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My favourite pet cat


"Oh, c'mon little brother!" The tall blonde girl said, making a pleading face at the boy in front of her; it didn't seem like it was working, though.

"No." The boy answered, annoyance lacing his voice. He glared at the girl with all the fury he could summon into his warm chocolate brown eyes. And that was not much.

"Please? Pretty please with a hot guy on top…?"

". . ."

"Aw…did I just see my baby bro blush? How innocently cute…Aha ha ha ha…"

"...I hate you." The boy hissed through his teeth, annoyed by the obvious look of amusement on his sisters' face.

Grinning mischievously at him she immediately replied.

"I can live with that." Her smirk grew even wider when she said that.

"Chris…you need to go out, even if it's only to accompany me to the pet shop to get some stuff for Princess. You can't stay cooped up in here the rest of your life." she pleaded, "Come on honey…you know I'm right, don't you?"

Looking at the worried expression tarnishing his older sister's features, Chris sighed heavily and shook his head as in disbelief. Closing his eyes and scrubbing at his face he then raked his fingers through his chin-long, layered light brown, almost blonde, hair ruffling it in the process.

"Okay. Fine. You win."

"Yay! Okay…let's go!"

"What, now?"

"No I meant 'let's go' as in tomorrow. Yes now, genius! What'd you think, that I'd let my cute, little Princess starve because you need to mentally prepare yourself for going out into the world?" she snorted inelegantly.

"Tough luck, kiddo. I'm gonna go to the jeep, start the engine and you get down in five minutes, you got that? Five minutes, not a minute more." She said, holding up her right hand, her fingers spread out, underlying her statement.

"Sir yes sir!" Chris replied while mock-saluting his sister, a smile curving his lips.

She made a face and smirked at his mockery and said before turning away and heading for the door, "Very funny kiddo. Now move!" she all but yelled trying her best to imitate a commanding tone of an army officer before she walked out of the apartment.

Though she knew she didn't need it either way; Chris was her baby brother and he always listened to her every word, sometimes even without a second thought. It is understandable, though. She was practically the one that raised him, what with their parents' busy schedules and no time for their own offspring.

She hated that. She missed her parents so much while growing up. There's only so much a nanny can do. Not that she didn't love the woman that raised her; heck, she was more of a mother to her than her own mother ever was.

But still…every moment she spent with the nanny she wondered how would it feel if it was her mother spending time with her, reading her stories and helping with her homework, her first crush, first boyfriend, first time…None of that belonged to her mother.

None of it.

Her mom was too busy dealing with high society to pay any attention to her daughter. She never asked or inquired about Claire and she was never told. What reason could Claire possibly have to share anything with a person who was her mother only by birth and on paper? It was better though, ever since she'd gone off to college three years ago.

For her, that is.

Her brother was in so much pain without her and she knew it. She knew what they did to him, what they asked him to do when they found out his biggest secret. The secret only she knew. He still hadn't told her how exactly they found out. Still, no matter what, she would protect him as best as she could, she'd promised that to herself the moment she held him in her arms right after he was born.

Just…she had to pull him out of his shell first. And she was really hoping that a small, possibly furry companion would do the trick. She knew he'd always wanted a pet, but he was always denied. Now that he was living on his own, he could use some company.

Even if it did walk on all fours and wasn't really endowed with the power of speech.

Deeply buried in her thoughts she started a little realizing that she was standing in front of her jeep for lord knows how long already. She never even noticed that she was in front of it.

Not long after getting in her jeep and starting it she saw Chris coming down the stairs of the run down building, jumping down the stairs two at a time just like he always did. Seeing the small, but genuine smile on the boys face, she felt her heart warm up for the slightest moment. Just before taking in the whole building he ran out of into view. She didn't like him living here. She heard the door open and after seeing Chris had made himself comfortable in the big seat, she decided to voice her worries.

"I don't like you living here, Chris. I really don't like it." She said not looking at the boy, instead training her fierce gaze at the hated building.

"I don't like it all that much either, sis," Chris sighed, "But that's all I can afford with my part-time job and the money you send me every month." He looked at her, put his hand on her knee and said smiling,

"Don't worry Claire, I'm a big boy."

She looked at him with tears in her eyes threatening to spill over.

He hated to see his adored sister look like that, even if it was for his sake.

She should only have a smile on her face; her smile that shined more brilliantly than the sun ever could. He needed her to smile; it was what gave him strength even in the hardest of times. Just the thought of her smile made him feel better. Even though lately…it didn't really help. He shook his head slightly, banishing the depressing thoughts before they got strong enough and overwhelmed him and then leaned forward to his sister kissing her cheek while still holding the smile plastered on his face. She kissed him back, a sad smile on her face before quietly saying,

"That's the problem. You're still a boy."

Silence fell over them as Claire pulled out of the parking and started for the busiest part of the city.


"Oh wow…."

"So…what do you think Chris?"

"…It's amazing…"

"It is isn't it?"


"Shocked, baby brother?"

"Can you blame me? From the outside it looks just like some creepy run down mansion and on the inside…"

Coming further inside the pet shop, Chris couldn't help but gawk. Not like he was seriously trying not to. What they were in right now looked like a foyer of a mansion, a rectangular room with tall windows lining the wall opposite them, making it shine an ethereal glow. Just in front of the windows, there was a beautiful study desk of sorts. It was made of light coloured wood, but looked heavy none the less. On it were carvings of vines and flowers which made it look in perfect synch with the rest of the interior of this place. Behind it he noticed a person, but couldn't tell the features since the sunlight pouring in from the large windows made it impossible to see.

"Don't judge the book by its cover it is often said" Claire commented seeing her little brother's face filled with awe. "Don't feel bad though," she continued, "its exterior almost fooled me the first time I came here. I was that close" she put a small space between her thumb and forefinger, "to just turning away from the freaky house and leaving for good. Glad I didn't though." Her voice almost cracked at the last sentence as she lowered her head in embarrassment. Chris was a bit startled by such a girly reaction coming from his sister and wondered briefly what made her act so.

"Ah, miss Claire. I see you've brought a companion with you this time around?" Chris heard a voice say from somewhere in front of them.

Turning his head away from his sister and in the direction of the low, sensual voice he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The tall, handsome man standing in front of them looked like a painting come to life. His looks could only be described as noble—shoulder long shiny blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and sensual lips with two rows of perfect pearly teeth; a man of pure blue blood. His lithe, athletic body looked as if it were carved from marble with utmost precision and care making him painfully handsome.

He smiled warmly at Claire, who now blushed an even deeper shade of red, taking her palm gently, bowing down and kissing her knuckles lightly; just a slight brush of lips on her skin. Straightening back up, he looked her directly in the eyes, making her smile.

To any bystander it would look like an honest, beautiful smile. Chris knew better. It was an awkward, nervous smile, just like Claire was. Glaring at the man, he decided that he'd keep an eye on him while they were here.

. . . It's his sister we're talking about here! He had to know if she was being preyed on or not. And he had all the right in this world to be wary of the man that would do the said preying.

No, he does not suffer from sister complex. He just worries about her.


Okay yes—he has a slight sister complex! So what?!

Deciding to break the spell that seemed to encircle the young couple, he cleared his throat and stretched out his hand, saying in a business like tone,

"How do you do, I'm Christian. Claire's brother."

He intentionally left out that 'younger' part so he would look more intimidating. He also hoped that puffing out his chest helped with that.

