AN: So my first author's note was not as clear as I intended it to be. My random scenes are just that, random. The only tie is that the female character's name would be Jane, but not the same character. It's new to me too. So perhaps I'd feel the necessity to return to a certain Jane. In which case, if it was a short story, I'd post it as such. If it was just another short scene, I'll add an author's note letting you know one of my Janes is reappearing and what chapter she appears in first.

Nonetheless, here is another short story of Jane. This Jane will not be appearing in any future stories, I assure you.

What a Wonderful World

The roar of thunder was reduced to a quiet rumble as the now distant storm crept across the night sky. It barely registered above the raspy voice of Louis Armstrong which slipped through the velvet darkness of the room to mingle with the breeze coming in from the single window.

The breeze carried the coolness only a passing storm could bring with its break from the buildup of humidity. The window provided the only source of light, reflecting off the crystal raindrops clinging to the various shadows looming outside on the dark night.

The music lifted his spirit, as no doubt it was meant to. He felt playful and timed his strokes to the slow melody. Armstrong's optimism matched his own. The world was a wonderful place for a guy like him, rife with opportunity for the rich and good-looking.

He looked down at his partner. Her name was Jane. Exertion had her sweating, he wanted to lick her skin, taste her. She arched and writhed underneath him. As the music reached its crescendo, so did his thrusts. By the time the song meandered to an end, he was done and got up off the bed.

Naked and unabashed, he was still humming the song as he entered the washroom. A white towel lay on the counter waiting for him. His humming slipped into singing as he reached for the towel.

"And I think to myself," he crooned. He wiped the blood off the blade of his knife and inspected its cleanliness. "What a wonderful world."