*Curtain opens to reveal set up of a fifties style soda shop. Susie comes in stage left on roller skates and goes to put the chairs up onto the tables showing that its closing time. She leaves one chair down and sits on it to take off her skates. Susie is about 16 years old and is dressed in complete fifties style outfit including poodle skirt. Susie leans onto the table as if thinking about something.*

Susie- Another day down, I can't stand working here everyday. I wouldn't if I didn't have to, for my parents. My mothers been sick, real sick, and so I've had to work to make some extra cash. Times are hard for my family these days, but I'd rather not have to work, especially not here, dressed like this. *Gestures to self and then walks off stage right.*

*Owner of the shop walks in, a guy named Sam in his late 40's. He walks over to the table that Susie just left.*

Sam- *with disgust* That Susie Malloy she can't do anything right can she? Just left the chair down. And look there didn't clean under the tables either *Points under the table as he crouches down to see.* I don't know what to do with that girl. I can't keep her she's too much hassle. *Goes off stage left shaking his head*

*Lights down scene changes to a living room setting with a few chairs a couch and a coffee table. Mr. Malloy is sitting on the couch with the phone up to his ear listening intently*

Mr. Malloy- Yes Mr. Stanson, I understand* disappointed* Thank you sir, yes I'll tell her goodbye Mr. Stanson.

*Hangs up phone slowly. Sound of a door closing is heard and Susie enters left with her skates over her shoulder and looking warn out*

Mr. Malloy- Susie, that you?*turning to see her put her skates by the door*

Susie- Yes Daddy it's me.

Mr. Malloy- Come over here I need to talk to you.

Susie- *Crosses to him and sits on the table* About what?

Mr. Malloy- Well, I just got off the phone with Mr. Stanson.

Susie- Oh, what'd he have to say?

Mr. Malloy- Well, *can tell his temper is rising*he said you haven't been doing so well at work. He said you've only been doing things half way. Leaving stuff laying around and not cleaning everywhere.

Susie- Oh.

Mr. Malloy- Is this true Susie, have you not been doing your best?

Susie- Well, I guess I could be doing better.

Mr. Malloy- You guess, you guess, well too late because he said you were fired, fired! What are we gonna do now? Huh, what?

Susie-I'm so sorry Daddy.

Mr. Malloy- Well that doesn't help the situation much does it?

Susie- I guess not, but I really am sorry* Holding back tears*

Mr. Malloy- Fine, but we're gonna have to find you another job someplace. And you'd better do what you're told this time. We can't afford to have you not working. Go make some dinner for your mother and yourself then get to bed.

Susie- Yes Daddy.*She exits right*

Mr. Malloy- I can't believe it, I don't know what we're gonna do, we can't just live off my income.*He sits back in the couch and reaches to turn off the lamp- all lights out.*

*Scene changes to Susie's bedroom, a small room with a bed a table and a chair.*

Susie-*sitting on the bed* I can't believe this, I'm fired? Fired? What did I do wrong? Sure I skimped a little on some things but everyone does. Now my Dad's mad and who knows what we're gonna do for money? This is just perfect. Just wonderful. Life these days is just too hard.*Lights dim, she lies down- lights go out*

*Scene changes to Susie lying in the middle of the stage on a small mat. There are trees around her now and you can hear horns off in the background. Susie wakes up suddenly scrambling around taking in her surroundings. Very confused*

*She gets up and starts to walk around.*

Susie- Wh-Where am I? Hello, anyone?

*A man enters dressed as a mid-evil soldier and walks toward her*

Susie- Excuse me, can you help me sir, where am I?

*He doesn't pay any attention to her*

Susie- Hey excuse me sir* she goes up and grabs his arm to get his attention*

*He spins around, fast, in turning draws his sword and it comes tight to her neck. Lights out. When they come back up the bedroom scene is back and Susie is in bed she shoots straight up face showing complete fright.*

Susie- Too close, too real. Was that really a dream?

*She gets up slowly and grabs some clothes from under the bed and exits left*

*Lights come back up and a classroom scene is set up. Students start filing in and taking seats on desks and chairs talking to each other. Susie walks in and is still kind of shaky and doesn't seem like she wants to talk to anyone she just takes a seat in the back corner and stares out the window*

*Max walks over to her and sits on a desk beside her*

Max- Hey Susie, what's wrong?

Susie- Just had a really creepy dream.

Max- Oh, what about?