And he also hoped it was not in fact making him look ridiculous.

As it probably were.

The man turned his eyes to Christian, taking the proffered hand and squeezing strongly.

"How do you do master Christian, my name is Lucas and I am one of many workers of this enchanting place. I'm also the one responsible for your sister and all of her…needs." He said with a self satisfied smirk, seeing the younger man turning pale and then bright crimson with suppressed rage. The boys' tries of looking intimidating were lost on Lucas but he did notice them as well as the hostility that seeped from Christian.

So he decided a little revenge was in place.

And it is indeed so fun watching the brat squirm.

Seeing the frown on her little brothers' face, Claire decided to get this show back on the road and do what she came to do—get what she needed and also buy Christian a little furry bundle of joy.

She begged the heavens that her little brother hasn't suddenly developed a taste for reptiles or rodents.

If he did, then she'd just have to find a different way to see the boy, cause no way in hell would she be anywhere near either of those. Let alone in the same room…Just the thought made her shudder before she finally spoke, breaking the awkward silence that fell between the three.

"So, why don't you look around while I just go and get what I need for Princess?"

"Fine." Chris said non-committally. After a slight pause, he spoke again, turning all of his attention to his sister, "But seriously, who names their dog Princess?!"

"She's not a dog, she's a Chihuahua." Claire said playfully crossing her arms over her chest acting offended. "It's just that she was so cute as a pup that 'Princess' was the first thing that came to mind as I watched her play around. It just sorta stuck since then, I guess."

"Ah-ha. Oh-kay. You're nuts, you do know that?" Chris said while looking at his sister's discomfited posture, hopelessly trying to stifle a laugh.

"Just go Christian." She said turning to him. Seeing that he let his guard down, she lifted her hand and put it on his head, fiercely ruffling his hair.

"He-ey! Stop that!!" Chris screeched, not giving a damn about the impression that made on the others around them. He positively hated when she did that. He wasn't a kid anymore!

"Yeah yeah--fine baby bro. Now off you go! I don't want to see you in the next thirty minutes." She said, sticking her tongue out on his shocked face and turning on her heel away from him. She went further inside the room and toward the desk they saw the moment they came in.

His eyes still on his sister's retreating back, he never noticed that he wasn't alone. So hearing someone clear his voice just beside him made him jump in surprise as he swirled around to face the intruder.

"Ah, I am so sorry for startling you, master Christian." Lucas said, a wide smile on his beautiful features.

Feeling his heartbeat slow down to its normal pace, Chris smiled back.

"No its fine, I spaced out for a moment there."

"Would you like me to show you around?"

"Yeah, sure."

Moving toward the big desk, Lucas suddenly stopped and whirled around to face Chris, startling him. He motioned with his right hand, "To your left is a room with domestic pets of all kinds and sizes and also the smaller types of wild animals" he let his hand fall to his side and then motioned with his left hand, "To your right is the room with the rest of the wild animals, from snakes to tiger cubs."

Chris looked to his right and then to his left. "I think I'll start with that first" he said, motioning with his thumb to the room that housed domestic animals.

"As you wish. If there's anything you need, just come and look for me. I'd be glad to help." Lucas said smiling, bowing slightly before he went toward where Chris' sister waited.

Scoffing slightly, Chris turned and walked toward the room on his left.

Walking inside, he was amazed to see it was not just your regular room. It was in fact a ball room renovated so it would fit its new purpose. Everywhere around it there were trees that reached the high ceiling of the room, plants of all sorts and even the floor was covered with grass making it look and feel more natural for all the animals that were kept there.

There was also a sort of paved trail that led to each of the cages, while also stretching to the furthest part of the room. Looking around he saw that all the animals were placed in big, spacious cages; not any type of cages either. They looked state of the art, like something you'd normally see in a zoo. The cages had no bars, just glass that sheltered both the customers from the animals and the animals from curious customers.

Each cage had within it the sort of plant life that fit with the resident of it—trees even smaller than the ones outside the cages, flowers, grass and such. All of the cages seemed to reach the ceiling, which was at least six meters tall. Glancing inside the cages he saw all kinds of animals—cats and dogs of all breeds, hamsters, squirrels, chipmunks, and guinea pigs. There were parrots of all kinds—those that talk and those that sing. Ferrets, weasels, iguanas…

Walking by those cages, he never noticed when he reached the back of the room. There, only one cage was set and in the part of the room that was basically shrouded in darkness. He glanced inside it, but in the dim lighting it seemed as if it were empty. Seeing the rustling of a small bush inside of it, he came closer to it, trying to see what was inside it.

Glancing all over it, he was startled by two large emeralds staring at him. Coming further into the front of the cage was a large black cat. Its fur fascinated Chris—he'd never seen anything like it. It was completely black, but it had a distinctive sheen to it. What surprised him, however, was that it didn't have that usual dark blue sheen but rather one that reminded him of the deepest red wine his father kept so possessively in his wine cellar.

The cat moved just in front of the glass and suddenly started rubbing its head against it, making purring sounds at the same time. Chris only watched at it bewitched when it decided that the whole-body rub would be even better as it sort of rubbed the entire length of its body on the smooth glass. First from left to right then it turned and again did the same thing just this time from right to left.

Completely forgetting about the glass that was between them, he reached out to touch it. He got startled when he heard a voice call out to him.

"Did you find something you like, master Christian?" Lucas inquired, a big grin that somehow seemed cheeky etched on his face.

Chris blushed a bit, not really understanding why he felt like he was caught stealing. He awkwardly stuttered out,

"Um, well yeah. I guess I did." He said glancing back to the cage only to see that those hypnotic eyes were staring intently at him. The intensity of that gaze made his heart speed up, skipping a few beats in the process.

Sizing the boy up, Lucas chuckled quietly seeing him in a slight trance caused inadvertently by the cat. Walking over to the cage, he rapped his knuckles gently on the glass catching the cat's attention before he turned to Chris.

"Would you like to hold him?"

"Can I?" Chris asked shyly, his gaze going from Lucas to cat and vice versa.

Seeing the boy's reaction, Lucas couldn't help but laugh outright.

"Sorry, sorry." Lucas said, raising his hands as if in surrender and in hopes to placate the boy who was now pouting. "Here, let me get him for you."

He went to the side of the cage and fumbled with something, when Chris heard a click signalling that the cage opened. The moment Lucas opened the cage; the cat scampered out, trotted over to Chris and with just one leap attached itself to Chris' hoodie, startling the boy. He quickly collected himself and cradled the cat in his arms and then started to pet it, making it purr in delight. It rubbed its head on Chris' chin, nuzzling that small part of skin where the jaw and his left ear meet.

After fidgeting a bit, it propped itself on its rear legs and inched a bit closer to Chris's face. Suddenly it started licking his chin, moving up to his soft, full lips and then it even moved on to his nose, giving it a final lick, all the while purring loudly. It moved away from his face and cocked its head to one side watching Christian intently, as if waiting for his reaction to its animalistic greeting.

Christian looked at the cat, shocked out of his wits with what happened. First it jumped on him, then it started licking him and the worst part was…it actually made his heart speed up. He mentally laughed at that, calling himself every kind of fool for reacting that way.

Am I that out of it that such a small action, from a damn cat, no less, would make my heart pound?!

"I'm amazed." He heard Lucas say.

