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Pairing: "The Demon" and "the Maiden"

Warnings: Lemon.

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It was the village's final decision, to present the most beautiful virgin as a sacrifice for the demon, whose figure had not been seen by anyone, except its dark silhouette under the illumination of the bright moon.


It had been for quite some time, where this happy village was attacked by the unknown demon. Young women, children, and animals, they all vanished one by one at night. This happened so quickly that they began to be aware that there was something very dangerous hiding amongst them. Some said the thing ate them, while others said it might be eating the children only and fertilizing the women, producing its race more. Therefore, they decided to let the woman and the children to stay inside the house, while the men worked outside at the farm and the ranch. They also had their weapons prepared beside them so they could attack the demon if they traced it. However, it was in vain, the children and the women were still disappearing. The demon was also amused by the villager's efforts of guarding their families that it started to give more troubles, like destroying one-third of the village in one night and killing the boys, proving that they couldn't stop it from leeching the village.

Because of the fear from the menacing demon, no one dared to step foot outside their home. The village slowly became sad and quiet, the crops were drying out, the animals were dying of hunger and the flow of the market had stopped. Their supplies of food were even used up as well, leaving them to starve to death. They couldn't take it anymore, thus pleaded the chief in great extent to persuade the demon to leave the village.

Timorously, the chief finally acceded their request and asked the demon to depart from the village one night, at the yard, alone. Everyone was looking at them from their windows nervously, afraid that they might see a brutal murder scene. This was the first time they caught a glimpse of its figure, however they could only see its silhouette for the bright moon shone brightly from the demon's back, making its shadowed face unseen by anyone. The demon, shaped like a man, stood at the roof of the temple stiffly and gracefully with his arms crossed, any foreigner would think he was just a statue of god built on the roof of the temple so 'the god' could watch and guard the village from the danger. But, it was a complete opposite ironically. He scanned them coldly, and stopped at one window, where there was this young maiden peering at him from a slight opened curtain. She was an absolute beauty that the demon immediately wanted to have her at his side. Unbeknownst to the poor maiden that the demon was staring at her without a break, she kept looking at the two of them worriedly.

"Fine," said the demon as he raised his index finger towards the angelic maiden. "Give me that woman, then I'll leave."

The chief, slowly and apprehensively, followed his finger's direction and froze, for the woman he was pointing at was his one and only child and daughter.

"So?" the demon raised his voice, sensing the hesitation of the man. He would be very pissed off if the man declined his demand, he would just destroy the whole village and took the maiden away.

For the sake of his people, he accepted the demon's wish dejectedly, and went home to prepare his daughter for the marriage that would be held at tomorrow night.


On the fateful night, the demon had his eyes on the black-haired maiden as he followed her from behind the trees, on the way to the ceremonial place. She was being guided by a number of black-hooded people through the dark forest. Her slender body was dressed in a single white cloth and her face was hidden beneath a white transparent cape. The man, who was leading them at front, chanted some mantras and sang in a horrible voice, pleading a safety of life and journey to their god for the bride. While the women, who surrounded the bride at each side, were carrying white candles in their bare hands and reciting the mantras the man had said.

Sensing the presence of the demon, the maiden looked up to his direction, but she only found a couple of fallen leaves and heard a rustle of the trees. She looked down again, biting her lower red lips, nervous of what the demon had wanted from her. She did not agree with her father, she did not want to be wed to the man, whom she had not met before, especially to a cold-hearted demon who had killed and suffered many people.

They reached a cave, where the virgin would meet her life partner. The cave was located at the innermost of the forest. It had been furnished by the villagers at the morning. The women left to lighten the room with their candles, giving her a better look of the space.

There was only a large wooden bed, with a thin mattress placed upon it, covered with a soft, white fabric. Two women ushered her towards the bed, one of them pulled the cover up, while the other one helped her to slip in so her dress would not be disarranged, then they put the cover on top of her, warming her up from the cold temperature of the blue night. Finishing the ceremony, they all lined up in front of her, chanting mantras, throwing her a sad look, and left. She raised her head, watching them leaving her alone in this cave with sorrowful eyes, she did not want to be left in this creepy place alone and defenseless. As the last one had stepped out of the cave, she laid her head down again, listening to their mantras as they slowly became indistinct and died down.

