Dutifully, she lifted her nightgown allowing her brother to relieve himself before tiptoeing back to his room.
She'd grown accustomed to these brief visits.
By the age of 15 she looked forward to them.
One night the following occurred:

The evening in question was shared by the girl's only friend.
Irritated by the presence of an outsider, he retired early.
Near dawn, while listening to the sound of her sleeping guest,
She grew restless.
She ventured, as she hadn't yet dared, in to his corner of the house,
Usurping voraciously, at tranquility's expense,
the delicate membrane of their intercourse.
The house was stirred through and through, though quietly so.
From placidity arose the half dormant intruder,
and quietly made way did she,
a tip toe through the halls.

Silently she came upon the ghastly scene,
In equal manner attempted she to flee,
But struck her did he violently.
Stood upon the murder scene, triumphantly serene,
the wicked pair
the love affair
and all that is obscene.