Chris looked at him as Lucas shook his head in disbelief. "He'd never acted this way before. Whenever someone would come within a meter of him, he'd start hissing…"

He looked at the cat lying comfortably in Chris' arms and gave a heavy sigh of relief.

"I was scared he'd be here forever…that he would die here. I'm glad that's not the case." He smiled gently at the cat. "Well, not anymore."

He put his hand on Chris's shoulder as he guided him outside the room.

"Come on, let's get him all set so you can take him with you." Lucas said.

Chris looked at him, confused. "Wait. What?"

Lucas smiled at him. "He's yours now."


The ride back home-- that is, to his new home that was his crummy apartment-- he spent mostly by replaying the last few moments spent in that extravagant pet shop.

He was actually still in a slight daze. He couldn't believe Claire bought him a pet. He thought she brought him there only to calm him down, but he was completely caught off guard as Lucas explained him that 'miss Claire told us she'd be bringing her little brother for some pet shopping'.

When he exited the room and came back in the foyer with the black cat sleeping tightly in his arms, Claire was already there and the moment her eyes set on the furry bundle in his arms, she squealed. Yep, his big sister actually squealed.

While Lucas went to the reception desk to get the pamphlets and all of the stuff his new furry friend might need, she cooed over the cat and how 'absolutely adorable' he was.

Oh, and he was 'Maximilian' or 'Max' for short. Quite an unusual name. But according to Lucas he was indeed an unusual feline, so it sort of evened out.

There was one thing that aggravated him, though. When Claire rubbed the cat behind his ears, he purred. He even licked her fingers.

And that, for some reason, made him feel jealous. At first, when he realized that, he felt silly and childish.

He then realized what the problem was. He wanted the cat all to himself. He actually liked the thought that it would only respond to him and only him, as Lucas led him to believe.

And then, in a matter of seconds, the cat itself broke that fantasy by reacting to his sister. Goddamit, he wanted the cat to be his own and nobody else's! Everything he'd ever had was so roughly taken from him…He wanted something he could call his own. Someone he could call his own. Even if it was just a cat.

Snapping himself out of those thoughts, he glanced at the back seat to see if his new companion was handling the ride well. He gave a small sigh of relief when he saw the black mass of fur curled in a big ball, the cat calm and sleeping.

Coming to the car park in front of Chris' building, Claire stopped the jeep and looked at Chris, smiling lovingly at him. Before he managed to grab the handle to the passenger's door, she mussed his hair and told him in a stern, but worried voice.

"Be careful, you hear me kiddo?"

"Yes mom." He smirked. "And you're not old enough to call me 'kiddo', y'know?"

"I'm almost twenty-three, I can call you whatever I want to." She gave him a superior smile.

"And I'm sixteen, thank you very much. So not a 'kiddo'."

"Yeah, yeah. Scram, kiddo." She pushed at him, making him leave the car, smiling as she saw his pouting face. He was so fun to tease.

Leaving the car, Chris went for the back-seat door and opened it. He went for the cat and the bags that were filled with some miscellaneous stuff his new companion will need. Seeing her brother taking the cat gently in his arms and then taking all those bags, she couldn't help but snicker. He was always such a pushover; even when he needs help he doesn't ask for it.

Oh geeze, when will this kid grow up…Claire thought to herself.

She sighed before saying, "Need some help there, kiddo?"

Chris turned to his sister, dangerously balancing a half asleep cat in one hand, with it's head on his shoulder, and three large plastic bags in the other hand.

He huffed seeing his sister's grin.

"Nope. I'm fine. And stop calling me that!" he said, slamming the back-seat door closed shut. He started the slow trek to his building, choosing each step carefully, trying not to disrupt the delicate balance he found. Just after he made the first few steps, he heard his sister call out.

"Call me if you need anything, you block-headed, adorable little brat."

Hearing his sister's loud voice, Chris felt his face heat up.

Damn her! She did that on purpose! He thought, while trying to regain composure and at the same time keep his balance.

Dammit. Are there bricks in these bags?!


Opening the door to his shabby apartment, Chris was greeted by the shrill noise of his telephone. Closing the door with his foot, he lowered the bags and now awoken feline down, before reaching for the phone that was just behind the door of his apartment.

Picking it up, he answered the caller with a short "Yes?"

For the next few moments, he was met with silence. After that, a deep, raspy voice spoke.

"Is your sister still there?" the voice on the other end inquired.

"No." Chris answered, squeezing his lips tight at the sound of the other's voice.

Another silence followed his answer. Getting annoyed by the awkward silence, Chris said in an aggravated manner,

"Did you need anything else, dad?"

The voice on the other end remained quiet, before the man on the other end took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

"There have been some rumours lately. Some business associates of mine told me they have been seeing you with some young man after school hours."

Chris laughed bitterly at the stern voice of his father.

"Have there been? How strange, I heard nothing of the sort." Chris played coy, wishing to annoy his father.

"Don't you play with me, boy! Was that one of your…partners? He spat out the last word, as if it were pure acid.

Chris smirked mischievously. "Oh yeah, dad, now I remember. He was just one of my many sex partners. We went wild for an entire night." He made a slight pause, "And he was quite a fuck, too." He said teasingly, knowing full well just how upset it'll make his father.

"Watch it, Christian." His dad said menacingly, "I don't understand where your mother and I went wrong." Chris could see the man shaking his head as he sighed at the statement, before he continued,

"Is it so fun for you to act so beneath your level, Christian? Not to mention ruining our family's good name?!"

"What name?! If my memory still serves me well, you've disowned me!! I have no connection to you whatsoever anymore!" Chris shrieked, feeling his heart clench at the memory.

"Only because you're still so darn stubborn and are denying our help!" his father said in a low, threatening monotone.

"When will you finally see that we only want what's best for you?!" Chris's father was now shouting, unable to control his suppressed anger toward his youngest child.

Chris snorted. "Excuse me?!" he yelled back at his dad, not caring one bit that he had probably turned himself into his neighbour's entertainment for the night; what with the paper thin walls and lousy sound-proof system of the building.

"What's best for me?!" he continued, still raising his voice, loosing the last bit of control he'd had as he felt that familiar prickling in his eyes.

Only his dad could bring him to the edge in such a short time. The man had quite an ability.

Being silent for the moment, Chris realized he was hyperventilating. He took large gulps of air, fruitlessly trying to calm himself down.

His father was the first to break the silence.

"Yes. What's best for you." He sighed heavily, continuing in a much calmer and seemingly warmer voice.

"It's just a short-term faze, son. Believe me. When you're in my age, you'll understand. Until then, your mother and I are here to point you in the right direction. You're confused right now, but it would all become much clearer if only you'd listen to us..." he said in a single breath, not allowing Chris to interrupt him.

Chris was speechless. He couldn't believe his ears. He started laughing hysterically.

"I don't believe this. First you told me I was sick and should go and 'fix it'. Now you tell me I'm what? In a bloody faze? Confused?! That's rich. Nice one dad." He spat, gripping the receiver so hard that his knuckles turned ghostly white.

He felt his throat constrict as his eyes burned from the unshed tears. They were not tears of sadness, no. Those were tears of helplessness, anger, disappointment…even hate.

He thought his parents would understand him, accept him. Instead, when he came to them offering his heart on a golden platter, confessing to his parents he was actually gay, what did they do?

They took his heart and crushed it, tore it in thousands of pieces.

Then they told him he should try not to be what he was; better yet, learn not to be gay at all. They told him, their faces serious and grim, that they will be there for him through each step of the 'therapy' he had to go through.

