~*~My Monsters~*~

Laying alone as time passes me by

Waiting, suffering, just wanting to die

Though time's going faster and faster

Still alone, left alone, to suffer alone, die alone

Alone in the dark,

Seeing all my old monsters

Wanting to bring me back

Back from the dead

Monsters just tempting me, wanting me

Pick up a knife, old memories come back

The monsters smile, knowing what I'm about to do

Hold the blade to my wrists as I look at old scars

Close my eyes and let go, by letting the blade take over

Blood flows all around, dripping off my arms

More and more of my monsters show up

Calling and saying

You have nothing left, you hurt everybody,

Everyone will be happy when you're gone

So, just do it

End your pain,

End your suffering,

Make people happy

More slits appear on my wrists

Feeling relieved, feeling happy, a peaceful feeling

This is what my monsters want

I'm wanting it to now, finally feeling peace

I want it

Blade to my throat; monsters screaming, yes

Cut deep in my throat and the warmth

Warmth of my blood

Is calming, as it's going down my chest

Closed my eyes and I was gone