The young lady prepares to get up and move the baby carriage from their situation in the isle so the next man boarding can get by. He sends her smile before sitting in a seat a couple in front of her. She sits back down, gently nudging the stroller back and forth, a lullaby, caring for her sweet little one. The stroller is packed full with diapers and tissues, and baby food; she is prepared for anything. Anything life might throw her way, armed with her love for her baby and her will to persevere even under the most trying of conditions, she knows now she will get through.

She opens her big blue eyes to look around, the same blue eyes that have somehow retained their innocence after all she has been through.

She never regrets for a moment her choice. She loves him. She knew she would from the second she saw the pink little plus. He left. She couldn't control it. Sometimes it hurt still, but all she had to do was look back down at her beautiful reminder to know she had someone else to love now.

A sweet, adoring smile fills her face as her baby looks up at her. She doesn't smell the homeless man to her left, she doesn't hear the punk music of the man of many piercing sitting behind her, she doesn't see the disapproving stare of the business woman sitting across from her. All she knows is her baby's perfection.

She smiles every time she sees her little one's wide hazel eyes, the same shade that reminds her so much of his. She wonders fleetingly where he is, and how he is doing. She hopes he is happy, before turning back to her baby, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

Sure sometimes, it was hard, having a baby on your arm at such a young age, but she never wallowed in the easy failure her life could have become. She knew she would make it through; she believed in herself.

She closes her eyes again briefly, always briefly, before looking back out in to the orange sunset glaring into her eyes. She feels content.

Apr. 11, 09