-Maybe It would be Better-

Maybe it would be better,

If I were just to leave,

There's no one left for me to talk to,

I can't talk to you anymore,

Not after you went to them,

You're the only one,

Who has ever been there for me,

Whenever I needed you,

But now I can't talk to you,

I don't want to risk you going off to them again,

I can't have any secrets from my parents about this anymore,

If I tell you, and you run off to them,

They'll just call my house again,

I don't want that too happen,

The day that you told,

Was the worst day of my life,

I'm still hoping,

This is all a nightmare,

And I'll wake up any minute,

Maybe it would be better,

If I were just to leave,

This harsh cruel world,

And end my eternal suffering.

A/N: My friend went to the guidance counscelors at our school about me being suicidal, and now I'm afraid that if i talk to her about anything, like if I feel like I'm gonna do it, that she's gonna run off to them again. And to the friend who told: I wrote this a while ago, like a day or two after you told, so don't start freaking out that I'm gonna go and do it now. Besides, if i wanted to do it, i wouldnt be able to now.