Shoichi Sato & Shoko Hidaka

"She's just somebody else that I don't really care…

I'm not interested to her… But, one day…"

"Sato-san!" an unfamiliar voice called me.

I turned around and saw a girl with her hands together at her bosom. She was staring at me as if I stole something important to her.

Arrogantly, I asked her, "What do you want?"

"Hey, don't be so meany. My friend has something to say to you." Another unknown girl told me and she encouraged her friend, "Now go on Shoko-chan… You can do it."

"Sato-san, I like you…" a confession from that girl.

We just stared at each other. I wasn't shock, I can say such thing like, "I see…" But, my mouth was shut up by her stares.

"Co-" she spoke.

"Could you, please, sign this and could you… give me your number?!" she stammered and quickly she showed me a picture of myself.

In excitement, I quickly grabbed it.

"Wooh! This is me! I'm so handsome and cool here. Nice captured! You even framed it." I shouted for joy. This is the first time someone did something like this!

"I'm glad that you like it, Sato-san." she said with a delight in her face.

"Why would you do such thing like this?" I asked.

"Because I'm your fan. And I'm hoping if I can get a signature from you and your number too."

"A fan?" Her words shock me. I never thought I will have a fan.

"She really loves your performances. She idolizes you so much." Her friend told me.

Therefore, for my first fan I signed the picture and gave my number. But, there's something I want to know…

"Thank you very much. I'm really happy. Well see yah." She said delightfully and walks away with her friend.

I want to know why she considered herself as my fan?

"I wish I had asked that." I sighed.


That short time memory with her keeps replaying in my mind. And now, as I walked with my friend, I opened the topic about her.

"Akira-kun, guess what, someone confessed to me today." I started.

"What? When?" He puzzled.

"Just after the program. She said that she was my fan that's why she asked me to sign a picture of myself."

"A picture of what? You?" he surprisingly asked.

"Kinda shocking huh? She even framed it. She's totally a fan. Oh, and she even ask my number. I can't really imagine that I will have a fan."

"That's incredible! You should be happy. So, what's her name?"

"Well, she didn't tell me but… I heard her friend call her 'Shoko-chan'"

"Shoko-chan? Hm? I don't know her… She must be a quiet girl."

"Maybe, well she seems a shy girl. She's not really sexy but she's cute."

"She's cute? When you got her number, can you forward it to me?"

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, I would like to try to ask her out. You know me, I like cute girls."

"No way. She's mine." I refused which kinda shock me.

"Huh? What is that? Did I hear it clearly?" he asked me with his freaky face. You know like those in cartoons. The other ear is getting bigger, the eyes are so dumb weird and they grin which made them look like really stupid.

"What's up with that face?" I finally asked to put back his normal look.

"Well, you should know that yourself, stupid."

"What's that?!" I burst out.

"You don't like and not really interested in ugly girls and cute girls, right? Your type is the sexy one and really beautiful that will match your handsome look." He reminded me.

"Well, you are dumb right about that." I conceded.

"Then, she will be surely mine and not yours." He gleamed.

"Fine!" I accepted and continued, "But don't say something about me to her that will make her change her mind about being my fan."

"Sure, sure."

Finally, the topic about her had closed. But, my mind seem don't want to close the issue about her. This sucks! What's up with my darn brain! I feel like throwing this stupid brain out of my head and replace it a new one! Akira, is right! Good thing that he reminded me that my type is a sexy one. Yes, it's not because I like her or something. She just shocked me. Yes, that's it! I'm not interested to her. She's just a weird fan. Yes, that's right!

"Hey, Shoichi-kun!" Akira-kun's loud voice woke me up from my crazy mind.

"Is your brain travelling somewhere?" he asked.

"Yah, kinda. That's why I want to replace it with a new one." I answered so dumbly.

But, it made my friend laughed a little. Well, dumb words are funny after all.

Then he invited me, "Hey, tomorrow is Saturday right? Let's hang out tomorrow."

"Well, sure." I accepted.

"Ok, tomorrow, at 10. Let's meet up in the park." he scheduled.

And the next day, when I got in the meeting place, I saw that girl again. They were sitting in the bench. The Shoko-chan, I think, was holding her cell phone and seems she wants to cry.

"Maybe, it was broken?" I thought as I watched them from behind.

"You still haven't mail him?" her friend asked.

That Shoko-chan just nodded.

"Why?" her friend wondered.

"Because… When I'm starting to type my message for Sato-san, my hands starts to trembles." She reasoned and then cried, "I'm so nervous. What should I do, Aya-chan?!"

"What? You're even nervous in just mailing him?" that Aya-chan asked surprisingly.

She nodded and said, "You see… I think… It's weird for a fan to text his idol. It's really wrong…"

From what I just heard, I got really irritated, "Is she stupid or what?!"

