I got out of bed, and my mother said, "Let's go to Russia!" So we got in the car and started driving to Russia.

But apparently Sweden was on the way, and while we were driving through, we saw a bunch of Swedish gangsters in a beat-up white van. They started shooting at us, so we drove off to the side of the road and went for cover inside a circular glass building where a bunch of homeless people lived. It was hundreds of stories tall, but all the floors were made out of glass, so you could see the floors above you and below you at any given time; there was also a hole at exactly the same spot in every floor, and it looked like jumping into it would send you plummeting to your death. We took refuge in this odd building for a while, until I got curious about what would happen if I jumped down the hole.

So, I jumped down it, and I was in school.

I looked up at the front of the classroom to see my eighth-grade teacher, Mrs. Rockwell, speaking enthusiastically about something to a class of varied age. Upon listening more intently, I realized that she was trying to get us to put together some 'Bash' for the end of school. She rolled in a television from the A/V room, put in a tape, and showed us some footage from the last Bash.

At first it was fuzzy, but by the time it came into focus, I saw four guys lined up beside one another. They were all wearing superhero costumes that looked like they'd been made out of cardboard and shredded tissue paper in a manner similar to piƱatas. Each one took his turn stepping up and declaring what his power was. I didn't recognize any of them, except the last one, who was my brother. And what he said was priceless. "I'm a superhero, and I can shoot lasers out of my Frisbees!" He then demonstrated by throwing two discs, and the tape fizzled out.

Mrs. Rockwell was about to say something about the video, but then we heard a roaring sound off in the distance. "Take cover, everybody!" Mrs. Rockwell shouted. "There's a glass storm coming!" So we all hid under our desks, like kids in the olden days used to do to try to protect themselves from nukes. We heard the roar get closer, and I saw the windows shatter, upon which I woke up.