A boy and a girl from the village down yonder

were always alone and were left to ponder

who it would be that they would someday wed

and live together until they were both dead

One day the boy and the girl found each other

but things like marriage were just a big bother

so the girl began to grow round at the tummy

she prepared to become a brand new mummy

The boy took her hands and solemnly pledged his love

he swore it to heaven and earth and below and above

and after nine-month's wait the baby boy came

though they wished for a girl they were glad all the same

They lived happily together for a while after that

but soon the woman became ugly and fat

So the man couldn't help but to let his eyes wander

to the lovely young ladies in the village down yonder

With a certain young woman he was quite taken

and his love towards his wife became quite shaken

He began sneaking out to meet his new prize

oblivious of his wife's wide open eyes

This infidelity went on for a time

but the wife swore to herself that it should stop on a dime

So she devised a coy plan

to get back at her man

and it would be put into play

at the end of the day.

the man reached home and settled in his chair

thinking of his young mistress fair

He ordered his wife to boil a cup of tea

she set about making it like a proper lady

but the man didn't catch the slip of her hand

as she slipped out a vial from her waistband

She delicately poured out a drop or two, or three or four

or until the large vial held no more

then she took a glance at the bags and the baby

which she had prepared before preparing the tea

Without further delay she set down the hot cup

and ushered her husband to drink it all up

as he took the very last swallow

she smiled and told him that her heart was now hallow

Then she picked up her bags and picked up her kid

and set off for a place where they'd both be well hid

leaving her husband slumped in that chair

he died before meeting his lady fair.