opaque clouds darkening my vision
your words cut at me like a pair of scissours
I was once cured and it was clear;
you can't fight the desire,
because it's all over me
but you're over me.

keeping the petals in my pocket;
mist seeping from my eye sockets
you're done. you're there. you're crowded,
and never near.
it's foggy and dim, reminding me
of the light-hearted whispers pouring
like the rainbow's red from the rain:
you can't describe my pain.

you'd never know, you oughtta know
my heart is never healing when the sun is low
the sky's mine, but the blue's left me;
I thought my story was never-ending
but it just hasn't started.

you're over me, but the clouds aren't leaving me,
thanks for saving me.
the time's being impatient;
my stop watch died at ninteen minutes after three
you can't shake your touch off of me,
can't hide what you gave me
because the sky's mine.

we stole the moonlight, but you gave it away
my head is aching but you never promised to stay
I'm keeping the distance out of my mind,
but you never cease to sink further...

I'm telling you that I've told you
there's no trainwreck in front of you
because the wreckage is in you
in my life,
and in my heart.

forgive and foresee
are like star-crossed lovers;
forget and foreclose
you're just deep below the surface.
and I stopped trying to reach you,
you won't look at me;
in one motion, my life changed
and in a heartbeat, so did you.