Susie- Well I was in this forest and this guy came in and he was dressed like a knight straight out of King Arthur's Court. I was trying to get his attention but he just drew out his sword and swung it at my throat. It felt so real it was like I was really there. I can still feel the blade resting on my neck.

Max- Wow sounds pretty cool but yea scary.

Susie- Yea it was cool until I was almost killed.

Max- Oh my gosh, no way!

Susie- What?

Max- *Looking and pointing at her neck* There's like a faint red line right on your neck.

Susie- What, seriously? *She asked grabbing at her neck*

Max- Yeah right… *Moves her hand and traces along the line* here.

Susie- No way, *Grabbing her bag and pulling out a mirror and examining her neck* this is too creepy.

*Bell rings and everyone goes to their seats lights out*

*Living room scene back up Susie's laying on the couch reading*

Susie- I don't get it, *putting the book down* what happened that couldn't have really been a dream could it?

Laurie's voice-*Laurie is Susie's mom calling from off stage in her bedroom* Susie could you get me some water sweetie, its time to take my pills.

Susie- Yes Mama I'll be right there.

*Susie exits right and Mr. Malloy comes in left taking off his suit jacket and hanging it up*

Mr. Malloy- Susie, you here? *He calls*

Susie's voice- Yes Daddy just a minute.

Mr. Malloy- Alright,*Calls again, then to audience* So, found another job for that girl maybe she'll keep this one.

Susie- *Enters right* What'd you want Dad?

Mr. Malloy- Well honey, I got you another job.

Susie- Where at?

Mr. Malloy- At Marie's Flower Shop

Susie- Oh, okay

Mr. Malloy- What you like flowers, she said she'd pay well too.

Susie- It's fine Dad.

Mr. Malloy- Okay, I'm gonna go change for my next job. *Exits right*

Susie- *Going back to the couch and laying down* Great another job, this time with flowers instead of food. So much joy, hah.

*She picks up the book in an unhappy manner. She opens it but then closes it curling up and falling asleep on the couch*

*Lights out and scene back to the forest and now when lights come up Susie is laying by a large rock*

Susie- *Waking up* What, no not here again, it can't be, how can I be here again. I hope that guy doesn't show up here again. But how do I get back, how do I wake up? Or am I asleep, I really can't be asleep can I? But then how did I get here?

*Voices are heard talking from offstage. A girl and a guy walk on, see Susie and walk over to her*

Edward- *the guy approaches her* Are you lost miss? Do you need some help finding your way, we'd be glad to help you?

*The girl Alyss starts laughing*

Edward- *Glares at Alyss* What's so funny Alyss?

Alyss- Well look at her, look at her clothes. *She tells him pointing, still laughing*

Edward- Yes those are quite peculiar clothes you have miss. What do you even call that fabric? And girls in pants who ever heard of it?

Susie- *who's wearing jeans and a T-shirt* Well it's how they dress where I'm from.

Alyss- And where is that the pretend land of Kalamazoo?

Edward- Could you possibly try and be nice Alyss.

Alyss- I'm sorry it's just that I've never seen the like.

*Susie doesn't know what to do or say now she feels embarrassed and way out of place since the other two are dressed fully in mid-evil style clothing*

Edward- Maybe we should find her some new clothing before someone else sees her.

Alyss- Come along dear you can borrow some of mine.

Susie- *timidly* Thank you.

Edward- This way *He starts walking stage left and the girls follow*

*Another horn sounds along with the sound of a horse running and then stopping and the man from before enters again, sword raised as before*

Edward- Good day Tristan what business does Arthur have you about today?

Tristan- Actually he has sent me on a very important mission. Really the same mission that I was sent out on this morning.

Edward- What are you talking about, what is this mission?

Tristan- I was sent to kill her,*Points to Susie* which I tried to do this morning but somehow the witch found a miraculous escape.

Susie- Why were you sent to kill me?

Tristan- * to Edward* Arthur doesn't trust her he saw her this morning and was afraid of how she got here. Now he wants rid of her.

Alyss- Why does Arthur want her killed?

Tristan- I just explained that to you didn't you catch it?

Alyss- But Arthur doesn't know anything about her. She's not evil, she's just lost.

Tristan- I'm just here to follow orders *and he draws his bow and arrow and aims it at Susie. The arrow is released Edward lunges forward lights black out.*

*Scene change to living room and lights come up Susie is on the couch. She wakes up and falls off the couch*

Susie- Oww…*Panting* so close… so close, again. Why does this keep happening?

Mr. Malloy- *running in* Are you okay, I heard a crash.

