For love of a nerd, I stayed up the night,

Gazed through the heavens,

Watched the stars scintillate

As they continued their precession,

Of those heavens they care nothing for.

I watched Orion run overhead,

Leaping from the south to north,

Chasing a dream for eternity.

I traced the path of Venus

As she wandered through the stars,

So bright, and beautiful,

No wonder the Greeks fell in love with her light.

I closed my eyes then

And imagined the swirling,

The bright red tumult of Jupiter,

Even that has a unique beauty,

That I would give anything to see.

Oh to traverse through the ether,

And ride among the shepherd moons,

That Saturn covets so greedily,

And yet one day, he may destroy,

I would give anything.

To swirl through the Kuiper belt,

Or dance among the plumes of

That daring Enceladus,

To watch the Helium rain down,

On the shimmering diamond of Jupiter's core,

Or visit Titan's methane sea,

I would give anything.

To watch the trapped ions dance,

As they try to escape,

The clashing of the solar winds,

And the magnetosphere that keeps us safe,

To listen to those whistlers,

That sing the tune of charge,

And pop and crackle as the winds rage on,

I would give anything.

Anything but you,

For I'm content to remain in your arms,

Remain confined to the stolid earth,

Observe the heavens from the ground.

I'll leave off my traveling and remain,

This Milky Way maiden,

Made of bright stars that gladly I'll lend you.

One view is enough of the moon for me,

If it is you and I that share the view.

I know all must fade, like Saturn's rings,

But I'll hold on as long as I may,

And keep you safe, treasured,

For your embrace is my bow shock,

That keeps me safe from the winds

Of hate that would otherwise destroy,

This fragile creature, whom

Amazingly, you accepted as your own.