Green eyes stared at the ceiling as she was waiting for the demon to arrive anxiously. She pondered over and over, why it should be her that was chosen by the demon, she was not as smart nor as beautiful as her friends. Tears fell down to her rosy cheeks, remembering of her boyfriend, who did not make any attempt to save her when the chief announced the demon's demand. He just stared at her quietly and left while the people were shocked and cried for the her. He even didn't go to see her off the village. Had he once declared his undying love to her before?

The maiden got up from the bed, waiting for her faceless husband in the bed made her feel uneasy. She walked around the room in a slow pace. Once in while, she would cover her shoulders with her hands from the cold wind and looked at the entrance. There was no door at the entrance, she was afraid that something vicious might suddenly come and lunge at her, tearing her into pieces and eating her whole person. But, she paused, maybe beasts were better than the demon themselves, she would choose to die instantly than being a wife of the fearsome demon for the rest of her life. But, strangely enough, she didn't hear any animal's sound when she was on the way to this death place, even the song of the crickets she loved so much was absent, as if they were all mourning for her. Or most likely, they hid from the demon.

She finally stopped pacing around because it would just make her feel more nervous and vulnerable. She stood at one corner rigidly, facing the rock walls, and exhaled in a gust. Yes, this felt much better, after all, she was an introverted person, staying unmoving made her feel that she had, at least, a slight defense.

She didn't know how long she had been waiting when the fires of the candles started to flicker wildly. Another cold wind brushed her bright skin, and suddenly, all the light went out. Her eyes widened, and she gulped.

He's here.

She held her breath as a pair of wintry hands caressed her hourglass figure and hugged her waist from behind possessively. A nose nuzzled on her neck and, deeply, inhaled her sweet scent. He planted a kiss on her shoulder and murmured, "Your name…"

Goosebumps rose all over her skin, no one had touched her like that before, even her late boyfriend. "I-Isabelle," she stuttered her name weakly.

"Isabelle," the demon repeated her name in a sexy growl that made the virgin blushed. Her heart beat quickly when she felt his hand brushed one of her thighs up, bringing the hem of the dress along. She turned around, stopping him from pulling her dress up. Peridots locked at the jade ones, her cherry lips came apart slightly as she saw the man in front of her was not like anything she had imagined. The moonlight gave her a clearer view of the man that would deflower her anytime soon...

He was tall, around six feet, his skin was paler than hers and his scruffy silver hair looked enticing to his skin. There were black rings around his sinister bright eyes. The demon, to her astonishment, was, in fact, the most beautiful man she had never seen before in her mortal life. Thin lips curved into a smirk, he pushed the tiny figure on the wall and claimed her first kiss unceremoniously.

Isabelle tried to push him away, but her strength was no match to the demon who had destroyed half of her home in just a blink of eye. The demon pulled away and commanded in a dangerous tone, "Don't move." Isabelle, knowing that she had to listen every command the demon gave or else she would be damned, did as what he had said. She looked up to him frightfully. The demon lifted up the hem of her white cloth to her waist, revealing her jewel to him. Isabelle blushed insanely, she quickly closed the gap between her thighs.

"Open up,"

"Please, don't—"

"Open up," he repeated his command.

Isabelle shook her head and cried out at the moment the demon slipped his fingers between her. The demon pushed her folds apart and inserted his middle finger into the diminutive entrance of hers. The maiden had no idea what he was doing to her, all she could feel was something long and thin stroking inside her as an unfamiliar and insatiable pleasure rising in her gradually.

"You like it, huh?" he said with a sly and captivating smile and inserted another finger into her. This time it was painful, she felt as if her skin would be torn because her tiny entrance couldn't contain anymore than a finger. A cry escaped from her mouth and that turned him on even more since his first glance of her last night. He had been fantasizing about what he would do to the treasure of his the minute he left the village the other night.