Suddenly, he felt something brush against his leg and then a small wave of comforting warmth rushed through him, bringing him back to the present.

He looked down, seeing those emerald eyes staring back at him, looking as if the feline knew just what was going on.

Well, they did say animals could sense their master's emotions, I guess… he looked at the cat coiling around his legs, rubbing it's whole body on them and purring contentedly.

He gave a small smile that was a mix of deepest sadness and biggest happiness as he looked at the new addition to his secluded, lonely life.

He was pulled out of his reverie by the sound of an irritated vice booming from the phone's receiver.

"Are you even listening to me, Christian?!" his father half-yelled.

For a moment, Chris honestly debated over his answer. Then he decided he would do the thing he never could before he moved out of his parent's posh place-be honest.

He smiled into the phone as he, for the first time in his life, gave his father an honest reply.

"Nope. No I am not listening to you." He paused a little, basking in the warm feeling that suddenly washed over him. How strange was it that such a simple thing as speaking truthfully to his own father made him feel so accomplished, so invincible-almost as if he was reborn.

He continued in an almost sing-song voice,

"Look here dad. I've got more important things to do then discus this with you for the gazillionth time. Claire's not here and that was all you wanted to know, right? That was the original reason you called, as I recall." He smirked into the phone, hearing his father's breath speed up.

Oh, he's hyperventilating…Aww…Good.

His father huffed into the phone, "How dare you, you little ungrateful--,"

"Bye dad." Chris interrupted his father, slamming the receiver down with all of his might, not caring one bit if it broke or not.

He crouched down, petting the cat that was still circling around his feet. The cat purred, coming to a stop before Christian and reaching with its front paws for Chris' chest, latching onto his hoodie, showing him in its own, feline manner that it wanted to be cradled in his arms.

Chris snickered at such a childishly spoilt behaviour of the small animal. He obediently took it in his arms, never ceasing rubbing its head, gently scratching behind its ears. The cat climbed even further in his arms, nuzzling his neck, occasionally giving it an affectionate lick.

Chris laughed. "That tickles you little demon!"

The cat only seemed to purr louder, moving onto his Adam's apple, licking it with its scratchy tongue. It looked hypnotized with the rumble that emanated from Chris's throat as he spoke, the Adam's apple moving in perfect unison with the rumble of his words.

He felt the last bits of his anger slowly dissolve as he held the cat in his arms. He bent down and took the long forgotten bags in his free hand and walked further into his apartment, going straight for the kitchen.

"Let's get you something yummy to eat, eh Demon?"

The black feline mewled and then licked his chin, agreeing to the suggestion and not even noticing the newly acquired nickname.

Chris carefully put him down while he went into the search for the bowl and the cat food in those overly stuffed bags that seemed bottomless.

Settling the cat's needs, Chris crossed his arms and scoffed amusedly at the satisfied look the cat was showing him.

"I really don't see you as a Max; let alone as Maximilian. Those who gave you that name must have been blind…You're obviously a Demon." He said to the cat, smiling to himself and ignoring the fact how that made him look completely mental.

At those words, the black feline made a low rumble in its throat that awfully resembled laughter. It looked Chris deep in the eyes and held its gaze, making Chris' skin crawl, which in turn made him squirm.

"I think I need a shower." He sighed, never breaking the eye contact with the emerald green eyes of the feline. It licked its muzzle while purring, making Chris' heart jump involuntarily.

Jesus Christ, Chris. What the hell is the matter with you? Been alone too long so now you're even uncomfortable with a cat as your companion?! He chastised himself inwardly.

Walking into the bathroom, he quickly threw off all of his clothes and walked in under the shower. Standing under the shower, he turned on the cold water first, trying to cool down. After a couple of moments under the cold spray of water, he added the hot water until it was warm enough to make him drowsy.

Still, even that couldn't help his wandering thoughts. He was becoming rather sleepy, but his mind was still in overdrive. All of the thoughts, the feelings of previous days, months…years came rushing in, taking him by surprise and draining all his self control away. He felt the hot liquid rolling down his cheeks and tried to convince himself that it was only the water spray from the shower.

He couldn't ignore the thudding in his ears, or the ache behind his eyes, though. He couldn't deny the pain that so mercilessly clutched at his heart with its cold, cruel fingers, squeezing it with all of its might.


Walking out of the bathroom, Chris felt more tired than ever and the emotional breakdown-induced-headache wasn't really helping the matters.

Walking inside his room, with only a towel draped over his slender hips, he went straight for his dresser and took out some clean boxer-briefs and a thin pair of sleeping pants. He never wore anything more than that; not even during the winter. Putting them on, he made a bee-line for his bed and fell onto it, lying on his stomach and groaning at the welcoming coolness of the sheets. He burrowed his head deeper in the pillow, squirming and trying to find a position that was most comfortable for sleeping in the slightly chilly nights of the newly arrived spring.

Finally settling down and pulling the sheets over his tired body, he felt a slight shuffling at the bottom of the bed, somewhere near his feet. Then he felt a small weight walking closer to him, the double, old and already worn out bed giving in under the weight and making it slightly quiver. He slowly lifted himself up into a sitting position, only to notice those two emeralds staring at him. Chris smiled at the sight of the feline; it sat down, looking at him with utmost patience, waiting. The only thing that gave away its nervous state was its tail, swishing madly back and forth.

Chris gently patted the space on the bed next to him inviting the four legged creature to come even closer. The cat happily obliged, walking briskly to Chris.

Then it just stopped and stood there, right in font of Chris, watching him intently.

"What?" Chris asked confusedly. What in the world did this creature want from him? To roll of from the bed completely?!

The cat mewled and then growled low as if to show how irritated it was. Suddenly it threw itself on Chris, startling him and making him fall on his back in a desperate try to catch the feline and avoid getting it hurt. Or himself, for that matter, if it turned out that the cat had a sudden desire to play cat and mouse with him, using its very sharp claws. And he would be the mouse, of course, getting shredded and scared for weeks to come. Those scars would heal, but why not avoid it if he could was what he thought when he went to catch the cat.

So he was startled out of his wits when the cat climbed over his chest and to his face, lowering its head and nuzzling Chris' neck. It let out soft purrs of contentment, slowly lying down on Chris' chest, not even for a slightest moment stopping the gentle nuzzling of its soft, wet snout against the boy's neck.

Chris let out a light chuckle at the sudden realization of what the cat wanted him to do.

"You're so spoilt, you know that, Demon?"

The cat only purred louder as if agreeing to the statement. Chris gently put a hand on its soft, furry back and let his mind wander off. That was the first time in quite a while that Chris fell asleep so easily, not even noticing when the darkness engulfed him.


After what seemed like hours, Chris woke up. Or rather, he was woken up by this unbearable heat that seemed to envelop him completely. He stirred in his sleep, not wanting to actually get up, trying to shake the heat off.

It was no use.

Slowly starting to feel fed up with the annoying heat, he tried to get up.

Only to feel strong arms tighten even harder around him.

Wait a minute. Arms…? What the hell--?

He slowly started opening his eyes, feeling he was now fully awake and damn curious as to what was going on.

The moment he opened his eyes, he was met with strong, firm chest that was gently rising up and falling down in a rhythm of a person that was in deep sleep. He could feel his face growing red, as he noticed just how close to the chest he was.

A man's chest. More accurately, an unknown man's chest.

