A poem through the eyes of a depression sufferer.

I hate me for being a failure
And don't you dare tell me otherwise
I should be able to catch myself
But all I am has been corrupted by lies

Angry at what I am
And somehow I know I'll never change
For better or forever worse
I know that I'll never be alright again

There is something wrong with me
It's driving me into madness
I know I should be stronger
But nothing can help me through this

Annoyed with everything thing I am
And I know now that I'm unwell
There is something making me sick
But what it is I can't tell

I am sorry, I'm so sorry
That I am causing you all this pain
I hate me oh I really hate me
For having something I can't explain

I can't bear to look in a mirror
I can't bear to show my face
Because I know what I'll see
Is just a mask put in my place

I can never sleep at night
Because should I never wake
Would the world be better off
Without me taking up space

I see the effect I have on others
Wondering when I will fall
I see them antagonize me
But they don't know me at all

With a heavy heart and limbs
I'll pull myself through this day
I'll smile at people that speak to me
And I'll tell them that I'm OK.

But I know the truth
I'm containing a parasite
As it eats away at me
As it eat away all the light

I want to be better again
I want to finally feel alright
But something is telling me
That I am going to lose this fight

I hate me I know why
Everything I do is wrong
Feeling like an outcast
Knowing that I don't belong

I'll move on and ignore this
I know it's like a bad flu
I know it's just like a sickness
And I hope it goes away soon

I want to see the world again
Through the eyes of someone well
When will I be free?
When will I escape this hell?

Held back, with tied limbs
Struggling to break free
Give me the medicine
Help me be the old me

Help me while I cope
Guide me while I'm healing
And help me when I feel
What no one should be feeling

I want to finally break free
Need to get out of this jail
But somehow I know
In the end I always fail

I need you to help me
Help me while I heal
You can really do a lot
Teach me how to feel

I know as I get better
There will be things in the way
When will I be alright again
But is something I can't say

I know now someday
I will finally be free
Struggling for just one thing
I want to be happy