All the things I've trusted in are dying,

Each fortress I used to run to

Now filled with traps and mines.

Everyone I lived for is killing me,

The reason I felt joy in the first place

Doubles as my disease, my plauge.

If you weren't so fucking perfect

Maybe I could let go of this

Let go of you,

Let go of how ridiculously fucking happy you made me

Of how incredibly worthless I've become.

All because of You.

I've watched walls crack apart

Walls that I assumed would be around forever.

Walls I built myself into to create,

To save, to cement into this life.

And now I'm coming to the sick, sad, horrifying realization

That I would throw it all away

If you could turn around one more time.

If I could mean anything at all

If there was even a chance

Of a chance

Of a chance.

I've got to hand it to you, sweetheart

You've made the the happiest,

Most miserable,