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Groaning, Ryan rubbed her aching forehead against the cool tile edge beneath her before pushing herself up on her hands and knees and forcing her eyes open. Oh shit. She gasped in horror at her dizzying height, scuttling backwards until she felt the hard cool stone wall at her back before wrenching her eyes shut. Ryan's form trembled slightly. She so did not do heights. Sucking down deep breaths of the cool night air to calm herself with, as she tried to figure out how she'd landed herself on the roof of all places. It was times like this when control over where she landed when she just popped into existence in this realm, would come in handy.

Inhaling deeply, she took in the aroma of pine and the soft sweet scent of the grass field and something else. Something spicy, male and all too familiar. She braced her feet against the sturdy tile shingles and opened her eyes slowly, even though all she wanted was to fold in on herself, her eyes unconsciously scouring the darkness for the man that matched that scent. Although, god she was not looking forward to running in to him. Their last encounter still left her feeling like a complete and total ass.

"Hn. I thought I'd find you up here." The foreign and yet familiar voice made her head turn in its general direction. It was the dark haired deamon from a few nights ago, with the freaky white eyes. He was standing off to the side a ways to her left, about three yards from her, staring down at something in a bored disinterest. Although she had to lean forward and strain to see, on the ground spread out as if he were truly home- and she supposed in a way he was- was the prince of deamons himself, sporting his own detached unamusement as he looked up in the other man's face.

"Didn't know you were looking." Came his bland reply. Ryan blinked his voice revealed alot of what she couldn't see on his face. He sounded tired. Completely exhausted. And not just in the 'I really need a good night's rest or three' kind of way. As if to confirm what she thought, the other deamon took a long look at his prince before commenting in a flat voice.

"You look like shit." Sable rubbed his hand over his face as if trying to make himself more alert, the aggravation rolling off of him in waves. She half expected him to fillet the poor deamon on the spot, more than certain it was not acceptable to talk to your monarch like that.

"I feel like shit." He stated unexpectedly, "most likely due to the fact that I haven't slept in 43 hours." The dark haired deamon sat down next to him and a comfortable silence settled around them for a minute.

"How did it go?" He asked silently.

"Exactly how you think it went."

"That bad, huh?" Sable turned to face him and from her hiding place she could see his expression. He was absolutely calm and Ryan was struck with how incredibly handsome the deamon prince was.

"They were talking war in there, Night. A couple days tops, and all hell breaks loose." The dark haired deamon, Night, snorted in disbelief before tossing his prince as sideward glance.

"War, huh? I hope you told those fuckers to bring it. I'm more than ready to serve them their asses." And he looked it too. There was a bloodlust on his face that completely contradicted his calm demeanor from the other day and made him look scary enough to give Michael Myers a run for his money. Although she was beginning to suspect that was a deamon thing. "Hell, we can go launch a first strike right now, just the two of us. Save them the trouble of declaring war on us and have some fun in the process." Sable quirked an eyebrow at him and turned to face his general direction.

"That's practically suicide. Ugye így fárad a légzés?" Tingles rushed up Ryan's spine at the sound of Sable's voice as he spoke his native tongue and she tried to ignore it the best she could. She really needed to learn this language…

"Csak a lélegzet ellenségeim kilégzéskor." Night responded in like tone. That almost made Sable grin but he turned away before she could see it.

"Beszélt, mint egy igazi tábornok." There was a hint of pride in the deamon prince's voice that made Ryan wonder exactly what the relationship between these two was. Obviously they were close and respected the hell out of each other.

"Not really," Night grinned evily, "I just like to get my hands dirty." The peaceful silence descended again as Ryan started to feel woozy, The scene before her swimming before her eyes. There was a slight pain in her head and she badly wanted to cradle the appendage in her hands but was desperate not to draw attention to herself.

Don't you know eves' dropping is rude?

Her eyes widened at the thought. The bored voice echoing in her head was not hers. She turned her head to meet Night's distant gaze, his colorless pupils glowing in the darkness, just before everything went dark.

Ryan blinked her eyes open, feeling like she'd just gotten run over by a Mack truck as she pushed herself up on her elbows vaguely realizing that she had been placed in a bed somewhere. Most likely in the guest room upstairs. The first thing that came into focus was the irritated expression on her mother's face as she leaned over her.

