A view through the eyes of a person who has been bullied.

What was done to me was wrong
I see and I know that now
I've suffered and cried
But you for some reason somehow

Managed to bounce back
With a skip in your step
And you still manage to smile, laugh
How could you so easily forget?

You forgot that you tortured me
Using not weapons but my own will
You saw all the good in me and
Thought it was yours to kill

You saw the strength in me
My strength was your weakness
To which I shone my happiness and light.
You shone only contempt and darkness

You thought it alright just to
Make me have to suffer in silence
While you sneered with your companions
Wrapped up in so much decadence

What was done to me made me
It made me feel things I felt weren't true
But I felt them, they were cold
And all the while my pain wasn't reaching you

So go be happy, go be normal
And as if I care what you call me
No matter how weird or smart I am
Remember it was you who made me

So leave me with my hope and ideas
They are only things I have left that are true
Don't bother me with silly expectations
Remember, someone made you