You really were sweet
You just didn't know how to handle me
You did try
And this I cannot deny
But something still
Left me empty inside

What was it?
You may ponder
But lets not,
Since its over and done
Short but not so sweet.

Sometimes I think about you
Sometimes I do
And sometimes these thoughts
Aren't so hateful of you.

Looking at these pictures
I remember what I liked
Your smile, your laugh
The way you could make me feel

So happy inside

And somehow
Looking at these pictures
I can think past
The ugly nights spent crying

Uncertain, and needy

Somehow I feel I will
Move on past this,
Not any love or liking,
But this hate,
This embarrassment
That fills my thoughts

Whenever I think of you

Somehow I feel
That maybe someday

I'll be okay

November 3, 2008