Somewhere in the back of his mind--that part that was fervently trying to ignore this new…situation--he realized it was still dark outside. The entirety of his room was shrouded in darkness and the only light that filtered in was from his window and the street lights. Still, it was enough to give him quite a view of the toned, firm chest in front of him.

The other part of his brain told him he should probably be panicking right about now. Somehow, the slow rise and fall of the chest in front of him didn't make him panic; it did, however, make him completely embarrassed as he felt his heart skip a beat at the sight.

Chris gulped and lowered his eyes as he felt his blush spread even to his ears, his gaze landing in between their bodies…making him realize his mistake as soon as he did.

He squeaked as his eyes raked over the completely naked body of this intruder. A very fine body, too. From what he could see this up close and personal, the man had a well toned body. But not one that was made from slaving around the gym on a daily basis, no. He wasn't buff or overly muscular, though he did have defined, firm muscles. Looking at the man more closely, he thought that he reminded him of the guys in his school that were on the track team. Or well, his build did. He certainly hoped the man's personality wasn't as rotten.

Wait. What? I shouldn't be thinking of his build or personality! I should be trying to get away from here!

And just who the hell is this guy anyway?!

Even though Chris' mind knew he should be scared or at least cautious with this stranger, he couldn't feel afraid. He just couldn't believe that this man would do him any harm, however strange that might have sounded. Not when just moments ago he felt so safe, so secure in those strong arms. Looking more intently at the man's face he felt his breath catch; he was devastatingly handsome.

Not perfect, no. Not that sort of effeminate princely beauty either. But there was something…this air about him that made him look dangerously attractive.

And the fact that I can tell that even though he's still asleep is really frightening.

Before he could stop himself, Chris lifted his left hand, the one that lay immobile between them, and gently pressed his fingers to the stranger's face. He relished at the feel of the warm, tender skin under his fingertips, moving his fingers along the man's right cheek and going even lower to his slightly parted lips. Unthinkingly, he traced the slightly fuller lower lip with his forefinger; gently, tenderly as if he were touching a frail piece of art.

At the affectionate touch, the man stirred slightly. Chris felt his heart speed up as he watched intently if the man would wake. After the brief stirring, the man wound his arms even tighter around Chris' smaller frame. He snuggled into the heat that came from the boy, seeming to relax even more.

Chris' eyes never left the man's sleeping face, but he couldn't help the yelp he let out as the other's eyes suddenly shot open. He was amazed and hypnotized as his own warm brown eyes met piercing green ones. Those two orbs seemed to have enchanted him, as he was speechless and his mind a complete blank.

Moving his eyes away from those eyes, his gaze landed on the man's long hair. It was bathed in the small light coming from the street lamps, illuminating it. It was of the strangest colour; it was black as night with a distinctive dark red hue to it. The first thought that came to mind was that it had a bloody red tint to it. It didn't scare him as seeing actual blood would, though. It was strangely inviting, warm like fire, just even darker, warmer.

Without even uttering a word, the intruder shifted until he was on all fours standing above Chris, who was now lying on his back; pinning Chris effectively to the bed. Chris blushed once more realising the position they were now in. The man just smiled warmly as he lifted his right hand, putting it on Chris' left cheek, gently stroking and rubbing it lovingly with his thumb. Still not saying anything, he lowered himself until he was face to face with Chris, their lips almost touching.

Chris opened his mouth, deciding he needed to speak, if only to demand an explanation from this man that invaded his privacy in every way.

The man used the opportunity to crush their mouths together and plunge his hot, wet tongue into the unsuspecting heat of Chris' mouth, earning a startled gasp from the boy. For the briefest second, Chris thought of pushing the man away. That thought was immediately thrown away as he felt the man's tongue move slowly, sensually against his own. He felt jolts of pleasure run through him as those big, warm palms moved gently against his bare chest.

Chris needed more. He wanted much, much more. He put his hands around the man's shoulders and drew him in even closer, bringing their lips in a bruising kiss. The hottest Chris had ever had. Not that he'd had that many in the first place, but still…This kiss was the type that would've turned his legs in a big mass of putty were he standing.

He moaned into the man's mouth, giving him an obvious proof of just how good he felt being kissed so passionately. Like he mattered. Not his money, name or status. Him. The boy he was, the man he would hopefully become.

The man above him started to slowly pull away, earning himself a dissatisfied whimper from Chris.

The man slowly got up and sat back so he could take in the whole picture of Chris. What he saw only made him growl as he felt his desire grow. Chris lay on the bed, his light brown hair mussed, face slightly flushed and those warm chocolate eyes half lidded. His kiss-swollen lips were slightly parted as he panted, trying to recover from the hot, passionate kiss.

Unable to resist, the man went back down, pulling Chris in another kiss, going from his mouth to his jaw, tracing small kisses along the way. He continued down his neck and stopped for a moment as if he was hesitating. Suddenly, he bit Chris' exposed throat, gently, marking that white flesh and then lapping at the mark, soothing the pain.

Chris couldn't think anymore. At each touch of this man, moans fled his lips and his body trembled in anticipation. He felt his member twitch the moment that hot mouth enclosed around one pert nipple.

"Nhh…more…" Chris grunted out, not knowing himself what he was asking for.

The mysterious man seemed to have an idea, moving his hand lower down Chris' chest and to the hem of his sleeping pants. He tugged on it, removing it in one swift motion, making Chris gasp out in surprise as the soft material brushed against his hardened length.

Chris' eyes used the opportunity to roam along the toned body of the stranger that shifted once more and was now above him and they moved even lower, making him gasp when they landed on the man's throbbing erection.

Oh dear lord…Can that thing fit?! Chris gulped audibly, licking his lips absent-mindedly in anticipation.

The man latched his lips to Chris' tender neck, sucking gently, kissing and licking. The man, Chris decided, had an absolute neck-fetish. Not that he minded…

Enjoying those soft lips and that too talented tongue, Chris' back arched off of the bed in surprise when he felt that hot, calloused hand wrap around his member. In a few hard strokes, Chris' length was brought to full hardness and he was still panting wildly. His hips buckled uncontrollably as the man continued stroking him.

"Hah…so good…" Chris panted.

The man moved his lips to Chris' ear and licked its shell before he whispered,

"You are so beautiful…" in a deep, husky voice.

Wanting to feel those lips on his again, Chris took the man's face with his hands and brought their lips together in a slow, sensual kiss.

Using the distraction, the man stopped stroking him only to move his hand lower, to Chris' tight virgin entrance. He rubbed it with his middle finger, making the boy under him moan. Chris had no idea what the man was doing; he just knew it felt good. Really good.

Taking that as consent, the man plunged his finger inside the tight heat, slowly breaking through the tight ring of muscles. Chris' face scrunched up at the intrusion and the strange feeling it brought.

Feeling the boy's muscles relax, the stranger started thrusting his finger in and out, stroking Chris' insides gently. He wanted to make it as painless as he could, but he was on the edge; his own erection hard and dripping wet from just looking at the boy's wanton body squirm under him.

The second finger stretched Chris more and made him wince; it didn't hurt as much as he felt uncomfortably stretched. The man scissored his fingers, making Chris grunt, trying hard to hold back his tears.

Okay, now it does hurt! Fuck fuck fuck! Chris swore in his mind.

