"the word 'letdown' comes to mind"

hey, I was five: I called it
"The Lonely Spider."
and come on, mom,
I must have been pushing
seven when I asked you to help
write "Pee-Wee the Bird." and,
god, of course, the sequel:
"P.W. Goes to School."
and lay off, mom.
let's forget about the late great
eight year old contemporary
rendition: "Kyle and the Beanstalk."
and promise me, mom, you won't
reminisce under my bed too.
and if you do, if you feel like
you've lost me and need
something to hold on to,
please don't pull out my
marble notebook, mom.
don't leaf through it's
pages, don't study the
names, the rhymes,
because I promise they're lies -- I'm still
a good kid, mom,
and don't ask me, mom,
don't cry:
"when did you become
such a hateful person?"
because, mom, it's a long