lust; (vb.) to have a yearning or desire;
have a strong or excessive craving.

today I woke up with thoughts of you,
last night I dreamt of your face, body,
lips on my lips.
french vanilla ice cream skin,
sky blue eyes & cotton candy pink lips,
you're my favorite flavor;
toxic & sensual.

yesterday you told me that we had to stop,
& I said the same thing that night when you came
to me, except with 'don't,' in front of it.

you say you're scared to fall in love,
well handsome, who says that we have to?
I said don't, you said you're trying not to,
& looked at me with hardly concealed hope.

tomorrow, I will tell you that we're meant
for each other. but today, I will make love
to you & show you what I feel without using
clumsy words.

Yesterday, I was in like with you,
Today I am in lust with you,
Tomorrow I will be in love with you.

forever & always.

love; (noun.) a profoundly tender,
passionate affection for another person.