Teeter Totter Conversations

Chapter One

Singing with Lilly

I can see he says what he means, I can say what he means when, he says that I'll pretend that we didn't pretend when all I want to see is the end of this. I can see he says what he means we'll deal him sticks and stones and apologies. I wish. I wish it was, through...

I continued singing the song for the kids in front of me. They were all smiling and clapping to the rhythm of my acoustic guitar. I was smiling too. I absolutely love kids, so having a whole class of them, dancing and swaying because of something that I'm doing, makes me feel great.

The park is beautiful this time of year, so I can see why the teachers chose now to bring the kids on a field trip here. The trees are swaying in the cool spring breeze and the grass is the greenest it's ever been. The flowers in the field just add to its beauty. The whole field was littered with fresh white daisies, pretty pink and yellow tulips, and lavender. The whole place seems to glow. I could practically see faeries dancing about through the flowers.

I got lost in the song and just played and sang. The notes filling me ears and the vibrations from the guitar flowing throughout my body. When the song ended, I took the light-brown leather strap off my shoulder and popped a squat in the middle of some flowers.

All the kids seemed to follow my lead and took a seat in front of me. The young teacher did too. I smiled at all of them and they smiled back. It was a comfortable silence but I guess the kids wanted to ask some questions. Not that I minded. In fact I was more than happy to answer them.

"When did you learn the guitar?" The red haired girl asked shyly. I smiled at her and replied, "I learned how to play when I was about nine."

"How old are you now?" Asked a boy with short blond hair. Again I smiled when I replied.

"I'm eighteen. How old are you?" I asked him right back. He grinned and excitedly said, "I'm eight and half!" I grinned.

"Your pretty." Said a skinny girl with long brown hair and thick glasses. My cheeks tinged a pale pink while I said, "You're pretty too. I love your glasses."

Two little boys snickered but I ignored them. I wasn't lying. The girl is really pretty, and the large, thick-black-framed glasses really make her blue eyes pop. Her delicate face seemed to glow at the compliment. We smiled at each other for a moment before the teacher asked a question.

"If you're eighteen shouldn't you be in school?" She asked. I could sense some disappointment in her voice. It wasn't needed though.

"I graduated early." I said to her. She seemed to accept my answer and smiled.

"Miss. Christine, can we play tag?" A tall lanky boy with brown hair asked her. I guess that's the teachers name.

"Sure." She said to him. Then turning her attention to the rest of the group, "Anyone who wants to play, needs to go over to Miss. Taylor." All the kids ran to Mrs. Taylor across the field. Except one.

Little miss black glasses.

"Don't you want to play with the others?" I asked her curiously. She looked down, shaking her head while blushing and smiling. She looked up and was still smiling. I smiled back.

"What's your name?" I asked her. She smiled and said, "Lilly. What's yours?" I smiled and replied, "Daisy."Her face lit up and she got excited. "We're both flowers!" I smiled and rose my voice in excitement too. "We should call ourselves 'The Flower Girls'!"

She giggled and moved and sat criss-cross across from me so our knees were touching. She smiled and help her hands up in the middle of us. I did the same, but didn't touch her hands. She moved one of her hands back towards her shoulder but kept the other in place. I followed her other hand and still didn't touch it. I've played this game before.

We continued to move our hands and pedal dance until she stopped moving her hands and put them in her lap. I did the same and smiled.

"What do you want to do now?" I asked her. She smiled and pointed to my guitar. I smiled and picked it up and placed it in her lap. She delicately dragged her fingers all over the guitar as if she would break it by adding pressure. I smiled again.

"Would you like to play something?" I asked. She nodded and then said, "I want to but I don't know how."

I just smiled at her. I then looked over to her teacher, silently asking if it was okay that she sits on my lap. She seemed to understand and nodded to me.

I looked back at Lilly and she climbed onto my lap, her back facing my front. I took her hands in mine and placed them on the neck and body of the guitar. "Now, put you hands just like this," I said making a simple bar chord. She copied my hands while I continued, "And then strum up and down with this hand." She did what I said and I could tell she was smiling by the way her cheeks were lifted.

"Alright, now, move your hand down to the next set of frets." She did as I said while still strumming. I smiled and said, "You've got it! Now after you strum twelve times, up and down, on those frets, move to the other frets that I showed you. If you do the same thing over and over you have a song."

"Okay." She said while smiling. After she continued doing that by herself, I started singing.

Autumn fallin' from trees. The snow is up to our knees. I let you borrow my keys, to sleep in my room. And you threw away my shoe, and I brought you central park zoo, and then I drew your eyes very blue and I stuck them on the fridge. And I believe it was you, who I wanted to be walking next to. And I believe we will be friends. And I believe we will be again...

Lilly kept playing while I kept singing till the end of the song. When we were done, Lilly pulled the guitar off her lap and gently set it on the ground. I was about to ask what she wanted to do again, but I was beat to it by Miss. Christine.

"Alright kids, it's time to get on the bus to take you home!" She yelled. I frowned a little. I was having fun.

Lilly stood from my lap, only to turn and give me a big hug. I hugged her back tightly, but being careful not to hurt her. After a moment she whisper in my ear. "Thank you Daisy for teaching me that song. And for telling me I'm pretty." I pulled back and looked in her eyes. "Your welcome Lilly, thank you for staying and hanging out with me. I had fun..." I paused a moment before adding, "And don't let anyone tell you you're not pretty because it's not true, okay?"

She just nodded and hugged me tight again, while I returned it. When I pulled back we both smiled and I said, "You should probably go now hon, but come back and visit sometime with your Mom or Dad, 'kay?" She smiled again and nodded to me before, running to catch up with her classmates. When the bus started leaving I could faintly see Lilly waving to me. I waved back smiling before I leaned back in the grass, closing my eyes and letting the warm sun soak into my skin.

My long brown hair and knee-length pink dress were being ruffled by the breeze. I started humming a nameless tune before I felt myself start to nod off into dreams of faeries and sunshine...

Songs mentioned are...

"Cradle" by The Joy Formidable


"Autumn Fallin'" by Jaymay

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