Susie- Yes, I'm fine I think *Gets up holding her side* How did you get back so fast from your job?

Mr. Malloy- Sweetie it's eleven o'clock.

Susie- Oh, I guess I was sleeping longer than I thought.

Mr. Malloy- Are you sure your okay, why are you holding your side?

Susie- Oh its nothing, just a little pain, must have been sleepin' funny.

Mr. Malloy- Alright then, well I'm gonna go to bed. You think you'll head to your own bed or stay here?

Susie- I'll stay here, I don't feel like movin' to my bed.

Mr. Malloy- Okay goodnight.

Susie- Night.

*Lights out as she moves to the couch*

*Lights back up and back at the school room. Susie sitting in a chair still holding her side, Max and Joanna walk up to her*

Max- Hey, what's goin on, any better today?

Susie- Not really, kind of even more confused.

Johanna- How so?

Susie- Well yesterday I had that weird dream and got this mark from it.*gesturing to neck* Then last night I had an even weirder dream. Well actually it was kind of the same but longer and much more detailed.

Max- What did you almost die again? Do you have another mark?

Susie- I don't know about a mark, I haven't really checked. My side hurts really bad though.

Johanna- Do you want me to look at it?

Susie- Uh… Sure

*Susie raises the bottom of her shirt up a bit and Joanna looks and sees that there is a pretty dark red mark right above her hip*

Johanna- Oh wow this one seems much worse than the other one.

Susie- What, there is another mark?

Johanna- Yea it looks bad.

Susie- That's just great.

Max- *looking over* Wow that one does look worse. How can this be happening?

Susie- I wish I knew. It really is as if I'm not dreaming. If these marks keep showing up then I can't be dreaming can I, it has to be real?

Max- I don't know. What happened this time?

Susie- An arrow.

Johanna- Wow really?

Susie- Yea.

Max- If these are real somehow then it seems like your getting in more and more danger. It's almost as if eventually if this keeps happening, you might not make it back.

Susie- Really, especially if these marks keep getting worse, this is bad.

Johanna- Really bad, we don't want you to die.

Susie- Well I don't want to die either Johanna, but I don't know what's happening so I don't know how to stop it.

Max- We need to figure it out.

Susie- Yea really.

*Bell rings light out scene change to Susie's room with Max and Johanna in there with her*

Max- Okay so we've got the plan?

Johanna- Yea, she falls asleep and we see what happens.

Susie- Which is really risky if these things keep getting worse.

Max- But it's our only option to find out.

Susie- I know now if I can only fall asleep with all this going on.

Joanna- Just try it's our only hope to help you.

Susie- Okay I'll try

*Susie lies down and eventually goes to sleep after a while. Lights out. Lights come back up and Susie is gone. Max and Johanna have scared and worries looks*

Johanna- Wh-Where did she go?

Max- I-I don't know. This is too weird.

Johanna- Should we tell someone?

Max-No, they wouldn't believe us. What would we say anyway, our friend went to sleep and transported back in time right before our eyes?

Johanna- Then…

Max- We just have to stay hare and wait. She may need help when she gets back, she may be in trouble.

**Lights out end act one**

*Scene change to forest again. Susie is alone and unconscious*

Edward- *Walking up to Susie* She's back! How strange all this is. I should probably take her back to my house before Tristan finds her.

*He picks her up gently and carries her offstage. Scene change to inside Edward and Alyss' house. Edward walks in with Susie and lays her on a mat on the floor. Alyss walks in.*

Alyss- What, you found her?

Edward- Yea off in the forest.

Alyss- Wonder what happened. She just disappeared. The arrow the Tristan shot was just left lying on the ground.

Edward- I bet he's mad, lost her twice in one day. We've got to make sure he doesn't find her.

Alyss- Yea, we can't let him kill her. She didn't do anything wrong.

Edward- You should probably find her some clothes. That way if anyone does see her she won't be noticed so easily.

Alyss- Alright I'll get her some right now.

Edward- Do you think we should try to wake her?

Alyss- Maybe, she'll probably be scared to find out she's here but she'll wake up eventually so you might as well.

Edward- Alright I'll see if I can.

Alyss- I'll be right back with some clothes.

*Alyss exits and Edward goes over to Susie and starts nudging her*

Edward- Hey, hey wake up.

*Susie stirs and turns to face Edward, her eyes starting to open. Then she realizes that it's not Max that's waking her up and sits up quickly*

Susie- Whoa, wait, where am I?

Edward- *trying to calm her down* It's okay calm down, calm down.