"Hey, Shoichi-kun!"

Oh, great my friend just called my name which made those two weird girls turned around and saw me.

"Kyaaaa~! It's Sato-san!" that stupid Shoko-chan shrieked.

"Oh, that's right. Fans will express like that when they saw their idol. But…" I said to myself then shouted at them, "Will you guys stop shouting my name?! It's so embarrassing!"

"Huh? Oh! You must be, Shoko-chan!"

"Ahh, yes. And you are?"

Oh, great they ignored me.

"Hey, wanna hang out with me? Your friend can hang out with Shoichi-kun." Akira invited and then said depressingly, "But… Maybe, you prefer Shoichi-kun than me…"

"No, I prefer you." She said which made me angry.

"What?! Wouldn't you prefer dating your idol." I exclaimed while pointing at myself as I look at her baby face.

"Sorry, Sato-san. Isn't it wrong for a fan to hang out with her idol? What if… Your other fans saw us. I will be in trouble." She said with a worried face.

"What the? What's wrong with her? She's really stupid!" I burst out my anger inside me because if I said that to her she'll probably cry and will no longer be my fan. Well, I don't want to lose a fan.

And there, I just watch her walking with stupid Akira and beside me was her friend.

"Ammm… Aya-chan right?" I asked.

"Yah." She replied.

"So, is it okay to you if I hang out with you?" I asked her.

"Yes since I'm not your fan. But, no, since I don't like you." She said and she shrugged, "Well, I have no choice. I have to watch her. You two might do something stupid to her."

"We're not like that…"

"Let me warn you." She said in a heavy tone.

"Huh?" I wondered.

"Don't fall in love with her or else you'll regret it."

"Huh? Why?"

She didn't answer me and she seems thinking of something.

"Nevermind." She finally spoke and she continued, "Forgot what I said."

Oh, great. She just gave me some mysterious words. Don't fall in love with her? Why?

"Hey, why? Why can't I?" I keep asking her.

"Nevermind." That irritating word is always given to me.

"Ohh… You're friend is fast." Suddenly she said.

I looked at them and saw that Akira is holding her hand.

"Aren't you worried about it?" I asked.

"No. In fact, I'm glad. I was worried that my girl may not get a boyfriend. Well, we're in the right age after all."

Wait a minute. Didn't she say back then, "Well, I have no choice. I have to watch her. You two might do something stupid to her."

This kinda sucks. I don't want to hang out with these girls. I won't enjoy anything at all. Therefore, I secretly separate to them and enjoy something by myself. Later on, I decided to go home. And when I passed by in the park, I saw Akira and my fan alone sitting in a bench. Then, suddenly, Akira stood up as well as Shoko. Shoko keeps bowing at him and Akira is just laughing. A fake laugh. I think Akira confessed to my fan and was rejected. Poor guy. Then, they say goodbye to each other. Akira ran quickly and Shoko sat down again

"I can't believe that I'm watching them… Well, I have to go home now." I thought.

But, before I could take a step, I saw some gangsters talking to Shoko and they are forcing Shoko to come with them. So, I go and rescue my fan.

"Don't touch her, idiots." I said cooly.

"What did you say?" the guy asked me arrogantly.

"Don't give me that dumb and ugly look. It's disgusting." I responded.

"They are just 2. I can beat them." I thought.

But, then. They attacked me first and so I fought back. Then suddenly she cried, "Stop it! Or else I'll call the police!"

"Fine! Your not really pretty at all…" the ugly one said.

"And not much fun." The other ugly one said.

After those two were gone, Shoko keeps crying and apologizing.

"I'm really sorry… Because of me, you're beaten." She cried.

I pitied her and somehow, I want to protect her. Well, this is the first time I protected someone.

"It's ok… It's nothing at all… Don't worry…" I said to cheer her up.

Then suddenly an annoying girl shouted at me, "Sato-san! What the hell did you do to my friend?!"

I turned around and saw a girl with three can of juice. She's really mad at me.

"I didn't do anything!" I shouted back at her.

"I knew it! You're a rapist!" she exploded.

"What?! Don't judge so quickly like that! You didn't even know what happened!" I exploded too.

Good thing that there's no much people there since it's about to get dark.

"Sato-san didn't do anything, Aya-chan…" the girl who's wiping her tears said. "He save me from the strangers…"

"They are gangsters…" I said.

"He was beaten because of me… I'm really sorry, Sato-san!" and there she cried again.

"Oh, great she's crying again… Ok, idol, what will you do to make your fan happy?" I thought and looked around to search something that will make her happy. And there I spotted a Purikura.

*Purikura – is a booth wherein you go in and take a picture of yourself or with someone else then you will design on it*

Therefore, I bent a little and asked her, "Hey, want to go in a Purikura?"

