Midnight of the Dead Earth

Bats swirled across the night sky, blotting out the stars and the sliver of Moon that shone in the night. Atop a rise nearby the army encampment the bats spiraled together, melting and blending to form a pale, raven haired figure that shone in the moonlight.

A waiting man stepped forward, holding out a black cloak to the nude woman, "M'lady Butcher, welcome to Vancouver."

"Rachel," she snapped disdainfully. "Don't be a fool," she added as she pulled the cloak around her bare shoulders, "I'm not here for pleasure."

The brown haired man nodded, his gaze focused on the dirt. "Shall I lead you to the commander's tent?" he asked meekly.

"Please," she said as she casually walked towards the mass of tents were the army of the Queen waited to move.

Out on the perimeter of the camp werewolves snuffled along the ground, their great fur clad bodies rippling with muscle as the wolf like men scrambled about on all fours. The were-panthers kept a careful distance from the wolves as she kept a wary eye out, ready to leapt to action if the camp was attacked. The main body within the camp were mostly lesser monsters, including zombies,.witches and a lot of willing human servants.

"You don't smell human," Rachel noted as she followed her guide through the chaos of the camp, "what are you?" She felt the eyes of the monsters on her nudity, but she knew they wouldn't dare touch her. Her pale skin, bloody lips and red eyes marked her as a vampire, and there was always the risk she was a high born one too.

As they dodged a pit full of shambling undead the man smiled a bit shyly, "Just a simple were-rat, M'lady Rachel."

'Ah,' Rachel nodded slightly. The were-rats were the lowest order of weres, physically weak and gaining little from their transformation. There weren't at the bottom of the supernatural heap, but they came very close to it.

"Here we are," he said as they reached the black tent, large metal braziers burning beside it. The tent itself was made of black velvet, shimmering in the night, and decorated with ropes of red and gold cloth, rippling in the breeze.

'Gods, talk about tacky,' Rachel thought dryly. "Thank you," she told the were formally, "you have fulfilled your tasks well."

"I'm honored," he groveled a moment then bolted, fleeing from her almost as if he feared for his life.

Rachel smiled wryly, 'He probably has cause to be scared. He was probably chosen to greet me because he was expendable if I wanted a snack.' As she turned to enter the tent she mused, 'He's lucky he's not my type.'

The inside of the tent was as overdone as the outside, resembling a tasteless den rather than a commander's tent. Animal skin rugs hung on the walls and a fire blazed away in a carefully placed portable oven. Slave boys and girls were shackled to waiting poles, their naked bodies shivering with a mix of terror and excitement.

He looked up from where he had been studying plans of the city and the suirrounding terrain, his eyes more than a bit worried. "Lady Butcher," he bowed, "I am Count Leopold Argent. Welcome to the encampment."

"Hmm," Rachel made a soft, noncommital sound.

Taking that as encouragement Leopold unrolled the map, gesturing as he desperately explained tactical plans and troop emplacements, trying to make his situation sound as good as possible. He finally wound down after a few moments and found himself looking yp nervously under her steady gaze.

"Let me see if I understand the situation," Rachel stalked towards him, her eyes boring into his, "the city has thrown off it's proper overseers, the human rabble have driven us out...." She suddenly roared, "And you have done nothing!"

"No, no," Leopold yelped, "we're trying our best! But the human are using floodlights to burn us, holy water and...."

"Excuses!" Rachel hissed as she reached out with blinding speed and grabbed him by the collar, his fists striking uselessly at her.

Despite Leopold claiming the title of count he was a lesser breed, his blows barely making Rachel's breasts bounce. Coldly she grabbed him by the head as he made incoherent begging noises, then twisted with all her strength. His neck and spine broke with a sound like wet, rotting wood and he collapsed to the ground, drooling blood. Leopold might regenerate from it, given time and fresh blood, but Rachel had no intention of giving him a chance, picking up a knife and severing his head.

There was quiet in the tent as the vampire's body began to finally decay, years of abuse swiftly taking their toll on him. In moments he was no more,.only leaving a few broken pieces of bone and a thin slop. The bound slaves made soft sounds of distress, limited by their chains but still trying to get away from the wreckage.

