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A huge crowd sat before me. The place was packed. I stood in the wings and waited for my turn onstage. My outfit was simple: black shorts, hot pink t-shirt, black buttoned vest and jazz shoes. To my right was my dance partner, Chris. He was really cute with big chocolate eyes you could lose yourself in and caramel colored hair. I liked him. We had been preparing for months for this competition. We had chosen a song that we both liked.

The crowded applauded for the group that had just finished. Before we knew it, it was our turn. "You ready, Evee?" he asked me. That was his nickname for me; short for Evelynn. I put a smile on my face and nodded. We stepped onto the stage and took our places in the center. The music started playing and so did our routine. I still remember most of it: a lift hear, a few tricks there and the tango-like drop for the end. We were able to make it work with a hip-hop-like routine we planned.

The crowd stood up and gave us an enormous applause. We exited on the left side of the stage where someone gave me a towel and a bottle of water. I played with the ring around my neck. It was my mom's gold promise ring she had given me. It had a small diamond on it. I didn't like wearing it as a ring so we had found a gold chain to use.

Chris and I watched the rest of the performances from the side. Everyone was waiting anxiously backstage while the judges deliberated. Soon we were all called up to the stage and stood in performance order. There were trophies and medals on a table off to the side. I did not stare. Some of the younger groups did. The host began to call ranks from 12th up to 1st. I got more nervous as the places kept getting smaller. Twenty groups performed and there were only twelve places. Would we make it?

"And first place goes to," the announcer began. Chris grabbed a hold of my hand. The guy seemed to wait forever, "the team of Evelynn Stevens and Chris Evans." I almost jumped up and down like I have seen other groups do. Chris gave me a hug before we descended to the front of the stage to accept our medals and trophy. The local press took pictures and after we got off stage, we were crowded by local news stations and papers. We didn't escape the crowd until an hour later.

We rode on a bus with other groups and kids in other activities from our school, Clinton Arts School. Chris and I had one of the back seats every time. Usually we talked about anything but dance, but tonight I was exhausted. I took my seat by the window and found my iPod in my bag under our seat. I gave him one headphone after he sat down and the iPod so he could pick the playlist. I put the other headphone in my ear. We never had to say much.

"You know you can lie down," he said softly. I was tired so I laid my head on his lap and closed my eyes. Chris stroked my hair.

I heard one of the bus chaperones come up and say, "Evelynn, sit up," but I was too exhausted to. She obviously was new. Another chaperone came up and I hear them whisper. Then they left. Chris took the headphone out of my ear and leaned down. I could feel his breath on my neck. He whispered in my ear, "Good night, Evee," in an almost sing-song voice. Before drifting off, I remember him pushing a few wisps of my brunette hair out of my face and kissed my forehead. He sat back up and stroked my hair again.

The bus ride didn't seem to be long, but then again, I was asleep. We got back and Chris helped me to my room. He set my bag in the closet while I changed into my pajamas for bed. I climbed in and turned out the lamp beside the bed. "See you in the morning, Evee."

"Goodnight, Chris." He slipped through the door into his room as I got comfortable in my bed and fell asleep.

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