Susie- What, where, what's going on?

Edward- It's okay, its Edward. I found you and took you to my house.

Susie- Edward? *Confused*

Edward- Yea you remember, from yesterday?

Susie- Oh no, no, no, I can't be back here.

Edward- Back where?

Susie- Back to this time!

Edward- This time what are you talking about it's always been this time.

Susie- Not for me, I'm not from here.

Edward- Well I don't know what you're talking about, but you're here now…

Susie- I need to find a way to get back.

Edward- Back to where?

Susie- My time, my house, my friends. Oh no there back there waiting on me. I have no way to get back. But I have to get back they're gonna worry.

Edward- Okay stop. I don't know what you're saying but it's not getting you anywhere. You're here now you'll have to deal with it we'll find you a way to get back eventually.

Susie- I can't believe this, I can't wait for eventually!

Edward- I said stop!

Susie- Fine!

Edward- I'm sorry but if you keep rambling on complaining we're never going to be able to help you.

Susie- Okay sorry this is just too much of a shock for me.

Edward- Okay I get it but we need to find out some way to help you get back obviously you're not from here are you?

Susie- That's what I've been saying!

Edward- Okay we'll think of something but for right now what you need to do is calm down. And I would suggest changing your clothes, Alyss should be back anytime with some for you.

Susie- Okay, try to calm, thank you Edward.

Edward- No problem, really.

*Alyss walks in with clothes*

Alyss- Oh good your awake, here's some clothes for you. You can change in the next room here.*Motioning off stage*

Susie- *Taking clothes and staring at them like confuse at how to even begin putting them on* Uh ok.

Alyss- *laughing* I'll help you.

Susie- Good, thanks. I think I'll need help.

Alyss- Yea I could tell by the look on your face. *escorting Susie offstage*

Edward- Okay how do we get her back to where she belongs. That's a tough question maybe we'll just have to keep her here until something just happens. That's all I can come up with, at least for now.

*Banging on a door is sounded*

Edward- Who could that be?* looking up and staring offstage* Oh no Tristan! If he finds her he'll kill her. *Whispers as if through a door offstage* Alyss keep her back there, Tristan's here.

Alyss' voice- Oh no!

*Edward goes to the other side of the stage and pretends to open a door for Tristan*

Tristan- *entering* Hello Edward.

Edward- Tristan. What brings you here today?

Tristan- I'm still stumped at how that girl got away, twice! Arthur doesn't know what it could be either.

Edward- What girl? Oh, that one girl in the forest.

Tristan- Yes of course, who else would I be talking about, the only girl that disappeared yesterday!

Edward- Sorry you caught me not thinking straight.

Tristan- Do you have any idea how she escaped?

Edward- No not at all.

Tristan- And why did you and your sister try and defend her. And you, you almost made me shoot you accidentally. Why did you jump in front of her?

Edward- Because you had no reason to kill an innocent girl she's done nothing to make you think she's evil or a threat to us.

Tristan- Besides miraculously disappearing!

Edward- She's not tried to attack anyone.

Tristan- Well no… but still Arthur's orders.

Edward- But Arthur doesn't have reason to kill her either.

Tristan- Well it's not my decision, I'd rather not kill her, he just sent me to kill her, Arthur will be over here later today to talk to you, wants to ask you some questions I think.

Edward- Oh, Alright.

Tristan- Try to talk some sense into him.

Edward- I'll try, you might want to get Lancelot in on talking to him too.

Tristan- Yea Arthur will listen to him, I hope. We do need to find out more about this girl before we just kill her.

Edward- That's what I've been trying to tell you Tristan.

Tristan- Alright sorry it took me so long. Goodbye Edward, give my apologies to you sister as well.

Edward- I will goodbye.

*Tristan exits Edward goes over to the other side of the stage*

Edward- Alyss its okay he's gone.

Alyss- Alright, *coming onstage with Susie* we heard everything.

Edward- Good, I hope he can talk some sense into Arthur.*noticing Susie* Wow you actually look like your from the right time period now.

Susie- *laughing* Thanks, I still don't feel like it though.

Edward- Oh my, I can't believe it, I haven't even asked you your name, I'm terribly sorry you must think we're awful.

Susie- Oh really no problem I never even thought anything of it. My names Susie.

Edward- Well nice to properly meet you Susie. As you know my name's Edward and my sister Alyss.

Susie- Oh she's your sister?

Alyss- Yes, of course I'm his sister.

