The Journey

The deepening sound of the clickety clatter

The people who say why should it matter

The rain falling on the window pane

A spark of love a rice grain

The people who really don't care

Those who say give up the dare

The sky painting before twilight

Showing us beauty before endless night

The love of a woman who fights against what's wrong

The skylark's whisper as sweet as a song

The man who hides behind the mask

The single true and final blast

The happiness shown in morning light

The one who knows not to give up the fight

The way you're stuck in attraction

But just sit there and take no action

The longing that fills the summer wind

A piece of your heart in every letter you send

The flash of crimson in his eye

You know how much you don't want them to die

The end is conquered you know it's true

The enemy defeated his army withdrew

And yet in life's simple song

The moment you think it all went wrong

The sparrow's song and the doves cry

Don't let life pass you by

Love every moment and keep true to yourself

Love with the love that all love was for

Don't let the raven say nevermore

Love the life, win the fight

And I'll see you in forever