A/N: Another Britsh Authors assignment. This time, the goal was an emotionally charged monologue depicting someone about to face the thing they dread most, in the style of the final scene from The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus.


GIRL: [In Darkness] This isn't funny anymore, Derrick.

[Lights up on the GIRL, alone in the center of the empty stage.]

It's been and hour, now. You could have at least called. [Another gust of WIND. She looks nervously toward an unseen window.] But you probably forgot. You're probably lost in some videogame right now, and by the time you remember the movie will be long over. You know what, I'm not waiting. I'll just call you right now. [She crosses to an invisible phone, reaches for it. Pauses, looks back at the window.] I guess the roads aren't great. Maybe I'll try your cell, first. You always answer your cell. Unless…

[WIND. She bites her lip, hesitates. Draws back.] Better not. You shouldn't be talking and driving at the same time, anyway. Because that's what you're doing now, I'm sure. Driving, I mean. Driving nice and slow. Silly of me to worry. [WIND. A pause.] Oh, no. Please, no.

[She shakes her head dismissively.] That couldn't happen. You're just running late… [She crosses back to the window. A SIREN passes. She gasps, pulls away. Pauses.]

No, no. It couldn't be. That's- That's ridiculous. I mean, who's ever heard- It was just a movie. People don't… They don't… Please, let him be safe! I can't stand the idea of him- [She stops, unable to complete the thought.] Oh, please, please, please, tell me this was all just some huge misunderstanding, because I love him so much and this can't happened just because I wanted to go to a movie. I will not let this be my fault- [A deafening windy HOWL shakes the room again. The lights flicker. She takes a shaky breath.]

Listen to me. I must sound like some sort of lunatic, in here jumping at shadows and all these crazy things that aren't there. But that's me. Always too worried, always crazy, crazy, crazy. [A pause. She looks out the window for a moment. Whirls around in fury.]

Would it have killed you to call, Derrick? I would have taken two seconds- two seconds- to just pick up the phone and tell me you were going to be late. But instead, you leave me here all alone to go insane worrying about you, because I guess it never occurred to you that people don't cease to exist when they're out of your sight, and they care about you all the time, even if you don't, since you're too wrapped up in your own brilliant, shining glory to remember the rest of us. You know, I hope you don't call. I don't want to hear your stupid, fake little apology again. I wouldn't mind, if you were stuck in a snow bank somewhere, because then I'd never have to listen to you again!

[More WIND. The lights go out. A pause.]

Forgive me.

[The lights dim up, like the glow of candles.]

I didn't mean any of that, Derrick. I was just so… upset. Oh, please be okay.

[A phone RINGS.]

That must be you, now, letting me know that you're fine. [She hurries over to the phone. Stops.]

Or maybe it's not. It could be… them. I t could be-


No. It's fine. I'm just being stupid. I can answer a phone.

[Another RING- slower, louder, more intimidating. She pulls back her hand.]

But if it is, I don't want to know. I don't want to hear it.

[RING- still deeper, longer.]

Stop, please. Just leave me alone. There's no reason to call me because Derrick is just fine-


Because if he's not, I killed him by being selfish and demanding and not caring about the snow or him or anyone but myself. Oh God, how did I turn into this?


Stop! Please, go away. I'm not interested. I'm not going to listen to this. I won't let you tell me that he's gone. He's not gone! Stop trying to take him from me!


No! Please! Don't make this real! Please, just stop!

[A final RING- deafening, echoing. A pause. The girl swallow, reaches for the phone.]

Hello? Yes, this is she. [Slowly, mechanically, she sinks to her knees. The lights dim with her down to darkness.]