did you know redemption could taste so bitter?
...i'll take your cries of outrage as a "no"


with all this talk of deliverance,
what's one to think?

here we are wishing on rebirth
and the almighty salvation—
and we can't even bother to
give a damn about this lifetime?

with murder in the streets and
slits on our wrists, who's to
say we're not all destined for hell?


we long for the highest regards
and can't find the time of day
to give our solace to others.

because the gift of life is nothing
but an extended death sentence.

and we are nothing but sinners
who cry formercy!forpeace!forlove!

(but when will we ever deserve it?)


a/n: freedom of speech, right? but i am sorry if i've offended anyone.