Midnight of the Dead Earth


Vampires, oddly, were both the most powerful among the supernatural creatures and the most vulnerable. On one hand vampires were physically powerful, fast healing, limited shape changers and potentially immortal. Yet they HAD to have human blood. Unlike other monsters that could hunt beasts, they required at least some human blood... or they would die.

Catherine lead her patrol back to the camp as she considered that situation. 'I'm almost tempted to try to wipe out the remaining humans,' she admitted, 'make the vampires starve.'

The problem was, weres had human-like blood. If they wiped out all the humans, would the vampires next turn on THEM? Butcher had drank the were blood that had splattered on Catherine with no ill effects. So...

'Sadly, I have no wish to be a vampire's prey,' Catherine decided.

Suddenly Buck and a group of his werewolves charged by, apparently chasing down a were-rat for no reason other than they could. They pounced, tearing at the screaming were until they brutally silenced it.

'On the other hand, feeding THEM to the vampires would not trouble me at all,' Catherine noted bleakly.

Buck made a startled 'wuff' noise as she bodily grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. "What?" he growled out.

"If you HAVE to play with something, kill a human slave. We need even the weaker weres," Catherine said coldly.

"I do what i...," Buck started, then she grabbed him by the throat. "Urk!"

Catherine tightened her fingers, letting her claws pierce the skin. "Do not defy me," she purred dangerously.

Buck felt the prickling and knew she could tear his throat right out. It wouldn't kill him, but it would hurt like hell as he healed. And she was fast enough he would probably be dead quickly after that... "All right, all right," he gave in.

Catherine let him go, swiftly kicking him away as she did. Letting him stay close might have lead him to try attacking her, after all.

"Ooof," Buck grunted as he hit the dirt.

Catherine tensed, wondering if he'd try to jump her. But no, he shook himself, then stalked off with his budies.

'Which shows he's not THAT dumb' Catherine sighed. She would have liked to have had a excuse to disembowl him...

"You wanted him to go for you, hmm?" the seemingly human woman noted.

Catherine smiled coolly as she turned to take in the redhead looking at her thoughtfully. Jessica was her equal amoung the witches that allied under the vampire overlords, so she had to treat her politely. "Of course," she agreed, "puppies need to be disciplined occassionally."

"Ha," Jessica smiled. "You want him dead," she corrected as the were-panthers dispersed, the show over for now.

Catherine just shrugged.

The witches were a smaller group here in Butcher's camp, but a powerful one. While appearing human they were a seperate breed, with both mental powers and a ability to shape nature's forces as well. They also scented slightly... off from other humans. Luckily so, since otherwise the weres in camp might turn on them.

"The Mistress has talked of sending a expedition up to the dams powering the city," Catherine noted as they walked together. "Your thoughts?"

"I won't enjoy all the running water," Jessica shuddered, the sweat shirt and jeans clad woman adding, "but we can probably get up there. But how do we stop it?"

"Hmm?" Catherine looked confused.

"We can disable the equipment, probably," Jessica offered, "but the generators and such... no way. And any damage we do cause won't be permanent."

"Fuck," Catherine blinked as she digested that. "I was sio busy thinking about how we'd get there, I hadn't considered that. Explosives?"

"We'd need something like that," Jessica agreed, "and an expert to use them. I certainly don't feel comfortable with playing with blasting caps and such."

"Agreed," Catherine nodded wryly. Witches tended to foul up technology when they were near it. And weres... generally were not that technically inclined. "I'll talk to Butcher about finding a willing human to assist."

That was going to be complicated too, Catherine knew. Humans were generally not trusted, even when they joined willingly. And they were especially not trusted with powerful weapons... and explosives would certainly be considered THAT.

AS Jessica moved away she added, "The coven is having a party later. Our fall celebration. You would be most welcome."

"I'll think about it," Catherine said, smiling wryly.

Jessica snickered. "I'll keep them from jumping you, this time..."

Catherine just waved as she headed off. The last time she had attended a Witches party, someone had spiked the drinks. Several VERY intoxicated men and women had shown interestin her, and she had barely escaped with her dignity intact.

'I remember Jessica was in the lead of attempted ravagers,' Catherine noted. 'Wonder if that was intentional...?'

Off in the distance the ghouls and zombies howled restressly, wanting to hunt and feed. Thankfully they were kept near the outer edge of the camp, both from the noise and the smell.

She reached Rachel Butcher's tent a few moments later, nodding to the guard. "Is she seeing visitors?" she asked.

"I think she's feeding," he answered cautiously.

"Ah," Catherine nodded. She thumped the thick pole that supported the enterance as she called, "May I come in?"

There was a wet, sucking noise, then a voice replied, "Come in, then."

Catherine ducked inside, her eyes taking a moment to adapt to the dim lights within.

One of the young women slaves was sprawled out on the rug covered floor, moaning incoherently. Butcher was lapping gently between her legs, then pulled back as Catherine entered.

"Oh my lady..." the slave girl whimpered.

"Later, sweetness," the vampire rose, then wiped some blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

Catherine gulped, feeling a twinge of arousal at the... profoundly sated look on the human girl's face. Was being drank from THAT good? Really? She forced herself to not think about it...

"Sorry to interrupt," Catherine said flatly.

Rachel Butcher looked visibly amused at her discomfort as she walked over to her throne like chair and sat. "It's fine," a fairly mellow Rachel replied, "a fine meal can wait a bit."

'Wonder what she thinks of being called a meal?' Catherine sort of eyed the dazed young woman. "There are complications with our plan to raid the dam," she said aloud and explained.

Rachel looked amused. "I was wondering when that would occur to you," she noted.

Catherine wondered if she was bluffing, but decided it didn't matter. "Should we change plans, ma'am?" she asked.

"No, I think we should go ahead," Rachel decided. "We don't need to destroy the dam, after all," she noted.

"Just disable it long enough to attack the city?" Catherine noted.

"Most of the defences rely on electricity. We'll be able to retake the city easily once the power is cut," Rachel noted.

"How soon do you want us to go?" Catherine asked respectfully.

"As soon as possible," Rachel said, "tho I'm aware of the issues. Hunt as you travel, to reduce the supplies you carry."

"Will do," Catherine bowed slightly. "excuse me."

As Catherine left, she saw Rachel get up and advance on her nubile slave girl, licking her lips hungrily...

To be continued...

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