that's the word today—
I picked it just for you
because you're wonderful;
sunshine days can wait,
anticipate afternoons
wrapped up in thunderstorms
and nothing else.

Could you live in grey
just one day for me?
You see, I'd be so grateful
if your faithfulness endured,
you'll cure my innocence;
I'm yours,
you won't deny,
and though it isn't said
you know you're mine—
we're equal minded.

Cling like mist,
a pleasant touch
much more than limitation,
take an hour for yourself
to judge intentions;
would you flinch
if I approached?
I rather hope not.

Cripple inhibitions
just a bit,
lust's a bitch
when you're in love;
can't rise above conformity,
we're too willing to be insensitive.

Crystallize denial,
we're on trial for the sins
we turned our backs on,
but we're guilty in our own way,
just another day
to dream;
redeem yourself, my darling,
and the wolves will take
their fill.

I'm yours to kill.