I hurried inside; Hannah and her friend Ashley were playing board games inside. I said hi and rushed back outside and started walking toward the other cabin where the fire was. There were no empty seats so I just stood between Liz and Jeff.

"Why don't you sit on my lap?" suggested Jeff. I laughed, not really sure if he was serious and also I kind felt weird sitting on guy's laps because I was afraid they would think I was really heavy. He leaned forward and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me onto his lap, I was so surprised I almost fell off. I was sitting on his lap! And in front of a bunch of people, what if Hannah came over? Was he out of his mind? I tried to calm myself; I didn't want to make the situation more awkward than it already was. The weird part was that no one else seemed to notice, no one made a comment or even seemed surprise- and they all knew Hannah was his girlfriend.

It was really late when we all headed back to our cabin; Jeff held my hand as we walked back and kept pulling me into a tight embrace, holding me for a few minutes before letting me go. I never felt so good, yet it just wasn't right- in the back of my mind I kept wondering if he really cared about me. And then there was the whole girlfriend issue, it was amazing but it was also heartbreaking; I was getting a taste, a teaser, of what his love could be like yet it was something I knew that I wouldn't ever truly gain.

I didn't really sleep well that night, it was kind of loud in the cabin- well it was loud compare to what I was used to with about 10 people breathing and rolling around and snoring. I don't remember falling asleep, it seemed like moments later when I heard people beginning to move around.

I sleepily ran my fingers through my hair, hoping to calm it a little before anyone saw me. I rooted around in my sleeping bag getting out my clothes for the day and everything I would need to get ready then waited until the bathroom was open.

When I came out of the bathroom, feeling much better after a quick shower, I found everyone gathered around a small radio.

"What's going on?" I asked, moving closer.

"Something's happened." Jeff said quietly, then turned back to the radio without any other explanation. I sighed and strained my ears.

"-and there has been six new cases just reported from Slade," the radio droned, "We still aren't sure what the cause of all these murders but we are sure now that whatever is doing this is not alone. There has to be more than one of them, maybe many by the way the murders have been so spread out-"

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