02/01/16 (I'm British, get over the date layout)

So, where the fuck have I been?

Basically, trying to become employable. I'm a trainee journalist trying to make an honest (ha) living.

But this is what I've loved doing since I was writing crappy fan pics at the age of 12, so I'm gonna continue doing it. And you lot are too cool to be away from too long (err, ok, haven't posted in four years...)

Quick few FAQs:

Right, I liked your stuff but you were a massive arsehole and didn't update. How do i know the same thing won't happen again?

First off, I was a lazy bastard and I honest to god was very stressed about uni. Not to say that I'm not stressed now, but my job is now writing for a living, so I have to make myself push through the word block boundaries. I've also written 11/19 chapters of a new fic and I've got a very definitive plan as to how it'll end (I even have a sequel lined up). So I'll be posting one chapter every two weeks and I'll try to finish it while I'm posting.


Short answer (and please don't hate me) but no. At least, not the current story. I started it when I was very young and parts of it really aren't bad, but my style now is pretty different to how it used to be. However (and this is a big however), I've had a plan in my head for a while now as to how 'adult Hayden' turned out, so I'm planning to write a new story with him in it. His character has always been close to my heart, so I never wanted to abandon his story. It's mainly a sequel to Burning in the Skies, but Hayden is going to be a major character - and you'll see who becomes his true love interest ;)

Any more short stories coming up?

Yep, got a trio of linked short stories which are quite dark - full of betrayal, sex and S&M.

Here's a preview for one - A stubbed cigarette later

The cigarette in between my two fingers begins to burn my skin, but I don't pay much attention. Instead I stare up at the entrance I walked out of ten minutes ago, the unambiguous red letters spelling out Accident & Emergency. With another long inhale of tobacco, I flick it down before pressing the ball of my shoe against it.

When my phone rings again, I ignore it – I know who it'll be. The ringtone Sam picked for me – a Simon & Garfunkel song – sounds tinny from my mobile as my eyes prick with exhaustion and guilt. My boyfriend's currently on the operating table, and I'm still thinking about someone else.

Major stories coming up:

A Smoke and Mirrors Game

Darnell has been screwed up for a long time, and the only way he can forget about it all is to get screwed. Literally. But when a guy turns up reminding him of who he used to be, he finds himself running once again.

Info: This will be the main story I'll be focusing on (a chapter every two weeks). It also contains a character from Inferno... This is a very very dark story with a few horrible scenes - I'll warn when the chapter(s) come(s) up, but it's not something for the fainthearted.

Updated on: Every other Sunday

A Touch of Fire

For fifty years the island of Azolla has been plagued by the anguish of a vicious, blind dragon, still mourning the loss of a child he used to care for. When an idealistic young criminal with illegal magic crashes onto the island to enlist the help of the dragon he has heard so much about, he finds himself with even more problems.

Info: I have been working on the plot and characters of this story for a ridiculously long time and this will be a massive story. It's one of a few I have planned in a mythical alternative universe. It'll include dragons, witchcraft, phoenixes, demons, etc. This will also be a lot more adventure-y and less angst than ASAMG.

Starts: Mid Feb (considering the deadlines I currently have)

The Trouble with Ash

Being a phoenix isn't all it's cracked up to be - Sera should know. He's gone through a human's life span over two hundred times, with ninety five of those living in exile. But when he ends up saving his archenemy's kid (accidentally) his life changes like he never thought it could.

Info: Yep, this world is linked to the above. I love this character.

Starts: April-ish (I know, very far away but I'm hoping to have finally finished ASAMG by this time so i can seriously start on this). It's also a massive story with a big plot.

The other brother

Jasper never wanted to be famous - and he's done well to keep out of the limelight while his family went on to become big reality TV stars. But when his mother's latest autobiography surfaces with the chapter "My other son", secrets come out of the woodwork. This spurs dangerous old acquaintances to turn up, as well as someone he thinks might have been sent to kill him...

Info: Unlike the other stories, this is a very new concept but I've already started writing. Believe it or not, Romeo (from Inferno) will be a main character in this, and Ty will make regular appearances.

Starts: God knows, but it's already fun to write so will try and get up ASAP.

Any other Qs, feel free to PM me and I will get back to you (new start, new start - it's 20-fucking-16)

Now, if you excuse me, I'll put up the prologue & first chap of Smoke and Mirrors. Peace out!