Reminded of their presence Rachel turned to look at them, feeling a bit of pity for the poor beasts. "Can any of you speak?" she asked, knowing that many vampires cut out the tongues of their cattle.

"I... I can," a redheaded girl managed, her eyes damp with fear as she looked up from her hands and knees.

Rachel let herself go down to one knee as she met the girl's eyes. "Do not worry," she reached out to touch her cheek, "I do not harm without cause."

"Mistress?" the girl breathed out, feeling the woman's inhuman will rolling over her, washing her willpower away.

Rachel patted her cheek gently, "Good girl."

With that Rachel rose, her kind expression fading away, her cloak swirling around her as she stepped out of the tent into the darkness. A bulky, massively strong were-wolf looked at her suspiciously, his hair a odd grey as he stood beneath the night sky. "What happened to Master Leopold?" he growled out.

Rachel met his gaze, once again glad that werewolves were so often overconfident in their ability to resist vampire control as she purred, "I killed him." Their wills clashed invisibly as the far taller man shuddered, his muscles rippling as he tried to tear her apart. But her will held him restrained, stopping him cold.

The wolf crumpled, finally, reeling backward as she released her hold on him. "You're strong," he admitted grudgingly.

"Leopold failed the Queen," Rachel announced to the camp at large, "and has been removed. I will lead you in his place, and I promise you victory!"

"Yes!" several monsters cheered for her, but many others looked on with no clear commitment in their eyes.

'Good enough,' Rachel though as she smiled grimly. "Tonight," she announced as she unclipped her cape, "the first blow will be struck!" Without warning she raised her arms to the sky, dissolving into a swarm of bats as the warriors cried out in surprise.

The spotlights surrounding the city were powerful, strong enough to burn a weaker vampire like Leopold. Rachel, on the other hand, could fly high enough the light was weakened, and her natural strength could carry her over. The holy water was uncomfortable, admittedly, but it didn't stop her bats from spreading out over the city.

The towers that once belonged to the city's lord were burned rubble, now, but Rachel found where the rebels gathered The bats swung around the old city hall and if Rachel could have sniffed in disgust she would have. The defenses were pitiful, only locked doors and windows supposedly keeping her out, along with a few guards.

With the ease of long practice Rachel watched the guards, waiting til one was out of sight then diving on him unawares. He barely made a sound as her fangs dug deep, gulping just enough blood to enslave him to her will.

"Open a window for me," she ordered softly, "tell me where the mayor is then carry on as if you never saw me."

"Yes, mistress," he slurred, relaying the information, walking over to the building and opening up the window before stumbling back to his patrol.

The story about Vampires being invited in was a myth, but it probably came from the concept that they couldn't break in. Rachel often wondered if it related to the aura of a house, that maybe those energies prevented, but it was hard to guess.

Banishing such philisophical thoughts Rachel slipped inside, walking down the deserted halls and up to the second floor. Closing her eyes to focus her concentration she turned and silently stalked down the upper hall till she reached the right door.

Silent as a ghost Rachel opened it, then nearly spoiled everything by laughing at the sexy blonde that lay on the bed. She had a cross dangling on a choker around her neck and cloves of garlic around, all totally useless despite all the folk tales and legends. With a smile Rachel stalked up to the bed, kneeling down beside the blonde.

"I'm sorry," Rachel murmured, "nothing personal."

Even as Rachel's voice brought the Mayor to wakefulness the vampiress struck, her fangs burying themselves in her pretty neck. With a almost feral hunger Rachel drank deep of the woman's blood, a unholy almost sexual thrill racing through her body. Only as she felt the woman's heart slow did she pull back, stopping as the woman's heart came to a halt.

"The rebels aren't going to like this at all," Rachel smirked as she walked by the bed and picked up a antique chair. Casually she tossed the chair at the window, shattering it and setting off several alarms. As the sounds of running feet filled the hall she resumed bat form and soared out the window, rising up to the night sky once more.

To be continued...?

Notes: This is a sort of 'bad guys rule the world' kind of fiction, so if that sort of thing offends you I suggest not reading chapter two. This, like most of my fics, will have yuri too.