Lauren drove on into the night. She occasionally glanced over to her passenger who was asleep, although from time to time would whimper as if she was in a bad dream. Lauren's eyes grew heavy and knew she had to get off the road. She found a motel and drove in, cutting both the lights and engine freewheeling.

She helps a groggy Toni out and they find an empty room furthers from reception. Lauren tried to jimmy the door but was having no luck. Toni stepped in with her knife and chipped away before slamming her shoulder into the door to forcibly push it open. The door gave way a little too easily and Toni still doped up and unsteady on her feet, fell in. Lauren closed the door and helped Toni up and onto the bed. Lauren closed the blinds and turned bedside lamp on. She looked at Toni who had her head in her hands looking miserable.

Lauren went to her and dropped down in front holding her face. "It's going to be alright, this crap will wear off. C'mon lets have a shower."

"I don't have any energy"

"I'll help you, c'mon stand up"

Lauren undresses Toni and puts her in the shower then joins her. Toni clung onto Lauren, dropping her head onto her shoulder. Lauren's holds her for a moment then washes her gently.

After the shower Toni sat on the bed while Lauren dries her hair. Lauren raided the fridge and grabbed drinks and chocolate bars. Toni drank but refused to eat.

"C'mon you haven't eaten anything,"

"I don't want anything, I'm not hungry."

Toni eventually climbed into bed. "I feel I'm trapped Lauren, everything is so fuzzy. I feel so miserable." Toni sobs

Lauren crawled in behind and rolled her. She touched Toni's face and kissed her softly. "You'll get through this." Lauren wrapped her arms around Toni, holding her throughout the night.

Lauren stirred to the sound of heavy vehicles roaring along the highway. She rolled over and found Toni's side empty. Lauren sat up and called out. She noticed Toni's clothes were gone and swore.

She dressed quickly and was almost to the door when it opened. In front was Toni carrying various food items from MacDonald's.

"Hey... I wasn't sure what you liked and well I'm really hungry so I just got 3 of everything."


Toni put the stuff down on the table and drank her orange juice "hmmm, c'mon it's getting cold"

"Why didn't you tell me you were going? You shouldn't be crossing that highway by yourself"

"I feel fine" Toni with a smile "honest"

Lauren hadn't seen a smile on Toni's face since that day they fooled about with each other in the school toilet cubicle.

Toni sat down and started munching into her hamburger. Lauren eventually sat, they ate and talked.

"So where are we going?" asked Toni with her mouthful

Lauren wipes Toni's mouth of excess food "I dunno... I just wanted to get you far away from your parents. I can't believe they thought doping you up was the answer"

Toni nodded "yeh as well as chaining me up at night time."

"What.. that's bullshit, those bastards" growl Lauren. She noticed a smirk appearing on Toni's face "You bitch, you're lying" hits her.

Toni grabs her hand "thank you.... for taking me with you."

"I told you in the hospital, I wouldn't abandon you."

Lauren was dressing while Toni packed all she could steal from the motel room. She looked over at Lauren as she brushed her hair. She went over and put her hands around Lauren's waist.

"You know, since we don't have to be anywhere... I guess there is no hurry to leave."

Lauren went to say something but was stopped by Toni's lips, and then her tongue drifting in and playing with Lauren's. Lauren had all but given in to Toni.

"I don't think" Lauren went to speak

Toni ignored and picked her up, placing her down on the bed. She pinned Lauren underneath her, looking into her eyes.

"I promised myself if I ever saw you again, I was going to do what I've been fantasizing about since that day in the toilet."

Lauren engrossed in kissing Toni didn't know what she meant but didn't care as she wanted more of Toni. They pulled their shirts off and their lips tasting, licking, exploring each other. Lauren impatiently wanted more and had already opened her pants and trying to pull them down. Toni helps her.

"How ever did you cope when I was in hospital" tossing her pants to the floor, Lauren laying naked

"Cold fucking showers" her tongue finding the depths of Toni's mouth again, groaning when Toni's hand and fingers worked into her.

Toni's mouth moved from Lauren's nipples to her stomach. She moved further down grasping her hips.

Lauren suddenly aware of Toni's travels and stopped her

"hey... whoa what are you doing?"

Toni smirked "what I've wanted to do ever since I tasted you"

Lauren blushed, something Toni had never seen her do before "you can't... you shouldn't"

Toni pushed Lauren's hands away "I can.... I must....and I am, trust me"

Lauren head dropped back down apprehensive about Toni's expedition south.