The maiden involuntarily parted her legs wider, so he could enter her more easily and hoping the pain would ease. However, this only made the demon slotted the third digit into her. At the sight of the nectar that dampened his fingers, the demon stroked her inner wall quicker, making her wailed helplessly.

She knew this was a sinful and embarrassing thing, yet she hated to admit that she found it enjoyable. She shut her eyes tightly, avoiding the lustful glare of his eyes. Without warning, the demon lifted her up and put her on the cold, rocky floor. Her legs were parted harshly by the demon and she let out a shocked cry when she felt a wet and hot flesh licked her jewel.

She opened her eyes and saw the demon was kissing her lower part softly. The feeling of his scorching breath made her feel as if she was in paradise. His tongue darted in and out of her folds and licked her nectar slowly, sending a tickling sensation to her whole body. She brought her arms to the front of her chest and tried to close her opening, but the demon would not let her. He was teasing her mercilessly, she needed a wild one. A minute later, he surrounded her clit with his mouth and dabbed it hungrily, making her scream in pleasure. A blinding wave of overpowering heat radiated out from her core and the essence of hers burst out as she arched her body. He held her down while his mouth maintained its contact on her oversensitive flesh, drinking her nectar fully as he pinched the fold with his finger so it would not stop flowing.

Finishing slurping the last drop of her nectar, he stood and pulled her up. The woman looked at him confusingly as he took off his pants, showing his thick and long member that stood pridefully towards her. She hurriedly averted her head from the view, blood rushed in her flushed cheeks.

"Suck it," the demon commanded again.

Her heart gave a great pound. the idea of doing such thing had never been occurred to the innocent maiden. She was hesitant to move, let alone doing that immoral thing, she would not even dare to put an eye on it.

The demon came closer to her and guided her head towards him. She kept her eyes and mouth shut and flinched when she met his member with her lips.

"Open your mouth,"

Diffidently, she opened her mouth slightly. The demon pushed his member through her teeth once he saw the opening, startling the poor Isabelle.

She put her hands on his members and began to work at it, trying to do the same thing as he had done to her. She went slowly and softly, this stressed the demon terribly. He grabbed her head and pushed him inside her hot mouth. Isabelle almost gagged. She squeezed the rest of the length and ball to prevent it from entering her mouth fully. Isabelle was really ashamed now, what would her family said if they caught her doing this? She was raised up in a respected family, she wasn't taught to do these things by her mother. The demon growled as he spurted his sperm straight into her throat. He released her and closed his eyes, feeling the dirty satisfaction Isabelle had provided for him. Isabelle coughed continuously, swallowing the warm, salty fluid down that stuck in her throat.

The demon quickly regained his strength and torn her annoying dress. Isabelle screamed at his action and covered her well-developed breasts. He lifted her up without difficulty as if she was made from cotton and pinched her on the wall. He parted her legs wider this time and placed himself in front of her entrance. With a harsh blow, he broke her hymen in one thrust, receiving a loud cry from her that echoed to the forest. The size of three fingers was okay to her, but his length was much more thicker and longer that she could feel the tip of the length touched her wall. It was extremely painful to her.

He did not wait for her to adjust his enormous size, instead, he pulled out and thrust into her again repeatedly. Her back was hurt, for she would bump onto the wall whenever he entered her furiously. Her body was shivered from the cold wind, she wrapped her arms around his neck, closing the gap between him and her so his heat could radiated into her body.

Several thrusting later, the pain had gone now and she thoroughly enjoyed every thrust he sent her. The demon decided to changed their position, he locked his lips with hers, devouring her saliva as he brought her to the bed. He laid her on the cool and soft fabric and took off his shirt, leaving both of them nude to each other, and continued his blows. Isabelle, whose face was glowing in pink, squealed as he led her to another climax. The warm fluid covering his member triggered his climax, too. He burst his seeds into her as he continued his thrust without stopping for once.

Isabelle was already exhausted. She wanted to rest, but the demon would not let her to sleep just yet. He pulled out from her and turned her around on her belly. Her eyes were wide open as she crawled on all four, wondering what he would do to her this time. She gasped in horror when his hands grabbed her breasts and he pushed his pelvis forward, feeling him entering her from behind.

