I tried to forget

the feeling of rejection

the pain that I've been through

and the failures that my decisions caused.


I tried to accept

that there's no 'me and you'

that you cannot love me

the way I had loved you


I tried to move on

with my head up high like before

as if nothing happened

even though my heart still bleeds and cries


I tried to suppress

the longing to touch you

and feeling your warmth

to run back in your embrace


I tried to put a facade

to hide and to hold a grip of myself

from recalling the memories we had shared

to end my self-induced pain and misery


I tried so much

that in the process

I started loosing it

for the pain still linger within me.

A/N: O.o!! I wrote this Novemeber, 1 last year and I just happened to find this on my old extra notebook. hihihihi! Hope yah like it.