She stares at me again. You know what, I think… I think I like her every time she stares at me then smile at me.

And there she smiled so bright and responded, "Really? Thank you, Sato-san!"

We took lots of picture. I can't believe it, I have fun with them. And in my way home I gazed at the pictures we had.

I don't really like cute girls. Because all cute girls I met are energetic, active and sometimes almost boyish which kinda annoying. That's why I want a lady and a beautiful one that will match my look. But, now as I look at the picture of me and Shoko together, we seem kinda match and… her personality is cute and weak… In other words…

"I like her…" I said and smiled.

Then that night as I think about her, she finally emailed me.

"Ahmm… Sato-san, I'm really sorry… Sorry…"

I laughed and said, "I can imagine her face while printing this message to me. She's really cute…"

Then I replied to her, "I said it's ok… It's nothing at all. You should just say those words if I'm badly beaten. But, I'm not. That punch is just like a bite of a mosquito."

"(^_^) Then I should slap and kill that mosquito for my idol."

"Oh, speaking of idol… Tell me. Why did you consider yourself as my fan? Why don't be my friend or girlfriend?"

Ok, it took her a long time before she replied back. I wonder why?

Oh! She finally answered.

"Because… I love your performances… which make me as a fan."

Huh? Ok, that's only the reason?

"Hey, Shoko-chan… Oh! Can I call you that?"

"Ahm.. Sorry, it's weird for an idol to call her fan by her name. Just called me Hidaka."

Ok…? I want her to stop being my fan.

"Well, ok. But, I would prefer Shoko."

"I'm sorry…"

"It's ok. No problem. Oh, Hidaka-san, what if… I want you to be my girlfriend…"

There I said it and it took her a long time before she reply. I guess, I shouldn't have said that. But, I really want her to be my girlfriend.

Oh! She finally replied! I bet she will answer, "Yes!"

"Hahaha! (^_^) Nice one. But you can't fool me, Sato-san,"

My mouth dropped down and my soul who's falling into a deep underground world shouted, "Wwwhhhhaaaaatttt?!!" She thought I was joking?! What's up with her mind?

Then she emailed me again and I got excited because maybe, she will answer me. And when I opened it and read it. It says, "(^_^) Thanks for the day, Sato-san. The picture really made me happy, mailing you made me happy. Thank you. And I'm really sorry. Ahmmm… I have to sleep now. Good night. Thanks again."

I sighed and just replied her, "Ok. Goodnight."

Well, that's it. I feel I was dumped by that girl. But, I won't give up. She's so interesting.

And now, it's Sunday. I'm hanging out with Akira again.

"I was dumped by her but we're still friends." Akira told me.

"I was dumped too. Well, I can't really say that I was. But, when I ask her to be my girlfriend, she thought that I was joking." I shared and give a big sighed.

"Seriuosly? But, she likes you right?"

"Yah, I guess… Well, she said that she like my performances."

"Then, it means…"

Oh! Crap! It means…

"She only likes your performances and not you." Akira spit it out for me.

Ok, that shocks me. But, kinda think of it. He's right.

"Bu-ut… That doesn't matter. I still try to win her heart." I stammered.

"Eh? You don't like cute girls right?"

"Well, yah. Because they are so annoying and noisy. But, I just suddenly got interested to her." I answered him and asked, "Tell me… Why do you like cute girls?"

"Well, you see. Cute girls are kids." He answered me seriously.

"What?" I puzzled.

"Just like kids they are always happy. They have a baby face. Always active and always ready to do anything. And not thinking the danger they will enter. So you should be there to guide and save them. They are like kids that I have to watch for which gives meaning to my life."

Oh, yeah. Akira has three little sisters. No wonder why he likes cute girls.

"Aaaahh!! It's Shoko-chan!" Akira shrieked while pointing at the girl who's walking at the edge of the bridge.

"Idiot! What the heck is she doing?!" I exclaimed and quickly ran to go in that bridge.

"Shoko-chan! Please, go back now!" I heard Aya telling her.

"Hey! Hidaka-san!" I called.

She didn't look at me. She was focusing at the little kitten who's about to fall in the bridge. So, she's trying to save that kitten? What about her? Then I remember what Akira told me.

"Always active and always ready to do anything. And not thinking the danger they will enter. So you should be there to guide and save them."

"Hey, Shoko-chan!" I called as I start to walk at the edge of the bridge.

"Shoko-chan! Shoichi-kun! It's dangerous!" Akira worried.

"Ah! I got her, Aya-chan! You're safe now, little kitten." She said with happy face in her as she hugs that little kitten.

"Shoko-chan! Go back now! It's too dangerous." Aya-chan ordered her.