"Really Ryan, is it that difficult for you to sit through one family dinner with us? All this 'passing out' for attention is so high school. If you were going to just act out like this, you didn't have to come, you know." Susan Parks remarked as she glanced disapprovingly at her daughter who blinked and looked at the older woman blearily before lying back down with a groan. Why couldn't she have just stayed unconscious, Ryan wondered.

Tell me this woman is not serious. Acting out? Passing out for attention? As if she had ever done anything like that. There was a slight knock at the door before the door cracked open and William Parks stuck his head in, his expression full of worry as eyes scanned the room. His voice was taut.

"Is she awake?" Ryan smiled tensely up at the ceiling before she attempted to push herself up again despite the fact that it made her head spin. As soon as her father's eyes landed on her relief flooded his face.

" Hey daddy." the older man pushed his way through the door frame, giving her a slight nervous grin.

"Hey pumpkin, you gave us both quite a scare there. How are you feeling?"

"Better." She suddenly felt like she was seven again and had fallen out of the tree in the front yard and twisted her ankle or something. It seemed like forever since she had her parents fussing over her and it was a little disconcerting.

"Are you sure, I was just going to call a Physician…"

Susan huffed and pinned her husband with a scolding glare. " She doesn't need a doctor, William, she was faking it and why you encourage this nonsense from her is beyond me."

" I'm fine dad, really." Ryan pushed out through clenched teeth, If she didn't get out of this house soon she was going to strangle that woman, "If I just go home and get a little more rest I'll be okay by tomorrow." She pushed the blankets off of her and sat up straight to the feeling that her brain was sloshing around in her head like water in an unsteady fish bowl. Her father came up to her side to steady her.

"Maybe I should drop you off home? I don't want you driving like this. Or why don't you just stay here tonight?" he urged. Ryan started to shake her head no when her mother fixed her with 'that' look.

"Well you might as well, while you're still welcome." she huffed before standing and stomping off somewhere, muttering." I swear! You try to have one family get together and… swear she doesn't get it from me…"

Ryan gaped at the older woman's retreating figure before looking at her father. "How do you stand it? It's like living with a toddler!" she exclaimed as the man chuckled and pat her on the back gently with a grin.

"You know how your mother is, and what can I say? The woman keeps me on my toes. So you're staying tonight." Despite his loving smile his tone left no room for argument.

"Only tonight." she glared up at him. She hated being pushed into anything, maybe it was the law student in her but she wasn't one to be man handled into doing something she wasn't all for. William Parks recognized that particular trait in his daughter and his grin grew before he bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"That's my girl. Why don't you get some rest?" As her head hit the pillow, Mr. Parks turned out the light and shut the door behind him, leaving Ryan in the dark.

Sable's unnatural green eyes snapped up to meet hers as soon as she entered the room, purely from reflex. Unused to stalking, even when she was trying to be quiet, the human made a lot of noise. Her breathing, her movements, every single foot fall. Sable was aware of it all before she even approached. But that still didn't prepare him for the reaction his body threw off. His breath caught in his throat on a low growl and his muscles tightened in his arms and chest before he forced himself to relax. Fight or flight response, although he didn't know why the hell he felt like she was a threat to him. It was obvious she felt it too because Ryan froze as soon as her eyes landed on him, looking as if she wanted to bolt from the room. Not that he blamed her, it seemed like they'd been walking circles around each other ever since her initial meeting with the Grand Council. As it was he had no idea what to think of her at the moment.

Ryan wet her lips nervously and ran her palms against her pants, in an attempt to tone down the tense aura in the room. Sable's glowing orbs stayed stamped on her the entire time, illuminating the dark room, as she racked her brain for something to say. From what little she could see, she deduced that she was in the kitchen or kitchens. There were large pits, most likely for cooking, and long metal tables laid out for preparing food one of which Sable was leaning over.

