Author's Note

Before you read this, I figure there should be an explanation. I have a lot of stories I begin but never complete. Not just Tears of Blood (that is just the one story I posted and never completed). Sometimes, I get this idea and I want to write it so bad, but I don't know what happens before or after the scene. I mull on it for awhile, hoping the inspiration will come.

However, usually it never does. Sometimes I begin to try to set up for the scene I want but the setup alone makes me lose interest. A lot of the time, I have the beginning perfectly formed in my mind with no thought to the rest. I write these beginnings down hoping the rest will come, but once I've got that scene written… I'm done. The story just sits there in a folder in My Documents.

Now off on another tangent entirely. I just learned about . It is a great site for listening to music online. So I began searching for songs to add to my playlist. I searched Linkin Park because I love them of course. I found great songs I never heard from them before, but I also found the Opening to their Reanimation CD.

It starts with a violin and it's a haunting melody. Music is key to a lot of my short stories. If I had any talent for film, all my stories would be movies and I'd make sure all the right songs are playing at the right times. This song took me back to scene that has never made it to a word processor. Once, it almost made it on paper. Otherwise, the smallest thing will bring that scene to my mind. It's so odd and set centuries ago, I have no story for the scene, but the scene never leaves me.

That scene has prompted me to start Random Stories About Jane. I don't know how well this will take because I'm sure most people will more to know more. I already have people telling me that my 20 page short story should be longer, so one or two pages offering a brief glimpse of a story will hardly be satisfying. My question to you is: Is this better than nothing? Read and let me know.

Sandy :)