Toni nuzzled closer to her prize, part of her wanted to literally dive in and take her. However she decided to take it slow so they can both enjoy the moment. She drifted her tongue into Lauren's wet slit, licking up the sweetness oozing from Lauren's anticipation. She ate hungrily, swallowing more, searching and finding all the spots that made Lauren's body come alive

It started out as a slow rush for Lauren but quickly built into a runaway train. She looked down at Toni who was busy working. Her senses lost in the wetness between her legs. Every spot Toni found with her tongue made Lauren want to cry, scream, to do something physically. The feeling was more intense than her first time with Toni and crazy thoughts that if Toni stopped at this point she would literary kill her.

"Oh fucking hell Toni" groaned Lauren between panting and grunting. She felt her body slipping, her peak reached

Toni felt it and licked continuously at the spot Lauren had forced her to. "Oh fuck... oh fuck"

She screamed through her climax and in frustration grabbed Toni by the hair and dragged her up. Toni although in pain did as she was commanded and found Lauren's lips to hers in a fiery, uncontrollable kiss. Lauren slowly came down from her high and just lies on her back puffing, staring up at the ceiling. Toni looked over smirking, proud of her success. There would be no going back to the old way.

Lauren eventually looks over at Toni "there's that damn smirk again". She laughs at first then turns serious. "What you did to me.. I don't think I can do it to you, I don't feel comfortable"

Toni although disappointed nodded "that's ok... doesn't mean I'm not going to do it that way to you again. It was amazing, satisfying and definitely arousing." Giving off a hint

Lauren sat up "and it doesn't mean I'm not going to fool around with you either" and launched at Toni, within moments bought her to a much needed climax.

"I guess we should go" announces Toni as she starts to rise

Lauren grabs her before she could leave the bed "we are starting a new life.... right"

"yes... just you and me"

"Never going back to our old lives"

"Lauren I am not going back.... why? What's this about?"

"I want us to leave our old ways behind, no more stealing anything. We start a fresh."

"No more stealing, you mean go straight?" confirmed Toni

Lauren thought about it "Ummm Toni.... we aren't straight... I mean you and me"

Toni jumped from the bed and started dressing "Lauren... we are what we are at this moment, at this point in our lives. We are two people that want to be with each other, that need each other. "

Lauren got the sense Toni didn't want to get into talking about their situation and let it be.

Toni took a breath "But I agree, a fresh start, no more stealing anything"

Once in the car they counted out their money

Toni huffed " $110.60 is all we have. Not going to get us far"

Lauren turns the car on "why don't we fill up, and when the tank is ¾ empty that's where we stay."

Toni shrugged "ok"

They drove to the closest service station and filled up. Toni went in and paid, she then waited in the driver's seat for Lauren. When Lauren eventually returned, she opened up her shirt dropping out a bottle of cola and packet of chips.

"Please tell me you paid for that?" growled Toni

"We haven't got much money Toni"

"But you said we are making a fresh start, no more stealing."

"well yeh, but this"

"no buts.... we are not going back to our old ways, so take it back inside and pay for it"



"I said no" Lauren growls defiantly

Toni hissed "fine, I'll fucking do it" grabbed the items and went back inside to the attendant. She put stuff on the counter "my friend forgot to pay for this, so I'd like to fix it up thanks"

The guy looked at her then the black car in the drive way "you mean she stole it"

Toni took a breath "no.... it was a misunderstanding. She thought I had paid for the stuff when I paid the petrol."

He laughed "that's crap... she stole"

Toni growled "fuck sake mate if she stole the stuff do you think I would be in here paying for this shit. No I would be down the road with my finger in the air. Now either let me pay for the shit or I leave it here."

Toni got in the car and threw the stuff at Lauren, then drove off. No words were spoken for ten minutes followed by Lauren laughing. Toni looked over and was about to growl but was nice to see Lauren happy and relaxed

Toni looked at her briefly "don't do that again"

Lauren nodded " from now, no more stealing, I promise"

Toni dropped her head back hoping it was going to be easier done than said.

The tank was at ¾ empty and the next town had no accommodation so they half filled the car and kept driving. They pulled over and rested, Toni started thinking about the last few weeks.

Lauren watched Toni's body language change "talk to me" worried she might slip back into her depression

"What if they come looking for us..... for me, after what I did." Toni becoming scared

Lauren grabbed Toni's hand squeezing it "No.... it's not going to happen. I caught up with Seth and Josh. They ran when they heard the gun shots that night. Both told the police they had been mugged and beaten up. Anyway I told them I'd killed Ritchie and they would be next if they said anything"

"But you didn't... I did"

Lauren held Toni's hand with both of hers. "yeh and if you hadn't fought back you would be dead. It was just like that night with your sister, you fought your attacker and you lived"

Toni tears feel "but Hailey didn't, sometimes I wish our places were reversed"

Lauren didn't like where this conversation was heading "I know this is going to sound horrible, but I'm glad they aren't. Call me selfish but if you hadn't come into my life, I probably would be in jail or worse, dead."