"You're up late." She observed as she crossed her arms over her chest to stop her hands from indulging in her age old nervous action of rubbing the fibers off of whatever pants she was wearing. Sable quirked a silent eyebrow at her opening statement and Ryan had to fight the heat she felt crawling up her face. That was a stupid thing to say. She tore her eyes away from his only to have it drop down to the object on the table in front of him. About the size of a football, the entire thing was a deep purplish black, smooth and glossy towards the top and covered in half inch, dangerous looking, yellow spikes towards the bottom. She moved unconsciously forward and frowned down at it.

"What is that?"

"A dragon's heart." Sable answered simply before cleaving the spiked end off with the knife she didn't even realize he had. The inside was smooth and fleshy, a stark white color, while a thick pulpy crimson liquid oozed out of it's center. She felt her stomach turn as the deamon started scraping the out the red center and slicing the object into pieces. Ryan watched the red ooze drip of the side of the table and had to hold in her gag.

"Ugh… Please tell me you aren't going to eat that…" His gaze flicked up to the slightly ill expression on her face and he shot her a look of confusion.

"I am." his deep voice resonated as he thrust a piece out to her in offering and she actually paled as she stared at it in horror. Clearing her throat, Ryan looked up to refuse, because there was no way she was eating that, when her panicked grey eyes met his challenging green ones. There was amusement there, somewhere, but it was barely visible behind the whole 'I dare you' aura he was putting off. That look alone was enough to give her a new wave of confidence and narrowing her eyes, she took the pro-offered piece and bit into it before she could think twice.

The flesh of it was soft and tangy. Sweet, tasting something like a peach and a blackberry with the texture of an apple. Her eyes widened in surprise as they flicked back up at the deamon prince.

"It's a fruit." Sable responded to her questioning glance, leaning back against the table behind him and resuming his silent study of her as she took another cautious bite, savoring the exotic flavor and texture of the fruit.

"It's delicious," she commented after a while, "I didn't think deamons ate fruit." Sable crossed his arms and fixed her with a stoic gaze.

"Well it's not the bloodied entrails of small children, but it's not half bad." Ryan choked on the piece she was eating and took a slight step away from him before she recognized the ice in his tone as sarcasm. Fixing him with an incredulous gaze, she coughed. Did he just make a joke?!

"That's not funny." He narrowed his eyes at her before letting out a soft growl of irritation. A week ago he would have been satisfied that she thought he was some kind of monster, but now it just irked the shit out of him. He could tell by the way she was trembling slightly, she was hoping that he was joking, because if he could do that to children, just what would he do to her?

"We don't eat anything capable of intelligent speech, so worry not, I don't find you the least bit appetizing."his voice bleed disgust as he turned away form her to continue slicing the fruit. On the heels of the relief that followed that revelation, Ryan felt like she'd just been slapped in the face. What the hell? Like she wasn't appealing enough for him or something?! Although she knew somewhere in the back of her mind that this line of thought was not only dangerous but incredibly stupid, that didn't stop it from feeling like she'd been harshly rejected.

"Really? Not in the least?" she taunted in her irritation causing Sable to turn slowly in her direction, looking at her as if she was some sort of anomaly. So now she wanted him to eat her?

"What is wrong with you? Don't you have any sense of self-preservation?" he questioned, his soft voice curious.

Ryan flinched at the accusation, her sense of shame returning to a degree. " Yes… usually…" and that was the truth of it but for some reason Sable made that part of her scarce and being alone with him was a perilous move on her part. She was a certain victim for him, the rabbit that was entranced by the wolf. Ryan took a wary step backward, suddenly finding the strange piece of fruit in her grasp enthralling, as she let that thought sink in. She was alone with Sable, Prince of deamons. Murderer, and that should have concerned her, frightened her much more that it actually did.

Sable studied her intensely, noticing the slight change in her. He made her uncomfortable. That much was blatantly obvious and for the most part he relished that. Making this human squirm brought him a sick sort of enjoyment, but then there was this despicable part of him, small though it was, that wanted to set her at ease. He cut his gaze form her, that familiar burning stinging his corneas.

"You insulted three of the most powerful deamons alive for a half-breed prince that would rather see you dead than cared for and you would have me believe that you don't lack self preservation?"