Susie- Oh ok I just didn't think that you were…

Edward- Well yes okay, but anyways, I hope Tristan and Lancelot can talk some sense into Arthur. That way we don't have to keep hiding you.

Susie- And I stop running the risk of dying.

Alyss- Yes that too.

*Lights out scene stays same Alyss and Susie exit. Edward is sitting waiting for Arthur to show up. Lights back up*

Edward- I really hope that Tristan talked some sense into Arthur. Susie is such a sweet girl and she's really just lost, she's not a threat Arthur needs to understand that.

*Knocking sound. Arthur enters with Tristan and Lancelot*

Edward- Hello Arthur, Tristan, Lancelot.

Arthur- Hello Edward, I assume you know why we're here?

Edward- Yes I believe I do.

Arthur- But these two tell me that the girl has to truly be harmless. They say I'm acting too fast. Do you believe this as well?

Edward- Well yes of course. You don't know anything about this girl, you don't know if she's really a threat.

Arthur- And you do know her?

Edward- Well, no, I don't either but I feel you should talk to her and see if you can find out why she's here. She could just be lost, and trying to find out how to get back.

Arthur- Yes I guess, but how do we know she's not a threat, that she's not working for the enemy?

Edward- That's why you find her and talk to her. Not just see her and kill her on the off chance that she might be against you.

Arthur- Alright, find the girl you three, go look for her, bring her to me at the camp. *exiting*

Tristan- Edward we tried to convince him we really did.

Lancelot- Yea Arthur is just scared of someone spying.

Tristan- He's always been one to overreact.

Edward- Yea he has but this is some extreme overreaction.

Lancelot- So do you know where she is?

Edward- Yes she's out picking berries with Alyss.

Tristan- What so you mean that she's been with you all along? She was here when I was before?

Edward- Yes, I found her in the woods earlier and so I brought her back here because I knew if you of Arthur would find her you'd kill her.

Tristan- Yes we probably would have.

Lancelot- So when should we bring her to him?

Edward- Whenever she gets back and we tell her what's going on.

Tristan- Yes the sooner the better I assume. That way Arthur can't have time to change his mind.

Lancelot- I'd say we all go with her too including Alyss that way if he doesn't believe her we can help her, or try and stop him.

Tristan- Stopping him might be a bad thing though you know going up against him after all we are his soldiers.

Lancelot- Yes we are, that would be considered mutinous to go against him.

Edward- But it could also be part of our loyalty to him to point out that his decision to kill an innocent person is wrong.

Lancelot- Yes I agree.

Tristan- I just hope that he'll believe her quickly and easily.

*Alyss and Susie walk in with baskets of berries*

Alyss- So how did it go?

Edward- We're not sure that's up to her.*pointing to Susie*

Susie- Up to me, how?

Edward- He's agreed to meet and talk with you.

Susie-*shocked and worried* What do I say?

Tristan- He'll probably just ask you some questions and just answer then truthfully.

Lancelot- Yea like your not here to attack us.

Susie- You all really believe me?

Edward- Of course, Tristan and Lancelot aren't against you anymore Susie.

Tristan- Yes I'm truly sorry that I tried to kill you.

Susie- Yea uh that was scary… So when do I meet him?

Edward- Now.

Susie- Now?

Tristan- Yes we should probably get going.

Lancelot- Alyss we think you should come with us too, the more people we have believing she's innocent the better.

Alyss- Okay no problem, let's go.

*They exit, lights out scene change to Arthur's camp with trees around and a fire and seats. Lights up with Arthur on a seat waiting and Susie, Edward, Alyss, Tristan, and Lancelot enter and walk up to him*

Edward- *to Arthur* Here she is Arthur.

Arthur- Thank you Edward. So you all believe that she's not against us? You don't believe she's a spy out to attack us?

Tristan- Yes Arthur we all believe that she's perfectly innocent.

Arthur- Alright, leave me alone to talk with her.

Alyss- Alone?

Arthur- Yes Alyss, I can't truly believe her unless she's alone.

Edward- Fine.

*Edward, Alyss, Tristan, and Lancelot exit*

Arthur- Sit, *Gesturing to a seat* so you are clearly not from this time are you?


Arthur- So you see why this has posed a threat to me? This has never happened before, people traveling through time. How did you even do it?

Susie- I honestly don't know. I don't know how I got here. I can swear to you though that I mean no harm I don't want to be here any more that you want me here. I don't know why I'm here but I have no intention of harming anyone, honestly.

