I couldn't believe it. They weren't serious. I swear, any day they were going to come up and tell me that it was all a joke.

Who was I kidding? My parents weren't jokesters. A week ago my parents had told me that they were moving me to live in a small town of Assiniboia in Canada with my grandparents. That was a week ago. Today was the big day and I sat in my room awaiting the shout to head into the car. Why? Because I needed to learn discipline and respect. At least that's what my mother said.

"They hate me." I groaned and sat on my bed. My life was too perfect for this to happen! A light buzz came from my pocket and I dug out my phone, whipping it open and holding it to my ear. "Hello?" I asked impatiently.

"Amber! Omigod…" It was Felicia, the wannabe from my last show. See, I was the best actress in Los Angeles. I had already been in three movies, on Broadway twice and just starred in a musical. Who wouldn't love me? Felicia rattled on about something unimportant.

"Felicia, I can't talk." I interrupted curtly.

"Why not?" The girl pouted on the other line, noticing my tone.

"I leave today, bimbo."

"Oh yea." Felicia remembered, stupidly. Not even realizing I had insulted her. "Well, have fun." She added cheerfully.

"Mise well tell a turkey to bark." I spat and snapped the phone closed.

"Amber! Time to go!" The voice of a traitor came from the basement. My mother. I pushed myself off the bed and trudged down the steps. When we were in the Lexus, I had to sit in the back. I scooted to the edge of the seat and put my head in between theirs as we pulled out of the driveway.

"Explain to me again why I'm moving away." I said.

My mother watched the road cautiously and let my father answer. "Honey, you told your teacher to eat a piece of shit." He reminded me. It wasn't really a big deal. I mean, he was the one that told me to stop doodling.

"Is that really so wrong? He started it." I defended.

"That is so wrong, Amber. Mr. Lervet didn't start it. You were disrupting his class." He countered. I moved back in my seat again, puffing out a frustrated breath and crossed my arms.

"It's not my fault that he's the most boring teacher at Anglewood High." I mumbled.

"And this is exactly why we're moving you." My mother said to end the conversation and the rest of the ride was silent.

The plane ride was horrendous. I had to sit by a four-year old and his disgusting dad. More than once I asked him to move to another seat but I was stuck with them. At one point, I was watching my movie and the little boy turned to me and ripped my head phones out and shoved the ear buds in his chocolate covered mouth. I was forced to buy new ones. How. Rude.

Finally after the horror had subsided, we reached the airport of Saskatoon. My grandfather was waiting in customs for me and I lugged my two suitcases to him.

"Let me take one of those." He offered and I gladly gave him the heaviest one. Picking it up, Grandpa Roger gave me an awkward one armed hug, which I discreetly cringed away from.

We made our way to his small car and loaded everything into the trunk and starting the car.

"You are getting too gorgeous, Amber." He complimented as we started out four hour trip.

"Thanks, Grandpa Roger." I mumbled, ungrateful. I already knew I was gorgeous.

"You know all the boy in town are going to be chasing after you."

"Yep." I replied. I didn't need an old man to tell me that. I flipped a blonde hair from my shoulder. Like I wanted a stupid town boy anyways.

"And you'll walk all over them." Grandpa muttered to himself. I let out a breath and looked out the window, already missing my life back home.

There was no more conversation for the rest of the ride. I didn't sleep; I didn't read. I just sat there, bored as hell, waiting for the nightmare to begin. School started tomorrow.

Did I mention I'd be living on a farm? We drove up and Grandpa Roger welcomed me to my new home. I couldn't help but mentally add in the temporary part.

The farm was huge. Huge, but old. The white paint was chipping and it looked like everything was falling apart.

"This is…interesting, Grandpa." I commented sarcastically. Grandpa Roger sighed and pulled my suitcases out of the trunk.

"Yea, it needs some work. We're having someone come down to do some renovations soon." He nodded and handed me one of the suitcases. I took it reluctantly. Why did I have to do work? Its not like I wanted to be here.

"Good." I replied looking around again.

"Well," my grandfather cleared his throat and pushed slightly at my back. "Let's get you settled in."

I sighed deeply and moved in, lugging my suitcase against the brown grass. Just before opening the door, I looked at Grandpa Roger. "The lawn could use some work too." And with that, I flicked an absent piece of blonde hair off my shoulder and stepped inside.

It was so much different from the outside. It was elegant and beautiful. The first room was the kitchen, to the left was the bathroom, and the right was a huge living room with beautiful wood floor and glass mirrored walls.

"This is beautiful." I said in a daze.

"Yea." Grandpa Roger cleared his throat again. "Well, it's your new home."

"My new temporary home." I added and I saw the look in his eyes. Grandpa Roger had been alone here since his wife, and my grandma, had died two years ago. I sighed and shuffled my feet. "Where's my room?" There was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me I should feel bad.

"The room beside the staircase in there." He pointed to the living room and I hauled my suitcases in, leaving Grandpa Roger in the kitchen.

When I walked in I noticed there were only one dresser and a small closet. Great. The good thing was that one whole side of the room was covered in mirror. Perfect to do my pre-shoot poses, though I was pretty sure I'd have to drive a long way to do any shoots anyways.

I picked up my suitcase and started unpacking. The sooner I was finished the sooner I could sleep. I had to look my best tomorrow.

Tomorrow I was to start school.