involved in our own lives
we had forgotten how to be

and on the occasion, i would strive
to make sure you still loved me

sometimes i never was too clear
even as you whispered in my ear,

that sometimes we are patient
but we think much too much

all the love that we have
we do not give enough

i know i could give more to you
but you've given me everything

i never wanted a two story house
or a fancy diamond ring

i just wanted to make sure i had you
and forever i always will

i was checking to see if you loved me
and it's hard to believe you still

i know i don't always follow up
on all our social plans

i'm a hermit on the inside
except with softer hands

this doesn't mean i don't like you
(trust me, this is not the case)

i just know i'll do something silly
and then come home in disgrace

so pardon me, my love
i know i'm not always there

i'm with you when you're eyes close
i'm the thoughts behind your stare

i know the distance isn't much
but you seem so far away

i hope that you still want me
i hope and wish and pray...