my roses are wilting in my see-through vase,
my starry iris melted
into a pool below my lashes.
i looked so deep into the sea,
i thought it was your eyes.
searching for a heart-shaped box,
containing red ribbons and promise
no amount of love could help me find you,
having nothing but desire for you;
this shoe-box only contains dust.

caged feelings unexplained, numb.
explicit, harsh breaths in a syncing rhythm
of a racing heartbeat,
longing for something more.
i found something so true
or so i thought, you could be
something more than just a dream
i thought this was big enough not to fit
inside of my head;
but does that make it real?

finding the ashes of my letters
in your unlit closet behind your fears,
i'd kept your words too sacred.
even knowing there is hope in time,
patience is like a candle whick.
i have nothing left of this,
just words spoken sencelessly into my ear.
they shined like a diamond in the dirt
but i'm just stringing them into excuses,
to find my place now.
now i wish i couldn't remember,
i wonder why you don't remember...

i can't wake up without knowing how far i am
from where i want to be,
and still stay standing on two stable feet.
prickly vines devour my crinkled up notebook paper;
my neck is starting to crumble
from the weight of streaming thoughts,
words once said with meaning in my ear.
i wanted to cross the ocean
but i'm not welcome in this place you call home,
i express my heart again,
but you just don't understand
i just can't express how i understand.

my roses are wilted in my see-through vase,
the constallation in my eyes
passed by below my lashes.
i looked too deep into the sea
because i'd thought it was your eyes;
and i thought that you were looking back,
straight into mine.