Then, slowly she walked. But, that stupid kitten start to struggles which cause her to fall and here I am who jump and protected her from falling as she protects that little kitten. Then, after we dived in in the river, I couldn't stop my anger.

"What the heck are you doing?! Don't you know how dangerous is it! What if you die?!" I scolded her which made her cry.

"I'm sorry… I just… want to save the little kitten… Sorry… I'm really sorry… Sorry… Sorry…" she cried and I pitied her so I hug her.

"Sorry… For shouting at you…" I apologized.

Then, we accompany her at her house. She wouldn't let me go with her since I'm her idol. But, I scared her saying, "If you will not let me, then I hate you as my fan." Then, she gave a frightening look. Hahaha!

When we got there, her sister served us a coffee.

"Here." Her sister said to me and gave a towel then she thanked me, "Thanks for saving my sister."

"It's nothing…"

"So, you're Sato-san, right? Her idol?" she asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Are you in love with her?" she suddenly asked which shocked me.

"Oh, the boy is blushing. So, you are."

"What? I'm blushing?" I asked myself.

"Let me tell you this. She won't fall in love to you."

"What?" I puzzled.

"You see… She's a celebrity type too. She's really cute. She sings great and dance as well. She can act too. But she's too shy to show it to everyone. And… She doesn't like showbiz. She doesn't want everyone to look at her or gossip about her. She wanted to have peaceful life. That's why… If you will become a celebrity, she won't fall in love to you. Because if she had a relationship with you, others will gossip about her since you are popular."

"So… That's why…"

"But, if you really like her. You must do something." She said and smiled at me then left.

"You can have her, Shoichi-kun." Akira said and winked at me. It's creepy.

"Guys!" Aya-chan called and I was looking for Shoko but she's not with her.

"Shoko-chan said that you two should go home and thanks for everything. She would not forget your kindness. And Sato-san, she's really sorry for everything."

Then, we just go home. I can't stop thinking of her and what her sister told me.

Then, the next day. It's Monday and we have a class. And… And… And…

Every time I saw Shoko, she hides or she quickly ran.

"Is she avoiding me?" I asked Akira.

"I don't know. Maybe, she hates you."Akira said.

"But why?" I asked but Akira just gave me a shrug.

Ok, what the heck is wrong with her now? Kinda, think of it, she didn't mail me last night. Then, now she's avoiding me. Did I do something wrong? I just save her life! Ah! Maybe, she got scared when I shouted at her. Yah, that must be it. Ok, I must talk to her.

Then that afternoon, I saw them in the hall way and they seem about to go home.

"Hidaka-san!" I called.

"Ah! Aya-chan! I forgot something in my chair. I will just get it." She alibi.

"Ah, ok." Aya-chan said and sighed.

"Hey, tell me. Is she avoiding me?" I asked.

"Yah, very obvious."

"But why?"

"I don't know if I should tell you but… You see… She fall in love with you yesterday when you save her. But… Since you are popular, she don't want to love you."

"She's in love with me?"

"You are her first love, Sato-san. And… Since Elementary, she's been watching you and idolizing you. Oh, do you remember the time you guys lost in a competition. She secretly put a goodluck necklace in your bag."

"It was her?" I shocked and I showed the necklace. I've been wearing all the time since I got it. Every time I'm losing hope. I just stared at that necklace and suddenly it cheered me up. So, she's the one who gave it to me.

"She's still in our room. Go and talk to her." Aya said.

Therefore, I quietly went there and quietly opened the door.

"Oh, Aya-chan!" she said and suddenly stop when she saw me.

"Sato-san…" deeply she said and she was surprised when she saw the necklace, "The necklace."

"So, you're the one who gave it to me? I've been wearing it since you gave it to me…" I said as I walked towards her.

She nodded and said, "I'm glad that you like it, Sato-san."

I couldn't stop myself so I hug her and thanked her.

"Because of this necklace, I never thought of giving up. Thank you… Shoko-chan."

She quickly pushed me away. Her face is all red.

"You're really cute, Shoko-chan." I laughed.

"Please, stop. I don't want… I don't want…" she stammered.

"You don't want to fall in love to me…" I continued for her.

She just nodded.

"Shoko-chan… Let's become a celebrity together. And… Become my partner forever."

"I can't… Sorry…"

"Those people who will talk bad things about you are big stupid. So, don't mind them. Just ignore them. If they said something bad to you, I'm here to protect you…"

She stared at me. I love her… The way she looked at me, the way she smiled, the way she cried… It's really cute. And I want to protect this cute girl of mine.

"Shoko-chan, be my partner forever."

She nodded cheerfully and smiled at me.

"Shoichi-kun, I love you." She confessed.

"I love you too." I responded to her feelings.

The End…