Crowded streets
With many people
Walking right by
With warning signs

Can you see
Those little markers?
Can you sense
Those little siren calls?

The look of desolate eyes
And down-turned mouths
Are a sure sign
Of a soul being lost

The slump of the shoulders
The tangled snarls of hair
Are two little signs
Saying 'I need a friend'

An open mouth
And a disheveled appearance
Are big arrow
Pointing out someone who needs you

Did you ever notice?
Ever try to?
Have you ever realized
That you were just seeing the cover?

These people
With all of these markers
Have put up a front
They're daring you to look past it

All you have to do
Is see the signs
Look past the masks
And really try

All these people want
Is something so obvious
And normal
Really basic

They need a friend
A shoulder to lean on
Someone to help
And they need you