seasons change with the heart
the enveloping heat seems incongruous
when the heart can only feel autumn's faint chill
the sky is vivid in its darkness
infinite in its blue depths
and the day never ending
shadows seem dark
everything softer
absorbing the light
assimilating the white
giving back lustrous hues
no longer does the surreal gleam of summer prevail
seasons change with the heart
summer's passion glides in whimsical circles
around my body
no more
it seems as though change is sudden
never steady and acceptable
the summer ended in dimming sunlight
staring into the depth
of deep denim realization
in the cloak of the shadow
it ended
and this new season is made
hour by hour
instead of day by day
I was wrong
I cannot possibly understand
but I can accept
and I have
I welcome (with hidden apprehension)
this new season
this season is yours not ours
there are no endings
the season change with the heart

nothing lasts forever
nothing is impossible
is it impossible to last forever?
things can be lost in an instant
but I could never comprehend
that I would have to teach myself
these, broken, broken truths
I still look with lingering hope
at each door
but the pain has gone
or is at least hidden
love prevailing.
all true
with no negativity in its wake
left with only this hesitant broken phrase
to show
an attempt
to make sense of it all:

I love you.