This new position hurt her so much that she immediately lost her power to crawl. The demon pulled her up by grabbing her breasts. Both of them were sweating madly. Isabelle could see her virgin blood dripping out, staining the white sheet underneath them. Knowing this position hurt her extremely, the demon went in and out in slow and steady pace, giving her time to get used to this.

After some time, the demon opted it was time for him to go rough again. He bent over her and smelled the fragrant scent of her hair while he groped her breasts harder. "Nash, say my name." He whispered to her ear.

Somewhere inside Isabelle was happy to know her mate's name, she had forgotten all his crime the minute he contented her. "N-Nash..." She breathed frailly and delicately.

"I can't hear you," he grunted as he pumped himself into her faster and faster.

"N-N-Nash..!" she managed her voice to sound louder in her breath, but that was not enough for the voracious Nash.

He sped up his movement, Isabelle's butt was practically slapping with his now. He growled in a husky voice, "LOUDER! SAY IT LOUDER!"

"N-NAAAAASH!!" she screamed in exasperation. Soon, another convulsing wave engulfed her and she climaxed again, to which Nash growled in pleasure.

Isabelle couldn't take it anymore, she was already tired after climaxing for three times without any rest and, most of all, she was sore. But, Unlike Nash, who hadn't dropped his speed, he was still like a furious piston who was driving her mad with pleasure.

Nash's thrust became uncontrollable, he pulled Isabelle over so she was sitting on him with her back facing him and began to move her up and down by grabbing her tiny butt. Isabelle did not like this posture, for her front body was trembling from the cold wind. She started to feel angry to the villagers who made this place for them because they did not make a door that would block the cold breeze from coming in.

Being a mighty demon, Nash could know what Isabelle was thinking. Chuckling, he turned Isabelle around and resumed their intimate work. At each bound, Isabelle's breasts would bounce along and brush Nash's chest. Nash liked it so much, he hugged Isabelle's waist with great strength and buried his face into her delicious bosoms, taking a pink and hardened nipple into his mouth.

Isabelle screamed as she felt Nash nibbled and sucked her nipple hellishly. She tangled all her ten fingers into his messy silver hair. They had stopped moving since Nash took a mouthful of her luscious nipple, Nash laid her down on the bed again and continued his force while sucking her nipple like a hungry baby sucking its mum's tit.

Isabelle felt something trickled her breast, and it made her scared so much that she screamed furiously. A trickle of red liquid was sucked up from the peak of her nipple. This only drove Nash to suck it even harder once he tasted the fluid and bit it so that the blood kept streaming into his thirsty throat. Isabelle cried out again, louder than before.

"Aakh!!" she protested, but her body gave a different response, her body loved the attention he gave her very much. His hard suction kept the fluid flowing incessantly, leaving her breast.

Isabelle felt she was reaching another peak, and so did Nash. Nash released her swollen nipple and propelled like a lunatic as Isabelle raised her legs a little so Nash could have a full access to her love cave. Still feeling not enough, Nash put both of her legs on his shoulders, and bored deeper and deeper in a high speed.

Isabelle wailed as she climaxed again. Nash climaxed with her at the same time, too. He growled raspingly as he gave her the last, deepest and strongest thrust into her, spraying his energetic seeds into her womb. It would be strange if the whole village did not hear their lovemaking sound, they had been very loud at the end.

The not-anymore-virgin angel stared at her lover exhaustedly, while the striking demon still looked strong with a slight of panting, as if he could go another round without rest. She breathed heavily and slowly drifted into sleep. Nash looked at his beautiful bride quietly, stroking her warm cheek with his finger and planted butterfly kisses on her, marking her that she was his only.

Nash pulled the cover and wrapped him and his wife, hugging her like he was protecting her from something. He closed his eyes and nuzzled her temple as Isabelle smiled in her sleep, feeling comfortable under the protection of her bridegroom. Nash lifted up his eyelids again, thinking, that he was going to take her away tomorrow, faraway from her people that they could not find them, even if they reached the edge of the world. He would not want if someone finally changed their stupid minds and came for rescuing her tomorrow. Because no one could ever have her. No one. For she was HIS alone.


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