Arthur- Alright, you truly don't know? This is highly fascinating how this happened. Now, I'm not saying that I believe you completely you'll have to earn my trust on that. For now though I am sorry that I tried to kill you.

Susie- So that's it?

Arthur- That's it, they told me to meet you and talk to you to find out what's going on, and I did. What's you name by the way?

Susie- Susie.

Arthur- And I'm guessing you know that I'm King Arthur?

Susie- Yes, so how do I gain your trust?

Arthur- Well I was thinking about that. How would you like to help out in my army?

Susie- You mean like fighting?

Arthur- Not right away, we'll see how good you are first and for now you can just help around the camp.

Susie- Uh okay, I guess I need something to do.

Arthur- Good, you can go to the others now, tell them what we've decided.

Susie- Okay.* exits off*

Arthur- I hope this is the right decision, I hope I can come to trust her.

*Lancelot and Tristan enter*

Tristan- You're going to believe her? You trust her enough to have her help out with our army?

Arthur- It would seem that way wouldn't it. Do you think I shouldn't?

Tristan- No, I think you should trust her. But that was an awful quick change in mind.

Arthur- Well I assumed that if all of you believed her so strongly she must be alright.

Lancelot- But what are you going to have her do Arthur?

Arthur- Well for now help Gwynivere and Elaine around the camp with making meals and such.

Tristan- She said that you were talking about her actually fighting.

Arthur- I said with some practice if she's good enough yes I might.

Lancelot- Why did you tell her that do you think she might be good enough?

Arthur- Maybe, we've scene that Elaine can do it why not let the girls try?

Tristan- I have no objections to it.

Lancelot- I just don't want to see them get hurt. Tristan you know how we almost lost Elaine before we don't want that to happen again.

Tristan- That was different, she snuck into battle then, this is actually going to let them train with us so we know what's going on and who's all with us.

Arthur- Exactly.

Lancelot- So should we tell Elaine and Gwynivere?

Arthur- Yes, if you would, and Alyss too.

**Tristan and Lancelot exit light out. End act two**

*Lights up, Scene change to open field Susie, Elaine, Gwynivere, and Alyss are there with swords training against Edward, Tristan, Lancelot, and Arthur*

Edward- You're catching on fast Susie.

Susie-Thanks, this is harder than I expected though.

Gwynivere- Oh Lance watch what you're doing, you're not suppose to try to kill me.

Lancelot- Sorry Gwyn, not use to training against you.

Arthur- Alyss have you been training with Edward, because you're really good?

Alyss- Well a little, Edward has taught me some things.

Edward- You caught on fast too, I'd say Alyss could be a better fighter than me maybe.

Alyss- Yea right, sure I could.

Arthur- Who knows, if you're doing this well with just a little practice?

Tristan- Whoa Susie, you almost took my head off!

Susie- Sorry Edward moved.

Tristan- Oh ok so you were aiming for his head, why did you miss? *laughing*

Edward-Real funny Tristan.

Elaine- You know he was just kidding Edward.*Smiles at Tristan*

Edward- Sure stick up for him Elaine. Of course you'd be on Tristan's side.

Tristan- Hey she'd better be on my side.*Smiles at Elaine*

Lancelot- You guys make me sick.

Edward- Like you and Gwyn don't make anyone sick.

Gwynivere- Ah you're just jealous Edward.

Arthur- People this isn't flirty social hour. Can we try to get some practice in?

Tristan- Sorry Arthur, we'll try to work.

*Fight for a bit then all stop*

Arthur- Good work girls, you're all better then we expected. Gwynivere please try not to be so scared, he's not going to kill you.

Gwynivere- I know I'm just not use to the whole sword thing.

Lancelot- Sorry Gwyn I'll be more careful with you next time.

Arthur- You do know though Gwynivere that it's going to be much harder than this in battle? If you really want to fight.

Gwynivere- I know it will and I want to help you guys but I'm not sure I want to be in battle.

Arthur- If you don't want to fight you don't have to you know?

Gwynivere-I know I just haven't decided yet.

Arthur- Alright take your time deciding then.

*exit all, lights out. Scene change to camp with everyone eating and talking while sitting around. Lights up*

Arthur- Silence everyone, I heard news that the enemy is approaching quickly and I feel that we should start out tomorrow for battle.

Lancelot- I believe that we are ready sir.

Arthur- Have you girls decided if you are going or not?

Alyss- Yes I'm defiantly going.

Elaine- I'm going.

Susie- Yes I'll go.

Gwynivere- No.

Arthur- Alright that's fine. Okay everyone lets get ready to head off in the morning.

