I don't know if I
can say
I love you

I want to mean it.
I want the conviction in my voice
to leave you speechless.

I refuse to toss the word
around like garbage bobbing around
the ocean.

JessiNekoChan (4:03:45 AM): I thought about what I wanted from the relationship, and I still don't know what I want.
JessiNekoChan (4:05:35 AM): But I do know that I just like being with you and that I enjoy being around you and making you laugh. I like knowing that if I need to talk I can talk to you and that if I need a hug I can always get one from you.
JessiNekoChan (4:06:21 AM): And that I always feel safe with you and wanted.
JessiNekoChan (4:07:39 AM): And that care about you a lot.
JessiNekoChan (4:08:16 AM): I still want to be with you even if you don't want to be with me.