She should have known this was going to resurface between them. It was actually better to clear the air now than to have to avoid him for a couple more days. Taking a slow breath, the redhead met his eyes. There was something completely indiscernible in his expression.

"I may have been just a little careless when it comes down to it…" she admitted, wetting her lips nervously. Sable made a mocking sound under his breath as he met her gaze again.


Her eyes flashed in anger as she bristled. "Or stupid. Really stupid, is that what you're getting at? Because if I recall correctly, Your Majesty, you've made some not so smart moves yourself!" Despite the flint like temper he stirred in her, Ryan knew she was needling him on purpose. She wanted him to get mad in return. She wanted him to snarl and snap at her, to get violent. Raging Sable, pissed off and irritated she could handle him. But this recent deamon prince, the one who could compose himself enough to hold a decent conversation; This guy was unnerving. To her chagrin he moved closer, curious amusement plastered on his face, until he was towering over her.

"You've got quite the temper on you, don't you?" Ryan grit her teeth, it was all she could do to resist flipping him the bird. Oh, he was one to talk!

"And you don't?" She hissed, " At least I have a legitimate reason to be upset. I look at you wrong and you're jumping down my throat. Yes, what I did in that council room was stupid. I shouldn't have defended you and believe me, it's not a mistake I plan to make twice, but the least you could have done was thank me!"

Sable scanned over her, taking in the way her cheeks flushed pink and her eyes sparked fire as she glared at him and her hands clenched into fists. Her breathing elevated, making her chest rise and fall at steady intervals.

"Thank you."

Ryan blinked, the two softly spoken words hitting her like a punch in the stomach, and clenched her teeth just to keep from gaping at him. He was kidding right? He had to be kidding. Those were two words that she never would have expected the prince to say. Especially not to her.

"W-what?" she stuttered, awe sucking the anger right out of her.

Sable narrowed his eyes at her before turning his attention back to the fruit on the table. "Not that I needed help from you, in any case, but thanks anyway."

Wow. Well, that threw everything she thought she knew about Sable out the window. Sharing? Gratitude?! Something was off. Something was very, very off here. Ryan peered at him cautiously, allowing a moment of silence to slip between them.

"Why the gratitude all of a sudden? A few days ago you were perfectly contented to take my head off my shoulders."

"You want me to take it back, then?" he threatened, his green eyes focused on her, as he flashed his canines in a hiss.

"What I want is consistency, the truth and some answers without having to worry about - oh, I don't know- getting choked to death or locked in a room or threatened! How about that?" she hissed back through clenched teeth. He growled menacingly at her, gold creeping into his irises.

"Answers to what?"

"What's the big secret behind not telling people your name, for starters-" Ryan folded her arms over her chest as the deamon prince cocked his head to the side.

"I would have thought you'd have figured that one out by now given what I am." Those glowing green orbs captivated her as she gave him an 'I-don't-get-it' stare, prompting him to clarify with her gaze.

"I take it you've never heard of summoning a deamon before."

"Summoning?" Ryan choked out in disbelief. This was starting to get into all that crazy occult shit and for a person who hardly read fiction anything, she could totally believe someone could just conjure up deamons and who knows what else. That made complete sense. Not. Although she wouldn't have believed she could fall into a world inhabited by them while she slept either. Sable let out a slow annoyed breath before pinning her with his green stare.

"Summon: to send for, to call upon, to request or require someone to do something; shall I continue or are you familiar with the definition now?" Her eyes flared as her temper sparked at his slow, direct tone.

"Don't insult my intelligence. I wasn't questioning the definition of the word. Summoning how?"

"Right, because I'm really going to tell you that." Sable pushed away from the table. Ryan licked her lips and took up residence in his previously vacated spot, hoisting herself up on the table next to where he was standing. "Fine, then we'll strike a deal. You can plea the fifth on any question I ask but you have to answer the question after that truthfully." He quirked an eyebrow at that.

"Plea the fifth?"

"The fifth amendment to the Constitution. Uh- it's the structure of human law, at least in the country I'm from. It mean's basically you hold the right to not answer a question if it's going to incriminate-or in this case compromise-you in anyway."

