So after my ridiculously horrible class with Mr. Bronten and Adam, the rest of the day seemed to get better. It was like God decided to give me a wake up call that this town is less into famous people and more involved in their own silly lives to notice I was famous. There had to be at least some people like Adam that noticed and worshiped me like they should. So by lunchtime, when I walked into the cafeteria, I had decided my first step.

I needed to find a best friend in this hick-Ville.

My heels click-clacked against the marble floor of the small lunchroom and my mental search began. The first person I laid eyes on was Belle and Bradley was sitting and saw a little scowl work its way onto my face. What did she have that I didn't?

She's nice and sweet and trustworthy and you're just like Bradley said you were. A voice mocked in the back of my mind.

"Am not," I muttered under my breath. Softening my angry expression, my search continued and my eyes landed on three girls. One had light brown hair that was curls up expertly on top of her head, her skin was perfectly sun-tanned and her fashion-sense was perfection with a beautiful pair of short shorts paired with a bring pink tank top, catching the attention of everyone in the room. My eyebrows shot up as I considered her and went onto the other two.

The second girl was blonde, like me. Except that her color was paler but it worked amazingly for her. It brought of her bright ice-blue eyes and full pink lips. Her legs were long and sculpted and her chest and stomach were tight. She, however was clad in a light blue short skirt and a black cowl neck tee. Amazing. I idly wondered if she was a model as I pursed my lips and moved onto the next girl.

She was shorter than the rest but in a brave sort of way. She was dainty and petite. Her black hair fell against her dark-skinned bare back. It was bare because she wearing a very stylish, elegant dropped back top in pair with a pair of designer jeans.

I bet these three knew all about me. Knowing what to do, I purposely walked by Belle and Bradley's table, smiling sweetly and waving when they looked up and then stuck my nose in the air professionally and walked to the three girls.

"Hey." I said, a little bit of disdain leaking through my voice. They looked up and I watched as each of their eyes lit up with happiness and surprise.

"You're…" The blonde one started but was unable to finish. I smirked and looked at my soft manicured nails.

"Oh my gosh!" The shorter one half-whispered.

"Calm down, girls. It's Amber Torment." The taller one put in non-chalantly. But there was a curious spark in her mind and I could practically read her thoughts through them. Holy Shit. It's really her. And she's talking to us. Okay, calm. Breathe. Be cool! I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"Yea it is. You girls don't look like you belong here." I pointed out, gesturing to their outfits.

"We don't." Said the brunette. She seemed to be the only one to be able to talk so far in my presence. Maybe I was wrong about them…

"Yea, we totally moved here because of punishment… Like you!" The blonde one said kind of dumbly. She reminded me of Felicia.

"Omygosh. My dad totally flipped and threatened to take me out of the school when he heard you were moving here. How bogus is that?" The darker one put in.

"My dad wouldn't do something like that. He doesn't do anything to make me unhappy because he feels so bad for making me move here." The tallest added snobbishly.

"Right…" I answered all of their statements. They all seemed to grin when I spoke. Exactly the response I needed. "So you guys are certainly cooler than anyone else here so… are you going to tell me your names?"

"Right!" The brunette took charge. It was evident in the way her posture straightened and her eyes hardened. She was definitely the Alpha here. That could be a problem. "Well, I'm Melody." She introduced herself, batting her eyelashes gorgeously. Then pointed to the blonde. "This is Megan." Megan grinned proudly. Melody gestured to the shorty who curtsied playfully. I fought to keep the disgusted look off my face. "And this, is Gabrielle, or Gabby."

"Hmm," I said, pursing my full lips as I considered them. Gabby and Megan seemed loyal, it was Melody I was worried about. She seemed to think that she was on top of the universe. Ego's were hard to break. But I could manage.

"I need to eat!" Gabby said softly.

"Eating?" Megan said, making a puking sound and Melody and her laughed. My face remained calm. Apparently models weren't supposed to eat anything with carbs. Well that was all pretty much bull. Models were just on a very strict, no binge eating, anorexic eating, or anything of the sort.

"Yea, come on guys." Gabby tried to defend herself.

"I totally need nutrients, too." I cut in. Something about Gabby made me want to protect her. What's wrong with you, Amber? You only look out for yourself. It seemed like I was becoming like one of those crazy people with a devil on one shoulder screeching foul things in that ear and a glowing angel sitting on the other calmly explaining the right thing to do.

