Shadow of a Fairy Tale Romance


You can kill me if you like.

You can stab me with a knife.

I promise I won't feel the pain.

My heart has frozen; it's Nothing.

Breathe me, breathe me. Seal my lips.

I crumble at your fingertips.

My world's cold, more than frost.

Please free me, let me bleed at last.

Scream a whisper in my ear,

As I dissipate your fear,

Tell me if my life is warm.

Dance away as you're forlorn.

~The Princess~


You can kill me if you like.

You can shoot me, it's all right.

Close on in me, grasp your fear.

Bathe pre-mind in (my) demon tears.

I am cold, I am stone.

I am none less than unknown.

Do not stop, do not wait.

Watch my sins and watch my hate.

Do not look away; befriend!

Love my origin, love my end!

My quintessence is your life:

A fantasy that's never right.

~The Joker~