"I wasn't aware this was an interrogation. Or is the privilege of questioning extended to me as well?" Ryan squirmed slightly under the prince's gaze as Sable propped himself against the table facing her, giving several feet in between them but to her the space seemed almost as claustrophobic as inches. She shrugged as she cut her gaze from his.

"Fair is fair." came her murmured response.

"Then you don't mind if I go first?" He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned showing entirely too much teeth and letting her know that wasn't a question or a request, but a statement. She gestured for him to go right ahead. "Alright, We'll start off easy. What's your full name?"

"Ryan Avery Parks." She stated without hesitation. No harm in answering that. Sable quirked a silent brow at her before turning away.

"Ryan Avery? You parents must have wanted a son."

"My mom did. I think she named me that out of spite for the fact I came out a girl. My dad didn't really care one way or the other. He always jokes that I'm the best son anyone could ask for." Ryan chuckled to herself as she got comfortable on the tabletop and he fixed her with a bored look.

"I don't know if that's an insult or a compliment."

"It's a compliment and it's my turn. What is your favorite color?" He gave her a look that clearly read what-the-hell-does-that-have-to-do-with-anything. "We're starting off easy, remember?" She reminded him as he made a sound of annoyance. It was a while before he responded.


Ryan smiled as she eyed the piece of fruit in her grip. "You know, I was expecting Gold or Black or something along those lines, but Blue- Blue is good too." She looked up at him, flashing her grin. When he wasn't threatening her life he was actually not so bad. Sable turned his eyes away from her but not before she could catch the gold flash in them. They seemed to do that a lot lately.

"I make you uncomfortable." she murmured, her eyes fixed on him curiously as he stiffened. He met her gaze and for a moment they just stared at each other, his eyes hard as they bored into her.

"No. You piss me off but that has nothing to do with my comfort level." his voice was stoic. He quirked his head to the side, " Why are you so interested in me?" His curiosity bled through that question making Ryan brake her gaze from his, clear her throat and shrug. She really didn't have a straight answer for that one. He intrigued her in ways not many people did. Not wanting to embarrass herself she responded with one of her erudite lawyerly non-answers.

"You're the first deamon I've ever met. Why wouldn't I be?" She took another bite out of the fruit in her hands, "It's my turn again isn't it?"

Sable leaned back and braced his hands against the edge of the table, his eyes meeting hers. Ryan studied him. He seemed calm enough. His position was deceptively laid back although she was sure he'd be up off the table and attacking in a split second if he needed to. The light from the moon filtered through the high open windows illuminating him in a way that was deceivingly angelic. Playing shadows on the muscles of his bare chest and arms… his abs.

"It is." his voice resonated through out the room, snapping her out of her reverie and for some reason bringing heat to Ryan's face. She ducked her head, focusing her attention on her dangling feet and the marble flooring.

"O-okay, let me think." Her eyes snapped to his as Sable made a sound of amusement, that sounded dangerously close to a chuckle. "What?"

"You've been pestering me since you got here with your questions and now that you're finally getting answers to them you have to think about it?" Ryan glared at him, more peeved with herself than anything.

"It's not-" she started only to be cut off as Sable slid off of the table top before turning towards the doorway.

"Come on." She stiffened.


Sable crossed his arms and gave her an un-amused glance. "Since you so adequately pissed of my Council they refuse to set a guard for you so I am station bound to keep and eye on you." The 'thanks a lot, you bitch' went unsaid but she was sure it was implied.

"So you're on babysitting duty?" It was kind of irritating that they thought she was someone who needed to be watched constantly. "I don't need a babysitter. I can look after myself, thank you. I'm a grown woman." She seethed. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I really could care less. It's either come with me or stay here and get killed in your sleep. It's no sweat of my back." Ryan stiffened as he turned started walking away. Sable's moods shifted so suddenly. One minute he was semi amicable and the next he was pissed again. Were all deamons this bipolar?! One thing was certain she was not going to stick around to find out.

"Wait." She ran to catch up with him and had to keep a brisk pace to match his long strides. "Where are we going?"

Sable paused and turned to face her, the moonlight making his gold green eyes glow even more than normal, glinting off his sharp canines as he grinned wickedly at her causing Ryan to take a step back. His single spoken word sent chills down her spine.


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