i am a ship in a bottle.
i am a wonder to myself.
but you seem to have figured me out.

before i can think of what i wrong,
you appear to have a collection of ways to making it better.

even this, i can't even figure out.
your power to arrange my thoughts in your head,
before i have said them aloud.

i am a child prodigy making friends.
clueless and unsuccessful.

could you at least give me a few hints?
maybe you already have you sly dog.
could you possibly show me the way?
maybe you already are...

i am a simile.
and i like you as much as a boy and his bike.

you make me feel hyperactive and confused.
it is just a fact, i cannot change that.

i am a trophy for honorable mention,
i am just here to make you feel better.
on the rare occasion that i'm not the one that needs helping.

in such a short amount of time,
you have figured out my mind.
to the point where i don't know,
if i have to even speak around you.

i am there.
but i'm also always here for you.
i guess you could the say the same too.

i am a lover,
and i love you.