Feeling his control crumble, the man withdrew his fingers and looked Chris deep in the eyes before whispering an almost inaudible 'Relax' and moving to bite down on Chris' shoulder. Chris shouted out at the sudden jolt of pain that blossomed in his left shoulder, not expecting a second jolt of pain that shot through his back.

"It's okay, it's okay." The man reassured him, kissing Chris' lips softly, "I'm all the way inside, right to the hilt." He took Chris' hand and brought it to the place where the two were connected. "See?" he said, a smile on his face as he looked at his young lover with such warmth in those large, green eyes.

Feeling the base of the man's thick length under his fingers made Chris blush. The thought that it was inside of him made him blush even more.

"Are you okay, love?" the man asked.

Chris' voice caught hearing the man use such an endearment in such a natural way.

"Yes." He said in a whisper.

Feeling the rock-hard member of his lover twitch inside of him, Chris moaned.

Oh god, this is too much. I think I might come just from imagining that thick thing inside of me…oh god… I can feel it pulsing…

The man took Chris' arms and put them around his neck. "Hold onto me, love, I'm going to move now."

Chris just nodded and wrapped his arms around his neck, burying his head under the man's chin, breathing in his musky scent.

The first thrust made him scream out in pain as he felt his insides stretched to its limits. Feeling so much pain, he bit down on his lover's shoulder, earning a hiss from the man.

Realising his little lover is in pain, the older male took the boy's now almost limp member in his hand, stroking it with a practised ease. Hearing the boy moan, he simultaneously rolled his hips; slowly, gently, making the boy adjust to his movements and size. Hearing the boys next words, however, made all his reason leave him,

"Harder…I want to feel you deeper…"

Trying with all his might not to break the boy, he put his arms under the boy's legs, lifting them slightly so he could thrust his thick length deeper inside the boy's body.

"Ahh! There!" Chris screamed, his mind blank from sudden jolt of ecstasy that shot through him.

The man smirked at the flushed face of the boy as he angled his thrusts so he would hit that sweet, little spot inside of that small body over and over again. He grunted feeling Chris' insides close even tighter around him; he was reaching his limit. Snaking his hand around Chris's leaking member, he gave a couple of more hard thrusts that were in rhythm with the strokes before he felt Chris' hot seed spill all over his hand.

Feeling that tight ring of muscle tighten even harder around his throbbing cock, he grunted as he felt himself fill the insides of Chris' body. He gave a few more thrusts, riding out his orgasm, shivering at the feeling of completion. Flopping down onto Chris' sweat slicked body, he realized the boy was still shivering from the after shock of his orgasm. He smiled at the dazed face before he leaned in to kiss him senseless.

Maybe that way, Chris wouldn't notice that he didn't pull out of him, or better yet that he was already becoming more than ready for another round.

He silently hoped that Chris' body can handle what he's got in store for him.


Waking up for the second time found Chris lying sprawled across the bed as the midday sun shone brightly through his room's window, hurting his eyes. Looking next to him he found that he was completely alone. For a brief moment he thought that what happened must have been just a dream his dirty little mind conjured up.

That was before he moved to stretch his sore from sleep muscles only to realize just how sore they were. He hurt in the places he never knew even existed. It was a pleasant pain, however and one that made him feel strangely satisfied; as if a long lost part of him was retrieved making him finally whole.

He slowly rose from his bed, wincing at the dull pain that coursed through his body as he stood on his wobbly legs.

And that's when the proof number two of the previous night presented itself. He felt something trickle down the back side of his thighs all the way to his feet. He didn't need to look down to find out what that was.

He blushed as he remembered the passion filled night the stranger gave him; they made love till sunrise, after which they collapsed down on the double bed, spent and blissfully contended. He remembered falling asleep in the man's strong arms, feeling strangely secure.

He knew though, that they didn't 'make love'. He knew that. Still, he couldn't call it 'having sex' either. Not when he felt so loved, so cherished during just that one, magical night. He knew that the man would probably disagree and call it something in the lines of 'a simple fuck, a release' as he heard some of his friends say. Or, if it were those fag-hags in his school, they'd call it 'mad hot gay sex' or something like that.

He snorted, feeling that all too familiar weight settle inside his chest once more. He just wanted someone, anyone to love him. Even if it was a complete stranger that only wanted him as a casual fuck.

A fuck buddy. That's the one thing I never wanted to be…And he was even my first…He grunted at the thought. During the act he was worried if the man would notice it. As it turned out, he didn't even care. He fucked him raw without the slightest feeling of guilt or compassion.

And as strange as it is, I appreciate that he did it that way. At least he finally broke that stupid fantasy of love that I'd had my entire life…

He frowned slightly at the thought, letting his mind run wild, making all sorts of plans and thinking of all the possible scenarios this situation could turn into.

Maybe he'd keep me, even just as a sex friend? He worried his lower lip, a thought that he'd be declined running through his mind.

He sighed deeply, walking slowly to his bathroom as final thoughts came to him.

Worst case scenario, he'll dump me. He felt his heart clench at the thought.

Oh well, guess if that happens Michael will make a good substitute. He'd been pinning after me these past two years after all…

Ignoring the shiver of disgust that ran down his spine, he entered the bathroom and slowly closed the door.


After that, the man showed up each night, coming into his room while Chris was sleeping, making him fall in love more and more with each visit from his mysterious lover. During all those times, he spoke only a few words, whispering those silly sweet nothings into Chris' ear, making the boy tremble in his arms, entirely bewitched by that low, sultry voice.

Each night he came and left immediately after the night of heated passion. Chris was slowly loosing his mind. He wanted so much more from this stranger; even though he knew he would never get anything more than just those few hours of bliss.

He was shocked and surprised by his own thoughts and feelings; he didn't know where they came from or why he had them. He just knew what he felt and that was something he never thought he would feel; something he was becoming terrified to give a name. Terrified to admit it already had a name and the one he knew very well; the one he wanted ever since he could remember.

And as if that wasn't enough trouble, his small black, furry friend made sure to add fuel to the fire. Over the days Chris spent together with his little Demon, the cat started behaving oddly. It would hiss at anyone that would approach him; male or female, young or old.

Worried for his little friend, Chris consulted a vet that lived in the same building. When the vet came to his apartment to check on the feline, it scratched him without a warning.

Luckily, he got all his shots back at the pet shop, so there was no fear of infection. The veterinarian also declared that the little demon didn't have rabies or any other illness known to man; or a veterinarian in this case. Though he did suggest that Chris should probably re-educate him, if possible.

Exactly two weeks since getting his little furry friend, Claire came to visit them, saying how she wanted to see how the cat settled in. Both she and Chris knew, though, that she was worried about the boy, not the cat. After all, it was Chris who needed the cat, not the other way around.

That's also why he adored cats of all kinds and sizes-they were self sufficient, able to live on their own even if they did have a master; something he never could do. If compared to an animal, Chris firmly believed he would have been a dog—a simple, ordinary street hound that needed someone to take care of him. A pathetic existence, if you asked him.

Letting Claire inside his apartment he was shocked for the umpteenth time in the past two weeks. The cat came to Claire and started rubbing against her legs. Not just that, no! When Claire bent down to take the cat in her arms, it actually jumped into her arms and purred! That demon doesn't purr to anyone but him!!! Still looking shocked, Chris followed Claire as she went to seat on the tattered love seat in front of his old, black and white TV. Seeing the cat curl in a tight, satisfied ball of fur on his sister's lap, he couldn't stand it anymore. He decided he should speak, and carefully, trying hard not to sound bitter.