*Exit lights out, back up with everyone holding weapons and food supplies and gear*

Gwynivere- Promise you guys will be back soon.

Lancelot- We'll be back as soon as we can.

Gwynivere- Be careful, and make sure the girls keep safe and know what they're doing.

Lancelot- I will.

Gwynivere- I'll miss you Lance, you better come home to me… soon, very soon.

Lancelot- Are you sure you don't want to go?

Gwynivere- Yes.

Lancelot- Goodbye then.

Gwynivere-Goodbye*Lancelot kisses her and exits off*

Gwynivere- Please be safe all of you and return back here unharmed. *sits down and puts her head in her hands, light out*

*lights back up with scene as a temporary army camp*

Edward- Susie can you come here for a second?

Susie- *walks toward him* What do you need Edward?

Edward- I just wanted to make sure your okay with all this. Do you think you can do it?

Susie- Yes… I hope so.

Edward- You hope so, so you don't believe it.

Susie- I don't know, I figure though as long as I'm in your time I might as well find a way to help. Maybe this is why I was sent back, to help you guys.

Edward- Maybe, it's been so long I almost forgot you weren't from this time.

Susie- Really, I've kinda started to forget that I didn't belong here too. After that beginning stuff everyone's accepted me so well.

Edward- That's great, that they've all made you feel at home so easily.

Susie- Yea it is, but I do want to get home, I just don't know how to.

Edward- We'll find a way to get you home after this.

Susie- Thank you Edward, you've really helped me out a lot since I've been here.

Edward- My pleasure.*smiles*

Alyss- So Elaine do you think you're ready to finally be able to fight?

Elaine- Well you know I kind of already have.

Alyss- That's true but this time you're here on purpose.

Elaine- Yes, I'm glad that they let us actually fight.

Alyss- Probably all because of you, you know?

Elaine- I think Susie had something to do with it too.

Alyss- Yea but they would have never dreamed about asking any of us to if you haven't snuck in before.

Elaine- Even thought I would have died if it wasn't for Tristan.

Alyss- Well yes, lets not have that happen this time.

Elaine-Yea really don't want any of us to die.

Tristan-Were you girls talking about me?

Alyss- Not really, stop being so full of yourself.

Tristan- I'm not, just heard my name.

Elaine- Might have mentioned it.

Tristan- So Elaine, don't make me have to save you this time, okay? You don's need any more arrow scars on you.

Elaine- We're going to do our best to stay safe.

Tristan- Good.

Arthur- Lancelot do you thing it was a good idea to let the girls come?

Lancelot- It could only help.

Arthur- I hope so. Do you think that they can do it?

Lancelot- I have no doubts.

Arthur- Hope your right.

Lance- Why do you not believe in them?

Arthur- I do, I just don't want to see them get killed.

Lancelot- Me either. Gwynivere told me to look after all of them.

Arthur- I think we all will be.

Lancelot- Susie is a terrific archer you know? I know she'll be okay.

Arthur- Yes, she's almost always right on target. And Alyss is perfect with a sword.

Lancelot- Yes, I think they'll be just fine, maybe we should have asked them to help before this.

Arthur- Maybe but right now I'm just even more worried with them here too.

Lance- They'll be fine.

Arthur- Yes, I hope so.

*lights out, scene change to battlefield Arthur's army assembled on stage right. Light up*

Arthur- We can do this, we will do this, and we will show them how incredibly great we are, for our people and for our land. *raises sword*

Tristan- You ready for this?


Alyss- Here they come.

Edward- Everyone ready?

Lancelot- Yes.

Arthur- Attack!

*A few run across stage enemy emerges sword fighting begins. Some arrows fly across the stage. Battle continues. After a while an arrow is aimed straight at Edward and Susie sees it she jumps in front of him*

Susie- Edward watch out!*falls to the ground light out*

*Lights back up and back at the temporary camp, Susie is in Edward's arms most everyone is gathered around them*

Edward- Susie, Susie please be okay. Please wake up.

Susie- E-Edward w-what happened?

Edward- You got shot.

Susie- I-I wanted to save you.

Edward- You didn't have to.

Susie- But you risked your life for me, I thought that I'd do the same.

Edward- Oh Susie, why did you do that?

Susie-*tries to laugh* I just told you, to repay you.

Edward- Susie *leans down and kisses her*

Susie- Edward…

*lights out then back up and Susie is gone*

Edward- W-what… no!

Alyss-What happened to her?

Elaine-She was right there, how did she disappear?

