It seems so long ago,
Yet it feels as if it was yesterday
With the opening and closing of huge metal doors
And the laughter of children on the swings

When I first laid eyes on you
And your slick raven hair,
I realized how I was changing
In those orbs of ice blue

With cold sheltered in that heart of yours,
You brushed off any words said between us,
But my foolishness kept me coming
And with each push, you took a step back

Finally, I gave in to the loneliness
And you relaxed as things became normal once again
But in my body, two things waged war
And ultimately tore me apart

With no real truth for my broken heart
And no one to tend to my wounds,
I withdrew into a shell and hid away
With no plan of ever returning

Now, as I talk to my friend on the phone,
I think of how I've changed so much since then
From the cowering, sad, lonely creature of old
To the new bright, willful, and humorous me

I can't help but wonder and hope
On every star and in every prayer
That our paths will cross again
And I will see how you've changed

But, I've come to realize I don't need you
You were just a fantasy of what I dreamed for
I've found better things than the clouds and rainbows
That filled my head at the sight of your face

This is


Good bye