And why was he bitter, anyway? The cat could purr at whomever it wanted to; he didn't give a damn. Even if it was his cat, he didn't mind it if it was so friendly with other people around it.

Not that much, anyway.

Pushing that thought aside, he suddenly spoke,

"You're the only person he likes." He made a slight chuckling sound before continuing, "I mean, he is so weird. No matter if it's a guy or a girl, no matter their age, he just hisses at them. He even scratched a vet I brought to check up on him and bit this really cute guy that was coming onto me." He sighed heavily. "He's a little monster, that's what he is; definitely not just a simple cat…"

Claire couldn't help but laugh heartily at her little brother's words.

"Well, at least that qualifies him as a perfect guard dog for my cute, little brother." She said, grinning mischievously.

"He's a cat, not a damn dog. He should be cute and cuddly, not pre-pubescent prissy." Chris pointed out, annoyed by Claire's taunting.

At those words Claire broke out in a fit of laughter, waking the cat from its comfortable slumber.

She gave him a lopsided grin. "Just enjoy the attention, baby brother."

Chris snorted bemusedly at his sister's words. "You mean the lack there of which will be thanks to the little monster. He's scarring everyone away." He heaved a heavy sigh at the thought.

Claire was still grinning at him. "Think of it this way-the one the cat accepts must be a good guy. You have your own, live lie detector."

Chris couldn't help but smile at the thought.


After a couple of hours of talking about various relevant and irrelevant things, Claire declared it was time for her to go back to her dorm. She was a senior in college and had a thesis to write. Chris understood that.

Even though he would have been thrilled if she stayed with him, at least for the night. He missed her too much. They were and still are very close, but she was becoming more and more wrapped up in her own responsibilities. As a direct consequence to that, they barely had the time to see each other. She did call each day, but still…that couldn't compare with her being there, next to him.

He turned away from the front door that he just closed behind his big sister and walked back into the living room and sat back down on the love seat. He was startled as the cat jumped into his lap, curling itself much like it did in Claire's lap. Chuckling at the spoiled little creature, Chris started petting it when a sudden thought came to him.

There was one other person the cat was comfortable with…

His mysterious lover.

Whenever the man came, Demon (he refused to call the little monster 'Max'. He so wasn't a 'Max'. 'Demon' however…) was nowhere to be found. From the first night he brought the cat home, they slept together in his bed. But, whenever the stranger came, it was as if the cat disappeared from the face of the earth.

So, it was either that the cat was completely fine with the intruder or his mysterious lover was an utter asshole who would stoop so low and actually hurt his four legged friend. Just thinking of his friend hurt and trapped somewhere while he enjoyed the night of passion made him feel guilty, sick and furious.

I'm such an asshole…Throwing away the only creature that is with me almost every minute of every day and for what?! For a man that wouldn't even give me his name or tell me how the hell he managed to sneak in here each and every night?!

He took the cat from his lap and brought it in front of his face; it only looked at him confusedly, being just woken up from its peaceful nap.

Chris rubbed his nose with the small, wet snout of his feline friend. He closed his eyes tight before saying,

"I'm so sorry."

The cat only mewled and licked his nose as if to say 'it's okay'.

That's when a thought was born in his mind. Since the man seemed to show up while he was sound asleep, there was a way to catch the intruder and make him explain everything.

A plan created in his head, Chris smiled contentedly and nuzzled his small, furry friend.

He would finally discover the secret of his mysterious lover tonight.


That same night, on the exact night everything started two weeks ago, Chris went to his bed with a different feeling of anticipation. This time for sure, he would get all the answers to his questions.

Lying in his bed, he felt the familiar shuffling at the foot of the bed that was his small friend. He sat up, took the feline in his arms and cradled it close to his chest.

He could feel sleep creeping up on him, but he used the last atoms of his strength to will the sleep away. He steadied his breathing, pretending to be asleep.

Nothing happened for a while. He was already starting to loose the fight against his sleepy mind when he felt an increase of weight on his bed. He opened his eyes just a crack so he could see what was going on.

He almost screamed at the sight in front of him. The only thing stopping him from doing so was the fact that he seemed to have lost his voice from the shock.

He couldn't believe his eyes. The sight was at the same time amazing and terrifying.

Right there, on the spot right next to him where the cat should have been he saw it.

Without a single sound, the cat slowly changed. It slowly grew, changed its shape until Chris could finally see all those subtle changes distinctively. The cat's fur slowly gave way to smooth, creamy skin, the ears and tail vanishing completely. Its limbs grew longer, the paws changing into hands and feet. Its head suddenly became that of a human's; one he knew rather well.

Seeing the mystery unveil itself in front of him, he jumped up into the sitting position on his bed, his breathing ragged and fast. He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it realizing no words were coming out, only to open it once more.

The man in front of him was still in a slight daze, his head lowered and eyes closed as he sat there motionless.

Looking at the man who had been his lover for the past two weeks, Chris swallowed around the giant lump that formed inside his throat and finally broke the silence.

"I-I can't believe this…Holy shit, is this for real?!" he said, moving slightly toward the man his cat just transformed into.

Hearing his words, the man's head shot up, looking at Chris with wide eyes, fear and dismay in his eyes.

Quietly he spoke, his voice barely above whisper.

"What have you done…?" he looked at Chris, fury blossoming in his emerald eyes.

In a flash, he was on top of Chris who suddenly found himself once more lying on the bed.

"Why?" he asked again.

Chris looked at the pained expression on the man's face and felt his heart clench.

"Wha-what are you talking about, Demon?" Chris asked, not even realizing he'd called him that. However, seeing the man above him now made him realize what the man always reminded him of; that grace, the elegance of movement reminded him of a wild cat. Well, a cat in general.

Demon gave him a sad smile at the nickname he'd used on his cat form for these past two weeks. He leaned in and crashed their lips in a bruising kiss, tasting Chris; taking in everything, remembering it, savouring it. The smaller male moaned in his mouth, unable to suppress the desire that coiled in him just from that simple thing; a kiss.

Demon suddenly broke the kiss, gazing deep into Chris' eyes.

"Let me hold you again, my love. This will be the last time." He said in a small voice, unsuccessfully trying to hide how much it shook.

Finally the words sunk in as Chris stared at the miserable expression on his lover's face. The last time, it rang in Chris' mind.

"Wha…Why?! Why the last time?!" Chris looked in the man's eyes, flinching when he saw so much pain in them. He remained silent at Chris' question.

"Answer me, goddamnit!" Chris shrieked, feeling tears streaking down his face. The man held him tightly in his arms, trying to soothe his young lover.

"Shh…calm down, baby. Calm down and just feel me. Call my name, love." He whispered into Chris' ear, before biting gently on his ear lobe.

"Max…" Chris whispered back, silent tears flowing endlessly, mixing with their cruel, yet gentle kiss and making it bitter. As bitter as the ending of their story.


Chris listened to the heart beat of the man under him, trying his hardest not to break down. He felt so warm, so safe in those big, strong arms that held him tight to his older lover's chest. They simply lay there, not speaking a single word. Every emotion they had for each other they shared through their last bonding.

Our last…Oh god. Oh god, he's leaving. Chris thought as he felt unshed tears blur his vision. D-don't, Chris. You c-can't…don't…cry.