"Oh, yea I could totally eat something right now." Megan changed her mind instantly, smiling at me. I could totally imagine a tail sprouting from her ass and her tongue sticking out of her mouth like a golden retriever. I coughed as a laugh threatened its way out of my throat.

"You okay?" Melody asked. When I nodded, she continued, "I'm not hungry but I'll stand in line with you." She told me. When I started to walk in the direction of the line, I caught a glimpse of Gabby's face. The plain emotion on it said thank you! But within two seconds it was gone, replaced by a mask of superiority, making me confused as to whether or not it was my imagination.

While we stood in line, I listened to Melody prattle on about how annoying school was so far today. It took everything in me not to turn to her and scream at how annoying she was being. Instead, as I picked through the salads, finally choosing a chef salad, I said calmly, "Melody, you could let someone else talk for once, you know." The other two, who had both seemed a little shocked still to talk much around me, chuckled quietly at that. I didn't have to turn around to see the embarrassed scowl plastered on Melody's face.

Finally, lunch was over and surprisingly soon after that, school finished with a halt. I was stuck with three pages of algebra homework, two pages of biology and a paper to write in English. Wonderful. I wondered if they had nerds here you could buy to do your homework. Eh, probably not.

With that thought lingering through my head, I waited at the front doors for the annoying Adam to give me a ride home. Megan walked by me with Gabby and she waved slightly to me.

"Oh wait Megan!" I said. She stopped instantly with Gabby coming to a hesitant stop behind her. Megan grinned widely – and gorgeously – and came over to me.

"Yea, Amber?" Megan said hastily. Gabby smiled softly at me from behind her and I took the time to smile back.

"I was wondering if you were a model." I said loudly. The other girls here should know.

"Uh, uh," Megan stammered, obviously flattered. "No. Do you think I could be?" She asked me self-consciously.

"Not with confidence like the cowardly lion." I told her. She blushed. "How about you come over sometime and we can work on it and then head into… well, the nearest city with a modeling agency in it on the weekend?" I offered. I could practically see Megan's eyes brighten with excitement as her head nodded so fast I was worried about her getting whip-lash. I didn't dare look back at Gabby. A pity feeling had found its way into the pit of my stomach and I knew that I felt bad for her.

This stupid town was already doing weird things to me. I never used to have a conscience.

Just when Megan I had finished working out plans, Adam walked out. The look of disgust and confusion was evident on Megan's face but Gabby's was something else. Her face seemed to light up. Like she was excited to see him. Or, well, you know, like she was in love. Don't get me wrong I don't really believe in love but people always say that when a girl is in love they glow. That's what Gabby's face did. It glowed. Hmm, now that's interesting.

"Hey, Amber, are you ready to go?" Adam said without a look at Megan or Gabby. This boy was getting infatuated with me. Who could blame him?

"Yea, I'm ready." I answered a little more upbeat than usual. I glanced over at Megan. "Okay, you have my number just call when you want to come over this week to work." Megan nodded seriously. "Megan, I mean it, come anytime." I didn't need to add that she would be saving me from misery. Megan nodded her understanding. I then turned to Gabby, who was still looking at Adam like he was a god. "Uh, Gabby, I'll see you tomorrow, kay?" I said, trying to avert her attention. Her head whipped up to me.

"Uh, y-yea. See you tomorrow." She stuttered. The look in her eyes said, Damn, I've been caught! I nodded then turned back to Adam.

"I'm ready." And with that we left eh two girls and made our way to his truck. It was quiet as per usual but the air didn't have that awkward, tension between us. It was kind of comfortable actually. The silence was nice.

After the ten minuet drive, Adam simply dropped me off at the farm and, after saying a quick goodbye and explaining he had a lot of homework, drove away. Adam wasn't so bad. I turned on my heel, suddenly upset with my new liking to this guy and whipped open the front door with a scowl on my face.

To find my father sitting at the table with Grandpa Roger.

"Oh, hey Ams." Dad said lightly. As if him coming here were no big deal.

"Uh, dad, hey." I said cautiously, setting my purse down on the counter. "What are you doing here?"

"I brought you something." He said sheepishly. Grandpa Roger snorted. This was funny to him. I looked over at him confused. "I felt bad for leaving you here." Dad continued.

"Oh, Arnould." Grandpa Roger said, sounding more like a father then I've ever heard him. He pushed himself slowly out of the chair and grabbed his walker. After taking the few steps over to me, he grabbed my arm gently and pulled me out the back door, my father trailing behind us. "Look." And pointed to the new red convertible sitting there.