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The arts school we went to was like a boarding school. Chris and I started at the same time; around elementary school. We stayed in a mixed dorm and happened to have adjoining rooms with a doorway in the middle. We studied in my room and usually practiced our routines in his room when the practice rooms were unavailable. He had more floor space in his room than my room. We had been best friends since the day we met.

Across the hall were twins Celie and Felicity. Celie didn't like her full name, Celina, and insisted people call her Celie. Felicity didn't care what people called her. They were musicians. Celie played flute and violin and Felicity played saxophone and violin. The two were talented and really great friends. They always found a way to support us and we return the favor.

As usual, we met outside our rooms with our books. We had our first class and lunch together. Our first class was Lit. After Lit, we separated until we met back up for lunch. It looked like Celie had her pink highlights redone and were bright against her brown hair. Felicity went for the more natural look with sun-kissed highlights. Both had their hair down while I had pulled mine in a clip. I didn't care what I looked like sense we just got back last night. Chris never looked bad.

"So, are you ready for class?" Celie asked us.

"Will I ever?" I replied.

Chris was already walking to the end of the hall. "You girls coming?"

We looked at each other then back at Chris. "Coming!" We ran off to catch up with him. We were quickly able to get to class before most of the other students. It wasn't a bad class; just sometimes it was boring. A bell rang, signaling for class to begin. A few kids came in late, with only two bringing passes from other teachers.

We went over the section of To Kill a Mockingbird that we were on before the teacher gave us our homework for the night. That was when everyone usually broke out into groups to work on homework or talk. As usual, it was me Celie, Felicity, and Chris by the window.

"I heard there was a new student," Felicity began. She had all the gossip. "He's an artist, I've heard."

"I wanna meet him," Celie said.

I was quiet. I started to wonder if he would be in any of classes. It would be interesting to meet the new art kid. I knew I had been daydreaming again when Chris started shaking me and said, "Snap out of it, Evee. We're in class, not lunch." It's true. I sometimes spaced out during some classes, like now.

It wasn't long before classes ended and I said goodbye to them. Most of my classes went by really fast. Just before lunch, I made my way through the halls until I got to the science lab. I was the only one without a partner, well until today. The new kid Felicity was talking about first period was sitting in the previously empty seat by mine.

"I hope you don't mind, Evelynn," the teacher said to me.

"Not at all." I took my seat and turned to my new lab partner. "Evelynn, dance program." I extended my hand to him.

He lightly shook my hand. "Ryan, art program." That was how people introduced themselves here: your name and program. People usually asked if you didn't say. Ryan had a gentle smile, sparkly blue eyes and bright blonde hair.

"You catch on quick."

He nodded. "My roommate told me that. He's in art as well. Am I wrong to ask if you have a roommate too?"

I laughed. "You're not. My room is too small for a second person but my partner and I have connected rooms. Across the hall from us, our friends share a room. They're twin musicians."

"There is a big mix of people here." During the lab, he asked many questions and I tried to answer them. He was bad at science so I offered to help him some days after practice. He seemed nice enough.

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