When I next opened my eyes I was alone in a room. Not that calling it a room did it any justice, there was a king sized bed, a desk, a large cabinet containing God knows what, a bookcase, a bedside table and a large sofa. It seemed like a really posh hotel room but I was fairly certain the vampires hadn't gone to all of the effort of capturing us just to treat us to a nice hotel break. There were two doors, I tried the first and it led to an equally lavish bathroom, I tried the second and nothing happened besides the door rattling a bit. Locked. Not that that was exactly a surprise.

It was better than being locked in a cold cell I suppose, but part of me would prefer that. Prefer to have another reason to hate them. I wanted to be uncomfortable here, not cuddled up in warm sheets. It made me feel like I was here voluntarily rather than being captured and while some people may find that a good thing it did nothing more than make me want to start throwing things around and screaming. I held back the urge though, I wasn't interested in attracting their attention any sooner than necessary.

Being alone was freaking me out a bit, not so much because of the fact that I was alone, but because it meant I had no idea where the others were. They could be in similar rooms next to me, or they could be dead. I had no way of knowing. I tried to push that thought out of my head, it was not a thought that was likely to help me keep a clear head, and that's what I needed right now more than anything else.

It hurt a bit that they hadn't bothered cuffing me or tying me to anything, it was as if they were telling me how little a threat I was to them. To be honest they'd be right, I knew I couldn't take any of them on and have a chance of hoping. At the end of the day we were all only human, whereas the Pandothiels had the benefits of good training, quicker than average healing and sharpened senses. They were nothing in comparison to a vampire's powers, but still far stronger than the average human. And being as weak as I was I doubted I even counted as the average human. It was a depressing thought.

I heard a door slam shut somewhere outside my door and I froze, trying to hear anything. There was a mumbled conversation going on somewhere nearby but my hearing wasn't good enough to pick out any specific words. I still didn't move, hoping that I'd be able to hear some vital piece of information that would help me escape this place but even as I listened I knew it was a waste of time. They may be many things, but vampires weren't stupid. Or at least not most of them.

Some vampires lived on the outskirts of vampire society by themselves and had very little interaction with other vampires. All of the vampires we'd ever killed had been of this kind. However the vampires in this town lived together and worked together, making them far more dangerous than any other vampires that we encountered. Add that to the fact that we were only a town over from the Vampire Council which housed an unknown amount of vampires, but it was likely to be in the hundreds. Basically, we were screwed with no chance of escape. We'd been pretty screwed when we were running from them before but now they all knew for sure what we looked like and they'd know our individual scents so even if a miracle happened and we were able to escape it would be child's play for the vampires to find us.

I felt a tear slip down my cheek and blinked my eyes furiously, the last thing I wanted was for them to come in through that door and find me being a stereotypical weak female who started crying the moment she was captured. I was well aware that there would probably be times later on that would justify crying, but that time was not yet. It may not be far away though.

There were footsteps down the corridor and more mumbled conversation that I failed to hear well enough to get even an idea about what they were talking about and then there were more footsteps and I heard them stop nearby. Then a door was being unlocked, opened, and closed. I hoped that one of my friends was in that room as it would mean they were still alive. But it would also mean that they were alone in a room with one of the vampires who had captured us.

I tried listening but I couldn't hear anything and it frustrated me. I punched the wall with my fist and tears sprang to my eyes as I had to cradle my fist against my chest in pain and instead settled for glaring at the piece of wall in question. Clearly hitting walls only worked either in films, or if you were strong and unfortunately for me I wasn't strong and this sure as hell wasn't a film.

I sat down on the floor leaning against the bed, refusing to actually sit on the bed partly because I was scared to fall asleep and partly because I was still hating the fact that the room was so comfy and didn't look like the stereotypical cell. I was still cradling my hand to my body and I focussed on the waves of pain that were still going through it. It was strangely calming, by focussing on the pain I could push other unwanted thoughts, like thoughts about my friends, out of my mind. And it was like that that I drifted to sleep again. I tried to fight it when I felt sleep coming to me but I was just so tired that the effort required to stay awake was too exhausting to consider and so I closed my eyes.