"In My Outfit Tied Together"

by Shayne Edwin Pruett


In my outfit tied together,

For an instant and a second.

I can only fight myself,

And I can only right myself.

From the onset and the ever,

Ever lasting dying embers,

Indigent to my heart because only my heart remembers.

Adjacent to my liver,

Another place to breathe a song.

As many turn to one,

And as many sing a long.

We turn my house into a home,

Given a place to roam,

We always have to set our clocks,

To just above the tone -

Of clicking, beating hearts,

Because my phone is set to pulse,

Interwoven through my ribs,

Like planted trees to mulch.

Delightful to the touch and though it seems so strange,

I can only put my finger on a day just like today,

But on this day, just like today,

Like tomorrow and a day,

We can only sail a ship as far as we can see the bay.

We can always sail a ship too close but never far away.

We can try to sail a ship like this but not another way.

And we can only sail this ship right now,

Because I cannot take away,

Something I just traded my life for,

Something you gave away.