Their last time was violent, but passionate, filled with so many emotions. They marked each other with their teeth, nails, lips. Saying words of love for the last time, trying to engrave them in each other's hearts. For the first time Chris understood just how much Max loved him. And it all made sense now; the inexplicable behaviour of the blasted feline, how Max entered his apartment each night without making so much as a sound…It all fit.

But Chris just couldn't be happy with that knowledge. Not now when he knew he'd be losing not only his lover, but also his best friend. Max hadn't explained it, he just told him he had to leave. Had to get away from him; away from Chris.

"Chris…?" Max startled him out of his depressing thoughts.

"Mmm?" Chris murmured, eyes closed.

"I want you to know I love you. I did from the first moment I met you." Max said, his voice drooping.

No, it was not only drooping. It felt breathy, like he was having a hard time speaking. And his arms…there was something wrong with his arms. Chris snapped his eyes open only to yelp at the sight; Max was changing back. He was becoming a cat again. His ears became those of a cat and he could see a tail swishing behind the man. His skin…soft black fur with the tint of bloody red appeared on it, in a form of small patches that continuously grew.

Chris bolted upright, looking down on his lover's morphing form. "M-Max? What's going on? Why are you--,"

Max put a finger on Chris' lips, signalling him not to speak. Then he spoke, his voice wavering.

"You saw me change into a human, love. Now I am punished to lead an eternal life in the prison of this small, four legged body.

Chris's breath hitched at the declaration. My fault…It's all my---

"Oh god, it's all my fault, isn't it?" Chris lowered his head, letting the tears flow freely. He could feel his heart shatter in the tiniest of pieces.

Max pulled him down with the little strength he had left, cradling the smaller boy in his arms for one last time. "No, don't say that love…I'm glad I met you, if only for this short time…"

Chris couldn't control his emotions anymore as he let sobs wrack his body; he could feel those warm arms losing their length, those fingers disappearing. He could feel he was loosing him. He was losing Max. And there was nothing he could do.

Without thinking, Chris choked out through his sobs,

"I love you. I love you, Max. Oh god…" he sniffled, trying to calm his shaking voice. "Please don't leave me…" Chris whispered, not daring look up into those emerald orbs from the fear of seeing a slit where a pupil should be.

Suddenly the warm, big body of his lover was gone and Chris was left clutching at the black feline. Looking at the cat only resulted in new tears; he'd lost him. The cat nudged its head under Chris's jaw, purring loudly. He took it in his arms, while sobs racked his body, cradling it close to his chest. Suddenly the cat was becoming lighter and lighter; almost weightless.

Chris looked down.

The cat had become see-through. It was disappearing.

"Max…Max, no…Please. I need you. Max, don't leave me!!!" Chris screamed as he felt the small weight disappear from his arms.


It's been six months.

Six months since he'd last seen him.

Six months of emptiness.

He'd tried; he really had. He'd tried so hard to forget him. To replace him.

He went out with other men. No use. They weren't him.

He even met a man that looked so much like him. He tried sleeping with him.

In the end, he ran away. Before anything could happen, while the man was still in the shower.

He couldn't. No matter what he did, Max's shadow was always there.

He could still remember it—the feel of those lips, those strong arms and firm chest.

During the lonely nights, he recalled his touch, his kisses, even his thrusts. He relived those two weeks of love and passion over and over again.

And he was so tired. He was ready to give up. He couldn't wait anymore.

He heard his phone ring, but didn't get up from the love seat to take the call. The voice machine played the voice of his sister and Lucas; the happy couple.

He knew they were worried about him, but he just couldn't care. He was genuinely glad that they found their happiness together, more so because he knew how happy his sister was, but…He couldn't be around them. Not while his own heart is so dead, lifeless.

Lucas. The man turned out to be Max's servant. Rather, Lucas' whole family line served Max's family. So he told him Max's story.

A story of a noble who enraged a beautiful, yet cruel enchantress, for breaking her younger brother's heart, all those centuries ago. She cast a spell on him—a curse. She cursed him to live a life of a cat for as long as the world exists, unless he was forgiven. If he could redeem himself, the curse would be lifted. Max went through decades and then centuries, finding lust, love but not redemption. Throughout the time, the woman was reborn along with her brother and each time she cursed him, strengthening the original curse.

In each life, he would love the boy and in each life he would loose him, hurt him.

This was his last chance. It was his ninth life and yet…Chris managed to ruin it. Even though Lucas told him he was not to blame ('How were you supposed to know you mustn't see his change? Even my family didn't know that!' Lucas said), he still felt the weight of guilt crushing his heart, torturing his wounded soul.

When he told Lucas how Max disappeared, he saw the baffled expression on his face. It turned out that something like that had never happened before. By all their records, if Max's love was fulfilled and his lover felt the same way, the curse should have been lifted.

Another thing Lucas clarified for him. Why Max liked Claire when he was in his cat form as much as he liked him. The reason was simple really, and something even Chris could have deduced had he any strength left to think. The reason was that she smelled like him; from all of their contact, there would always be a lingering trace of Chris' scent on her, something a cat's keen sense of smell could easily detect.

A loud knock on his door surprised him; disrupting his thought process and making him jump in his seat. He wouldn't answer it, like he didn't in the last few months. He didn't want to see anyone; he wanted to be left alone.

The knocking only became louder, making Chris flinch at the noise.

Stop it stop it stopit!!! Chris's mind screamed as he covered his ears with both hands, trying to subdue the noise.

The noise just wouldn't stop. Chris jumped up from his place on the love seat and bolted for the door. He jerked the door open, shouting out a furious 'What!' at the impertinent visitor.

His warm brown eyes met bright emerald ones once more.

Chris felt a single tear drop from his eyes when he heard the man speak,

"Hello love."


Sitting on a marble bench in a lavish garden full of the rarest flowers in full bloom and surrounded by tall trees was a serene looking figure of Christian.

His gaze was trained on a single spot somewhere in the distance, his face adorned with a warm smile.

"What are you thinking about, love?" asked the voice next to him.

Chris squirmed in the embrace of that man, lifting his head up in a silent demand for a kiss. The man chuckled and gladly obliged.

"Oh nothing much. Just reminiscing about the way we met, your days as a cat and all those nights we spent together." Chris said and then sighed in contentment before continuing,

"And then how you disappeared, the pain I felt for those six months only to have you come back to me…" he pulled his lover in another passionate kiss.

"I already told you that I had to settle so many things. I wanted to see you so much, but I had to go overseas so I could get this--," he spread his arm around the mansion they were in, "--back from those incompetent fools."

Christian chuckled at the exasperated sound of this man that made his heart swell from all the love he felt.

"Yeah, yeah…you're lucky I took you back, you little Demon." He laughed when his lover playfully smacked him on the head.

"Really now…You are so much trouble that sometimes I wonder if it was wise of me to return to your side…" he glanced down on Chris, looking at him with mirth in his emerald green eyes.

"Maximilian Sanford, do you want to get punished?" Chris asked coolly, smirking gleefully none the less.

"If it were the same punishment as last night, I wouldn't mind." Max said in a low, husky voice making Chris shiver and then blush in embarrassment for being so easy to manipulate.

"Why you little--," Chris started, but got cut off as Max picked him up and flung him over his shoulder, strolling off in the direction of their bedroom.

"I finally got you, my love. After so many years, so many lives…And I don't plan on letting go." Max spoke softly, his grip on the smaller boy tightening.

"You're mine--now and forever, Chris. Never forget that."


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