Another story I wrote for school! It took me about two hours and is only a page long. We had to write an urban legend, and since I've been reading horror stories since I was six this is the result.

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An Urban Legend

A little girl named Jenifer Rayners once lived in New York. One day, while coming home from school, she stopped to buy a sausage. It was a cold day, the wind playing mercilessly with her long brown locks. The vendor's sign proudly declared. "Hot, Fresh, and Crispy". Mmm- too good to resist. She ordered one and took it home, munching happily, the grease soaking through the napkin quickly.

She was nearly halfway through it when she choked on a lump of black bristles. She spat furiously into a nearby trashcan, trying to rid herself of its taste. Yuck! You never could be sure of what you got from those street vendors…She threw away the rest of the sausage as well. She hoped she wasn't poisoned.

She walked into her front door, getting enthusiastic kisses from Snuffles, her dachshund. She looked around for Blackie, her other dachshund, but couldn't find him. Hmmm…mom or dad must have taken him to work, she mused.

She set about doing her homework. Her parents often didn't come home until late at night as they both worked long hours. She finished up and made herself some popcorn and watched some TV while she waited for them.

Long after the sun had set, she heard quiet footsteps outside her door. That must be them! She leapt up and raced to the front door. She undid the deadbolt, but paused before she opened it. A hand was coming through the pet door holding a milk bone! She backed away in fright.

"Come here little doggy," a voice seeped through the opening. "Come here little doggy! I know there's another! " The hand waved the biscuit in the air. Jenny grabbed a nearby lamp and smashed it down onto the hand, glass breaking everywhere. The hand retracted through the pet door and Jenny heard loud curses.

"Oooo I'll get you for that!" he howled. The doorknob rattled as he shook it. Jenifer ran to the phone and started dialing her dad's cell phone. 5-5-5-5 – her hands shook. Should she call the police instead?

The rattling grew more frantic and then there was a splintering noise as the door gave way. Jenny's mind somersaulted in terror. She froze, hand in midair. She gasped as the sausage vendor stepped inside, cold winter air gusting in.

"Come here, little girlie!" he said, an evil grin lighting up his face.

Mr. Rayners stepped out of his office, starting the long trudge home. The streetlights were bright and illuminated the snowflakes that had begun to fall.

He resisted the temptation to buy something from the street vendors…but then the sausage vendor caught his attention. He really could use something to keep him going until he made it home, he decided. His wife would never find out. Squashing his feeling of guilt, he purchased a sausage. Mmmm…so good… so hot….yum yum yum!

So involved with enjoying his secret pleasure he failed to notice the one long brown hair that was dangling out of the sausage.