Arthur- She learned what she needed to.

Edward- You mean?

Arthur- She went back to her own time, yes.

Alyss- But she'll be alright, right?

Arthur- I don't know.

Tristan-Well if she came back twice unharmed after I tried to kill her, I'd say she's fine.

Edward- I hope so.

**Lights out end act three**

*Scene changes to Susie's bedroom. Susie is on the bed alive*

Susie-*sitting up* Whoa, I'm back, I'm okay, wait where's Max and Johanna? Have I been gone that long? I must have. Everyone must be worried sick. *yelling* Dad? Max?

Mr. Malloy- *running in* Susie oh Susie we thought that we'd lost you for good. You've been gone a month!

Susie- Did Max and Johanna explain everything to you?

Mr. Malloy- Every last detail. I can't believe that you'd actually try to go back there. How did you get back this time anyway?

Susie- I died, it… it was so close this time.

I would say that if I ever did go back again I wouldn't be able to come back.

Mr. Malloy- Lets hope you don't.

Susie- I don't think I can anymore.

Mr. Malloy- Why?

Susie- I learned what I had to. My life could be worse, much worse.

Mr. Malloy- You thought you had a bad life?

Susie- Yes, I couldn't stand the fact that I had to work all the time. Now I understand that I should help in any way I can though.

Mr. Malloy- I never knew you felt that strongly against work.

Susie- I did, but now I'll help you. I'll help out our family.

Mr. Malloy- Thank you Susie.

Susie- So I still have that job at the flower shop?

Mr. Malloy- I think so, if you want to work there?

Susie- I do Dad its fine.

Mr. Malloy- Alright, I'd better let you rest now though, and tell your mother your back.

Susie- Tell Max and Johanna too please.

Mr. Malloy- I will. *exits*

Susie- I'm back.* with a bit of sadness* I'll never see them again. Even if I want to… and I do.

*Light out, come back up with Susie still on the bed but Max and Johanna are there too*

Max- So what happened this time?

Susie- Well, I found out that Arthur did really want to kill me but we persuaded him to trust me. Then he let me train for battle and I actually got to fight in a battle.

Max- Really, no way!

Johanna- That's so cool. And Arthur? You mean King Arthur?

Susie- The very same.

Max- No way that's amazing!

Susie- Yea I got to meet the real King Arthur and Lancelot and Gwynivere, Tristan, Elaine and some other members of Arthur's army that I've never even heard of.

Johanna- Really who?

Susie- Edward and Alyss, they're the ones that really helped me. And Edward oh my gosh!

Johanna- What?

Susie- He is so amazing, truly the perfect guy any girl could ever ask for.


Susie- Yea he's the reason I'm back here.

Max- How?

Susie- He risked his life for me so I risked mine for him.

Max- That's how you got back you died again.

Susie- Yea accept this time it was really close. I almost did die. Because this time I didn't just come back when I was shot. I was still there for a while.

Max- Wow, I'm so glad you did get back though.

Johanna- Me too we really missed you.

Susie- Did you guys tell anyone at school what was really happening?

Max- No your father and mother are the only ones who really know.

Johanna- Besides us of course.

Susie- Good lets keep it that way. I don't want it to go around that I made trips back to King Arthur's Court.

Johanna- Like anyone would believe it.

**All laugh light out. End act four**

*Next day at school Susie, Max, and Johanna are in the cafeteria at school*

Susie- This century's food is way better than what I've been having for the past month!

Max- Uh Susie this is cafeteria food are you sure you know what your talking about.

Susie- Well yea, Cafeteria not the greatest but its better than eating stale bread and berries all the time.

Johanna- I guess.

Max- Whoa who are they?

Susie- Who? Where?

Max- Right there. *points*

Johanna- They're walking this way!

Susie- No way…

Johanna- What you know them?

Susie- Edward Alyss what are you doing here? How did you get here?

*Edward and Alyss sit down in font of them at the table*

Edward- *leaning in to Susie* Arthur needs you!

Susie- Needs me for what?

Alyss- There are some major problems in the kingdom, he's about to loose control that last battle wasn't enough to stop them, will you help us again?

Max- What do you mean will she help you she can't go back again she'll die!

Edward- We don't know if she die for sure, and trust me I care about her just as much as you two do, *putting his hand on hers* but we need her to help us or we'll all die.

*Susie gets up and immediately stands beside Edward and Alyss. Edward puts his arm around her.*

Max-* Stands up*Will she be able to come back?

*Light out. Curtain closes. End*