I couldn't believe

How fast I fell for you.

I had promised myself,

I would never love again.

But who knew,

You would cross my way.

I look back now,

And all I see

Is an innocent girl

And a stupid boy.

Both of them

Clueless of how they felt.

Everyone could tell

That she loved him,

And he loved her.

But see she knew,

That all they could ever be

Is friends.

I'm not going to lie to you

I want to be that girl

Walking next you,

Holding your hand;

Loving every second

By your side.

I know that I became

Your stronghold.

I know that we'd be

The perfect couple.

And I know that I will always

Love you.

But there are so many things

Separating us.

So I ask you,

How could we be together?

How could I be that girl?

So please don't be sad

When I tell you,

That all we could be

Is friends.