I am like a child at your feet
grasping for a hand to hold,
Waiting for a soft word and a pat on the head.
You used to say I have more than the stars could hold
and that I could reach higher than the skies,
but the hope feels light years away.

I can see my past gliding through the sky for all to see.
There's something holding my head up
but I don't know what that is.

You speak a lovely line of comfort,
I beam at your face, but my eyes begin to beg:
Just tell me something new,
let me believe in you.
Give me something to set my heart on,
I have a load bigger than us and it's calling for some rest.

Why don't you sit and let me tie my day
around your tired eardrum?
Let me play the saddest fucking song
on my petty violin.
As the days push forward to weeks
I can't sit this down and I've waited too long
for you, let me down.

I've nothing when you finally answered me,
I told you I never had the patience for these weeks to befriend me.
I can't say why I've wanted this
nor how I've ever loved so long,
But I know it was neverending
once you turned your head for a kiss.

Fire sparks at my fingertips
and these candles keep me company;
I lie in this broken wooded bed
and stare out at the night
As I smashed my poor forehead against the mercy of my closet,
there was really no hope in telling you hello.

The rain pours and hits my shattered ceiling.
The roof's now leaking,
and so is my head.
Now my hour glass is broken,
and sand is scattered in my hands;
I've nothing more to say
because I've given up on you again.

You said I'd never lose you
and the clock, it still ticked,
Each minute pased without you
my head continued to drip.

This blood's not as red as my heart.
This blood's not as red as my heart.
This blood's not as red as my heart,
but at least it's collected and sewn together neatly on the floor.
The bonds welcome each drop pushing the other
as they fall blissfully down my chin,
I stare at the stained ceiling
and jealousy rips my muscles;
For this puddle has more
than you have ever given me.

When even a sigh couldn't pass your lips,
I stood perplexed, and breaking down
The stars passed my hands and spat at me,
and the sky stretched farther than I could touch.
Everything turned and hid in the corners
as I fell to the lonely ground.

This blood's not as red as my heart,
but at least it's collected and bound together
tightly on the floor.