Toni started to smile "But I didn't come into your life, you came into mine.. It was you who jumped me in the lunch room remember, evil barbie"

"Toni" she warned

"You so wanted to scratch my eyes out in the principal's office, e v i l...baribie" taunted Toni

"I think you should drive on Antonia "

Toni started the car and they drove off.

It was after 9 pm when they made it to a little town called Langford. They pulled up at a small caravan and cabin park. The sign displayed vacancies although not lit up too well. They drove in and stopped at reception.

Toni knocked on the door and a man opened the door. "l was wondering if you had some cabins available."

The greying man gruffed "don't get many stopping in this late"

"oh.... well just need a place for a few days" stumbled Toni, hoping he was going to let them stay

He looked at the car "you got someone in there?"

"umm yeh my friend, she's very tired, we both are"

"hmmmm well cabin is $20.00 per night"

Toni groans. They only had $60.00 left

"Caravan is $10.00 per night"

"I only have $40.00 until we can find jobs. Do you know of any place in town hiring people?"

"No idea, don't go into town much. You have 4 days, $40.00. Caravan is down the end." He grumbled on " Any trouble I will evict, that means no revving that thing to annoy the patrons. I will call the police if you give me any trouble."

"There will be no trouble, just want a place to stay"

Toni left with the key. Toni looks at her reflection in the reception window. He was right to stereotype her, she looked exactly like someone that would cause trouble. She drove down towards the back of the park, it looked like most cabins and caravans were vacant. He could have rented them one closer thought Toni. They pulled up at a rundown looking van.

Toni stepped inside first and turned the light on. The van was small with an electric stove and fridge on side and a small table for two opposite. The place included a small TV and a double bed with two bed side cupboards for their clothes, not that they had much in the way of clothes.

Lauren stepped in and put her bag on the table "what a shit..... hole" she looked around

Toni walked to the bed, turns around looking at the place "well.... it's our shit hole for at least 4 days. This is the first real thing we own and it's legit." She sits on the bed, kicks her shoes off and sits back "it's all ours Lauren"

Lauren nodded as it sunk in "yeh.... it's not so bad. It has TV." She turns it on and got nothing but static at first. The only station they got was in Greek. She laughed. "oh well"

Toni was on her back rubbing her face. She was tired from all the travelling "hmmmm, we worry about jobs and stuff tomorrow"

Lauren looked at her lover just lying there. She kicked off her shoes and crawled up the bed and over Toni whose eyes were closed


"hmmm" her eyes still close

Lauren kissed her and Toni kissed back but didn't offer any more effort

"hey.... I think we should christen our new home" she says mischievously

"yeh, but tomorrow babe... I'm tired"

"I have a cure for that" she slipped her tongue into Toni's mouth and kiss her again..

Toni didn't return it at first but found her body slowly waking to Lauren's persistence, returned the kiss slowly but still wasn't making a big effort.

Lauren lifts Toni's top and played with her breast, squeezing it before devouring it. She teased the nipple, running her tongue around before sucking on it harder. Toni's body started to react, her breathing laboured. A groan passes from her lips as her body arches to Lauren's touch.

Lauren's hand played with Toni's pants, unbuttoning and pulling down the zipper. She rubbed her hand inside, massaging Toni. Toni body was waking up, becoming more involved, although too slowly for Lauren.

Lauren got from the bed to pull off Toni's pants then climbed back. Her hand was massaging through Toni's patch. "I bet I know what will wake you up sleeping beauty" she went back to flicking at Toni's nipples before moving down.

Toni's eyes still closed enjoying the moment "yeh what"

Lauren got off Toni for a moment and onto the floor. Toni's eyes suddenly flew open when she felt Lauren's tongue inside her. "Lauren, what the fuck"

Lauren was spearing her hole and Toni was bucking into her. Lauren had thought about doing this all day to her. She didn't think she could go down on her, but the more she thought about it, the hornier it made her.

Toni hips moved away but Lauren grabbed them "you aint going anywhere until I've finished fucking you with my tongue" growled Lauren

Toni's body melted with her words and grabbed her own head in frustration. Lauren licked up and down, taking in Toni's juices, washing over her face. She remained at Toni's spot, as it produced the most sounds.

Toni groans and grunts, coming quick and loud. She called out Lauren's name as she climaxed. Lauren slowly removed herself from Toni's pussy and wiped her face.

"I do believe I enjoyed that....." smirks Lauren

Toni now blushing put hand over her face to hide her embarrassment. Lauren jumped on top and they just tussled with each other, laughing, eventually falling asleep.