Dare to be Different

We live in a society based on lies

And hatred of those who are different

We are taught at a very young age

To obey the laws of conformation

And to mingle with only our own kind,

Our own homogeneous clique,

Our own cluster of monotonous ennui

The days pass by unnoticed

Each group natters indifferently

About the latest hearsay

Who did what, who's dating whom,

Who's the latest disgrace to humanity

Each day is duller than before

Each person hungers for excitement

But is forced to conform with the mindless herd

There are some, however, who refuse.

Each day is filled with wonder

Each thought is their own

They are free from the chains

That hold society down

Free to make their own choices

Free to talk to whomever they please

Free from the burdens of conformation

Freedom to live

It is those people who will do great things

Those people who will cure the common cold

Those people who will bring world peace

Those people will be remembered.